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Priveledge vs. Privilege: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 11, 2024
'Priveledge' is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is 'privilege,' a special right or advantage given to a particular person or group."

Which is correct: Priveledge or Privilege

How to spell Privilege?

Priveledge is Incorrect

Privilege is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "i" before "e" except after "c," which does not apply here, making it "privilege."
Think of "privilege" as having a "v" for "very special right."
Link "ilege" with "legal," hinting at rights or advantages.
"Priv-" as in "private," indicating something special or exclusive.
Visualize "lege" as in "college," where privileges might be earned.

Correct usage of Privilege

It's a priveledge to attend this university.
It's a privilege to attend this university.
Only a few people have the priveledge to access this information.
Only a few people have the privilege to access this information.
She was born into a family with a lot of priveledge.
She was born into a family with a lot of privilege.
You should not take your priveledge for granted.
You should not take your privilege for granted.

Privilege Definitions

An unearned benefit or advantage accrued to certain people.
Acknowledging one's privilege can lead to greater empathy.
A legal exemption or immunity.
Diplomatic privilege protects diplomats from certain laws.
A special right, advantage, or immunity granted to a particular person or group.
Voting is a privilege of citizenship.
A special honor or recognition.
It was a privilege to be invited to the event.
The condition of being privileged.
She grew up in a world of privilege.
A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste.

Privilege Sentences

It was a privilege to meet the author of my favorite book.
Having access to clean water is a privilege in some parts of the world.
The library card gives you the privilege of borrowing books for free.
Tourists don't have the privilege to enter the restricted area.
The scholarship provides the privilege of a free education.
Being chosen as team captain is a great privilege.
Wearing a school uniform is a privilege and should be respected.
Only club members have the privilege of using the private lounge.
The privilege of voting is an important aspect of democracy.
Students with good grades earn the privilege of extra free time.
Volunteering at the event was a privilege and a joy.
Children often don't understand the privilege of a stable home.
It's a privilege to have a park so close to our house.
Owning a pet is a privilege that comes with responsibilities.
It's a privilege to be able to help others in need.
The privilege of early access to tickets made her feel special.
The privilege of internet access provides endless opportunities for learning.
Having a mentor is a privilege that can help guide your career.
It's a privilege to live in a peaceful community.
The teacher granted the class the privilege of a homework-free weekend.
Being able to travel is a privilege that not everyone can afford.
The privilege of attending a prestigious school can open many doors.
It's a privilege to have such caring friends and family.
Not everyone has the privilege of a good education.
The privilege of privacy is highly valued in our society.

Privilege Idioms & Phrases

Driving privilege

The legal ability to drive a vehicle; often seen as a right but technically a privilege that can be revoked.
His reckless behavior resulted in the suspension of his driving privilege.

Check your privilege

Reflect on the advantages you have that others do not.
When discussing poverty, it's important to check your privilege and understand your position in society.

Executive privilege

The power claimed by the president of the United States and other members of the executive branch to resist certain subpoenas and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government.
The president invoked executive privilege to withhold documents from Congress.

Privilege against self-incrimination

The right of a person to refuse to answer questions or provide information that would incriminate them.
He invoked his privilege against self-incrimination during the interrogation.

The privilege of youth

The benefits and opportunities that come with being young, such as energy, resilience, and open-mindedness.
Traveling the world is a privilege of youth best experienced before life's responsibilities take hold.

Privilege of the floor

The right to speak in a legislative assembly without being a member.
The expert was granted the privilege of the floor to discuss environmental issues.

Educational privilege

Having access to educational opportunities that are not available to everyone.
Growing up in a city with excellent schools gave her an educational privilege over others.

Language privilege

The advantage of being a native speaker or fluent in a particularly dominant or widely spoken language.
English speakers often have a language privilege when traveling internationally.

White privilege

The inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.
The seminar on white privilege opened his eyes to the inequalities in the justice system.

Privilege of rank

The special rights or advantages available to individuals because of their high social or military rank.
The general used his privilege of rank to secure a place for his son in the academy.

Privileged information

Sensitive or confidential information that is protected from being disclosed.
As a lawyer, she had access to privileged information that could not be shared.

A privilege and a burden

Something that is both an advantage and a responsibility.
Leadership is both a privilege and a burden, requiring wisdom and patience.

To take privilege in

To find joy or pride in a particular benefit or advantage one has.
She takes privilege in her ability to inspire young minds as a teacher.

Privilege of place

The advantage of having a certain location or position, often in a literal or metaphorical sense.
The old tree held a privilege of place in the center of the village, where it was revered by all.

Social privilege

The benefits and advantages one receives in society due to their social status, class, gender, race, or other attributes.
Acknowledging social privilege is the first step towards addressing social inequality.

Under the privilege of

Having the protection or benefits provided by a certain position, status, or law.
The diplomat spoke under the privilege of diplomatic immunity, knowing he could not be easily prosecuted.

To live in privilege

To live in a manner that is marked by the enjoyment of privileges not widely available to others.
Those who live in privilege often don't see the struggles of the less fortunate.

Born into privilege

Born into a family or situation where one has access to wealth, opportunities, and advantages from birth.
Being born into privilege often shields people from the realities of those living in poverty.

Economic privilege

The advantages that come from having a higher socioeconomic status.
Economic privilege can significantly impact one's quality of life and access to resources.

The privilege of the floor

The right to speak in a legislative body or at certain public meetings, even if one is not a member.
The activist was given the privilege of the floor to address the council.


What is the pronunciation of privilege?

The pronunciation of privilege is /ˈprɪv.ɪ.lɪdʒ/.

What is the root word of privilege?

The root word of privilege is the Latin "privilegium," meaning a law for one person, indicating a special right or advantage.

Which vowel is used before privilege?

The specific vowel used before "privilege" in sentences depends on the context and the structure of the sentence.

Why is it called privilege?

It's called privilege because it comes from the Latin "privilegium," meaning a law for just one person, indicating a special right or advantage.

What is the verb form of privilege?

The verb form is "privilege" as well, used in the sense of granting a privilege or making something privileged.

Which conjunction is used with privilege?

Conjunctions used with privilege can vary; "and" is commonly used to connect privileges.

Is privilege an adverb?

No, privilege is not an adverb.

Is privilege a negative or positive word?

Privilege is neutral but can have positive or negative connotations depending on the context.

What is the plural form of privilege?

The plural form is "privileges."

Is privilege an abstract noun?

Yes, privilege is an abstract noun.

Is the word privilege imperative?

No, privilege is not an imperative; it is a noun.

What is the third form of privilege?

As a verb, the past participle is "privileged."

What is the singular form of privilege?

The singular form is "privilege."

Which preposition is used with privilege?

Prepositions such as "of" and "to" are commonly used with privilege (e.g., privilege of, privilege to).

Is privilege a noun or adjective?

Privilege is primarily a noun.

Is privilege a countable noun?

Yes, privilege can be considered a countable noun.

How many syllables are in privilege?

There are three syllables in "privilege."

What is a stressed syllable in privilege?

The first syllable, "priv," is stressed in "privilege."

What is another term for privilege?

Another term for privilege is "advantage" or "right."

What is the opposite of privilege?

The opposite of privilege could be "disadvantage" or "restriction."

What is the first form of privilege?

As a noun, privilege does not have a "first form." As a verb, the base form is "privilege."

What is the second form of privilege?

As a verb, the past tense of "privilege" would also be "privileged."

Is privilege a vowel or consonant?

The question does not apply; "privilege" is a word, not a letter. Questions about vowels and consonants apply to letters.

Is the privilege term a metaphor?

"Privilege" can be used metaphorically to describe advantages not based on merit.

How do we divide privilege into syllables?

Privilege is divided into syllables as priv-i-lege.

What part of speech is privilege?

Privilege is a noun.

Which determiner is used with privilege?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "this" can be used with privilege.

How is privilege used in a sentence?

Example: "Having access to education is a significant privilege."

Which article is used with privilege?

Both the definite article "the" and the indefinite article "a" can be used with privilege, depending on the context.

Is privilege a collective noun?

No, privilege is not typically classified as a collective noun.
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