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Comitted vs. Committed: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Comitted" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "committed," which refers to being dedicated or bound to a cause, activity, or task.

Which is correct: Comitted or Committed

How to spell Committed?

Comitted is Incorrect

Committed is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, "committed" has two "m"s and two "t"s - double the commitment.
Use a mnemonic: "To be fully committed, double the 'm' and 't'."
Think of "commit" then add "ted" like a name, to help remember the double "t."
Break it down to "com-mit-ted" to emphasize the parts and correct spelling.
Associate "committed" with "mit" (send in German), like sending oneself fully into something.

Correct usage of Committed

He was comitted to improving his skills.
He was committed to improving his skills.
Comitted to the project, she worked late hours.
Committed to the project, she worked late hours.
They've been comitted to each other for over a decade.
They've been committed to each other for over a decade.
She comitted her time to volunteering at the shelter.
She committed her time to volunteering at the shelter.
The team was comitted to achieving their goals.
The team was committed to achieving their goals.

Committed Definitions

Bound or obligated.
He felt committed to finish the project on time.
Having made a pledge or promise.
They are committed to each other.
Entrusted with responsibilities.
A team member committed to leading the project.
Fully dedicated to something.
She is committed to improving her health.
Engaged in, or involved in.
Committed activists for environmental causes.
To do, perform, or perpetrate
Commit a murder.
To put in trust or charge; entrust
Commit oneself to the care of a doctor.
Commit responsibilities to an assistant.

Committed Sentences

The scientist is committed to finding a cure for the disease.
She's committed to her studies and aims to score top grades.
He committed to a new fitness routine to improve his health.
She remained committed to her goal despite the challenges.
They committed their efforts to helping the community.
He's committed to making a positive change in the world.
She committed her life to exploring and conserving the oceans.
He was committed to learning a new language this year.
They committed to saving money for their dream home.
They were committed to completing the project on time.
The athlete committed to training every day for the competition.
He committed to meditating every morning.
The team committed to improving their performance for the next game.
The community is committed to keeping their neighborhood safe.
The teacher is committed to helping every student succeed.
The organization is committed to protecting endangered animals.
The company is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
She's committed to practicing the piano every day.
The volunteer group committed to cleaning up the local park.
She committed to donating a portion of her earnings to charity.
The filmmaker committed to telling stories that matter.
The artist committed to creating a masterpiece.
They committed to a long-distance relationship.
The writer committed to finishing her novel by the end of the year.
The chef is committed to using only organic ingredients.

Committed Idioms & Phrases

Committed to the cause

Deeply involved and dedicated to a particular goal or mission.
The volunteers were committed to the cause of environmental conservation.

Committed to memory

Something memorized or learned so well it can be recalled easily.
He committed the entire poem to memory for the recital.

Committed relationship

A serious and dedicated romantic partnership.
They've been in a committed relationship for three years now.

Fully committed

Completely dedicated to a cause or activity.
She was fully committed to her training, never missing a day at the gym.

Committed to excellence

Striving for the highest standard in every action.
The team was committed to excellence, always going the extra mile.

Committed effort

A dedicated and determined attempt to achieve something.
It took a committed effort from everyone to finish the project on time.

Committed to paper

Written down or documented.
Once the plan was committed to paper, it felt more achievable.

Committed partner

Someone who is dedicated and loyal in a relationship.
She's looking for a committed partner who shares her values.

Live committed

To lead a life marked by dedication to certain principles or goals.
He chose to live committed to spreading kindness wherever he went.

Committed to the journey

Dedicated to the entire process, not just the outcome.
He was committed to the journey of self-discovery, not just the end goals.

Committed to a plan

Firmly following a predetermined strategy or idea.
They were committed to a plan that would see their business expand over the next five years.

Stay committed

To remain dedicated and focused on a goal despite obstacles.
Despite the setbacks, she stayed committed to her dream of becoming a doctor.

Get committed

To become dedicated or to start seriously engaging with something.
He got committed to healthy eating and exercise.

Committed decision

A choice made with firm dedication.
After much thought, she made a committed decision to return to school.

Committed to the task

Fully dedicated to completing a specific job or duty.
The engineer was committed to the task of designing a more efficient engine.

Committed to the end

Dedicated to seeing a task or goal through to its conclusion.
The team was committed to the end, working tirelessly until the project was complete.

Committed to improvement

Continuously seeking to better oneself or one's situation.
The company is committed to improvement and welcomes feedback from its customers.

Morally committed

Adhering to strong ethical principles in one's actions or decisions.
She's morally committed to honesty and integrity in all her dealings.

Committed investor

Someone who is dedicated to investing in a project or company over the long term.
The startup was fortunate to find a committed investor who believed in their vision.


Which vowel is used before committed?

The vowel "i" is used before the double "t" in "committed."

What is the pronunciation of committed?

The pronunciation of committed is /kəˈmɪtɪd/.

Which preposition is used with committed?

"To" is commonly used with committed (e.g., committed to something).

Why is it called committed?

It's called committed because it signifies being pledged or bound to a course of action.

What is the root word of committed?

The root word is "commit."

What is the plural form of committed?

The plural form is not applicable as "committed" does not have a plural; however, it can describe multiple entities (e.g., they are committed).

What is the verb form of committed?

The base verb form is "commit."

Which article is used with committed?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with committed, depending on the context.

Is committed an abstract noun?

No, committed is an adjective; commitment is the noun form.

Is committed a negative or positive word?

Committed is generally a positive word, indicating dedication.

What is the singular form of committed?

"Committed" itself can be singular when describing one person or entity's dedication.

Is committed a vowel or consonant?

The word "committed" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is committed a collective noun?

No, committed is an adjective.

Is the word committed imperative?

No, "committed" is descriptive, not imperative.

What is the opposite of committed?

The opposite of committed could be "uncommitted" or "indifferent."

What is the second form of committed?

The second form is "committed" (past tense).

Which conjunction is used with committed?

"And" is often used to connect multiple commitments.

Is committed an adverb?

No, committed is not an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in committed?

The stressed syllable in "committed" is "mit."

What part of speech is committed?

Committed is an adjective.

What is the first form of committed?

The first (base) form is "commit."

What is the third form of committed?

The third form is also "committed" (past participle).

How do we divide committed into syllables?

Committed is divided as com-mit-ted.

What is another term for committed?

Another term for committed is "dedicated."

Which determiner is used with committed?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "my" can be used depending on the context.

Is committed a noun or adjective?

Committed is an adjective.

Is committed a countable noun?

Committed is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is the committed term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to describe deep dedication or involvement.

How many syllables are in committed?

There are three syllables in "committed."

How is committed used in a sentence?

"The organization is committed to promoting sustainability in all its practices."
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