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Brillance vs. Brilliance: Mastering the Correct Spelling

By Janet White || Published on March 10, 2024
Brillance is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is brilliance which refers to exceptional clarity, intelligence, or talent.

Which is correct: Brillance or Brilliance

How to spell Brilliance?

Brillance is Incorrect

Brilliance is Correct


Key Differences

Brilliance has more letters than brillance.
Brilliance ends with 'ance,' not 'ance.'
Associate brilliance with intelligence; both have 'i' before 'ance.'
Remember, brilliance has two 'i's, unlike brillance.

Correct usage of Brilliance

The brillance of his performance left everyone in awe.
The brilliance of his performance left everyone in awe.
His solution showed great brillance.
His solution showed great brilliance.
She admired the brillance of the stars.
She admired the brilliance of the stars.
The diamond's brillance was stunning.
The diamond's brilliance was stunning.
The painting captured the brillance of the sunset.
The painting captured the brilliance of the sunset.

Brilliance Definitions

In color or light, brilliance describes vividness and luminosity.
The brilliance of the sunset colors amazed the onlookers.
Brilliance refers to exceptional intelligence and ability.
Her brilliance in mathematics earned her a scholarship.
Brilliance denotes intense brightness or a vivid, radiant quality.
The brilliance of the diamond caught everyone's eye.
Brilliance can also refer to exceptional creativity or originality.
The artist's brilliance was evident in every brushstroke.
Brilliance is often used to describe someone's exceptional talent or skill.
The pianist's performance was pure brilliance.
Extreme brightness.
Exceptional clarity and agility of intellect or invention.
Splendor; magnificence.
(Music) Sharpness and clarity of tone.
The quality of being exceptionally effulgent (giving off light).
The quality of having extraordinary mental capacity.
Magnificence; resplendence.
Great brightness;
A glare of sunlight
The flowers were a blaze of color
The quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand
Unusual mental ability

Brilliance Sentences

The brilliance of the full moon lit up the night sky.
He's known for the brilliance of his strategic thinking.
Her brilliance in mathematics won her a scholarship.
The brilliance of the fireworks filled the sky.
Her eyes sparkled with the brilliance of excitement.
The brilliance of her smile brightened the room.
The scientist's brilliance was recognized worldwide.
The gemstone's brilliance was enhanced by its cut.
The brilliance of the sun made her squint.
The lecture was a display of his intellectual brilliance.
The brilliance of the colors in the painting was breathtaking.
His writings demonstrated a brilliance that was beyond his years.
The novel's brilliance lay in its complex characters.
The brilliance of the young musician's performance astounded the audience.
With brilliance and determination, she solved the complex problem.
They were blinded by the brilliance of the oncoming headlights.
The brilliance of her achievements was acknowledged with numerous awards.
The brilliance of the idea was its simplicity.
The crystal chandelier's brilliance filled the hall.
The brilliance of the coral reef colors amazed the divers.

Brilliance Idioms & Phrases

A flash of brilliance

A sudden and brief display of exceptional talent or intelligence.
The inventor had a flash of brilliance that led to a groundbreaking discovery.

The brilliance of the moment

The outstanding or special quality of a particular moment.
The brilliance of the moment was captured in a stunning photograph.

To dim one's brilliance

To underperform or to hide one's talents.
Despite his capabilities, he chose to dim his brilliance to avoid drawing attention.

To shine with brilliance

To stand out exceptionally well in performance or appearance.
She shone with brilliance in the lead role of the play.

Brilliance by association

The perceived quality or talent due to association with other successful entities.
The young artist gained brilliance by association with well-known mentors.

To polish one's brilliance

To refine one's skills or talents to achieve excellence.
Through years of practice, she polished her brilliance as a violinist.

Brilliance in simplicity

The exceptional quality found in simple things or ideas.
The design's brilliance in simplicity won it many accolades.

A beacon of brilliance

A person or thing that stands out as a brilliant example to others.
The innovative company was seen as a beacon of brilliance in the industry.

To eclipse one's brilliance

To overshadow or surpass someone's achievements or talents.
The newcomer's talent quickly eclipsed the brilliance of existing performers.

The brilliance that blinds

Something so impressive or overwhelming that it's hard to critically assess.
The celebrity's charisma was a brilliance that blinds, overshadowing his flaws.

The spectrum of brilliance

The range or variety of exceptional qualities or talents.
The festival showcased a spectrum of brilliance across different art forms.

A tapestry of brilliance

A complex and beautiful combination of talents or qualities.
The team was a tapestry of brilliance, with each member contributing unique skills.

A ripple of brilliance

A small or initial display of talent or genius that has the potential to grow significantly.
Her first publication was just a ripple of brilliance, hinting at her future success.

To bask in the brilliance

To enjoy the success or positive aspects of something fully.
After winning the award, she basked in the brilliance of her achievement.

To mirror brilliance

To reflect or emulate the excellence of another.
The protégé mirrored the brilliance of her mentor in every aspect of her work.

Brilliance under wraps

Having exceptional qualities or talents that are not yet revealed or recognized.
Despite her quiet demeanor, her brilliance under wraps became evident once she took on the project.

The edge of brilliance

Being on the verge of achieving something exceptionally great.
With her latest project, she was on the edge of brilliance.

To fan the flames of brilliance

To encourage or stimulate the development of great talent or ideas.
The teacher fanned the flames of brilliance in her students, inspiring them to excel.

Brilliance in the making

A person or project that is currently developing into something exceptionally great.
The young scientist was considered brilliance in the making.

The shadow of brilliance

The negative aspects or pressure that come with being exceptionally talented.
Living in the shadow of brilliance, he struggled with high expectations.


What is the pronunciation of brilliance?

Brilliance is pronounced as /ˈbrɪl.jəns/.

What is the root word of brilliance?

The root word of brilliance is 'brilliant'.

What is the verb form of brilliance?

Brilliance is a noun; however, "to shine" or "to excel" are verbs often associated with brilliance.

Which article is used with brilliance?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is brilliance a negative or positive word?

Brilliance is generally considered a positive word.

Which vowel is used before brilliance?

The vowel 'i' is used before the 'ance' in brilliance.

Which conjunction is used with brilliance?

Common conjunctions used with brilliance include "and" and "but."

Why is it called brilliance?

The term brilliance is derived from the word 'brilliant', which means shining brightly, reflecting its meaning of exceptional clarity or talent.

How is brilliance used in a sentence?

Brilliance is often used to describe someone's exceptional qualities, e.g., "His brilliance in the field of science is well-known."

What is the plural form of brilliance?

The plural form is brilliances.

Is brilliance a noun or adjective?

Brilliance is a noun.

Is brilliance an adverb?

No, brilliance is not an adverb.

Which preposition is used with brilliance?

Prepositions like "with," "of," and "in" are commonly used with brilliance (e.g., "with brilliance," "of brilliance").

Is brilliance an abstract noun?

Yes, brilliance is an abstract noun.

Is brilliance a vowel or consonant?

The word brilliance starts with a consonant.

Is the brilliance term a metaphor?

Brilliance can be used metaphorically to describe someone's exceptional qualities.

What is the opposite of brilliance?

The opposite of brilliance could be dullness or mediocrity.

What is the first form of brilliance?

The first form is brilliance (as a noun).

What is the second form of brilliance?

Brilliance does not have a second form; it remains brilliance in different contexts.

What is the singular form of brilliance?

The singular form is brilliance.

Is the word brilliance imperative?

No, brilliance is not an imperative word.

How many syllables are in brilliance?

Brilliance has three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in brilliance?

The first syllable 'bril' is stressed in brilliance.

What is another term for brilliance?

A synonym for brilliance could be "genius" or "luminosity."

Which determiner is used with brilliance?

Determiners like "such," "this," or "the" can be used with brilliance.

What is the third form of brilliance?

Brilliance does not have a third form; it remains brilliance.

Is brilliance a collective noun?

No, brilliance is not a collective noun.

How do we divide brilliance into syllables?

Brilliance is divided into syllables as bril-li-ance.

Is brilliance a countable noun?

No, brilliance is usually an uncountable noun.

What part of speech is brilliance?

Brilliance is a noun.
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