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Liscence vs. Licence: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 11, 2024
"Liscence" is incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is "licence", referring to a formal permission or authorization.

Which is correct: Liscence or Licence

How to spell Licence?

Liscence is Incorrect

Licence is Correct


Key Differences

Use the phrase "It makes sense (ce) to have a licence."
Associate "licence" with "license" in American English, where "licence" is the noun form in British English.
Remember, "licence" contains the same "ce" at the end as "peace," both ending with a calming "ce."
Think of "licence" as "ice" at the end; it's cool to have it.
Remember, "c" before "e" in "licence" keeps the "s" sound.

Correct usage of Licence

My driver's liscence expired last month.
My driver's licence expired last month.
The restaurant lost its liquor liscence.
The restaurant lost its liquor licence.
I need to get a liscence for my new business.
I need to get a licence for my new business.
She had to renew her liscence at the DMV.
She had to renew her licence at the DMV.
He doesn't have a fishing liscence.
He doesn't have a fishing licence.

Licence Definitions

Licence means official permission to do something, particularly formal authorization.
Driving without a licence is illegal.
Licence also means to give permission or sanction something.
The new law licences the sale of alcohol.
Licence can refer to the document that grants this permission.
She showed her fishing licence to the officer.
Licence implies freedom to behave more freely than usual.
The festival was a licence for fun.
Licence is used in the context of intellectual property, granting rights to use.
The software comes with a user licence.
Variant of license.
Standard spelling of license
Misspelling of license#Verb
Same as license, licensed, licensee.
Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint;
When liberty becomes license dictatorship is near
The intolerable license with which the newspapers break...the rules of decorum
Freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech)
A legal document giving official permission to do something
Authorize officially;
I am licensed to practice law in this state

Licence Sentences

To operate a drone commercially, you often need a special licence.
Many professionals, like doctors, need a licence to practice.
The restaurant applied for a liquor licence to serve alcohol.
Without a licence, the bar could not serve beer.
My brother just passed his test and got his motorcycle licence.
Selling homemade food often requires a food handler's licence.
Before you go fishing, make sure to buy a fishing licence.
The city issued a business licence to the new coffee shop.
In many states, you need a hunting licence to hunt legally.
You need a driver's licence to drive a car legally.
The contractor showed us his construction licence before starting work.
For her 16th birthday, she wants to get her driver's licence.
Online content creators sometimes need a licence for the music they use.
After moving, you must apply for a new driver's licence in your state.
The software requires a licence key to activate.
To sell products from certain brands, a retailer might need a brand licence.
A marriage licence is required before you can legally get married.
Pilots undergo rigorous training to earn their flying licence.
Students in cosmetology school aspire to get their cosmetology licence.
The city requires a pet licence for all dogs and cats.
She is studying hard to get her real estate licence.
Skateboarders in the park were checked for their skateboarding licence.
The software developer obtained a patent licence to use the technology.
To broadcast music, a radio station needs a music licence.
Before opening a daycare, you must secure a childcare licence.

Licence Idioms & Phrases

Fishing licence

A permit required to fish in certain areas legally.
You need a fishing licence to participate in the fishing tournament.

Business licence

Authorization from a government entity for someone to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction.
Opening a restaurant requires obtaining a business licence.

Liquor licence

A permit to sell alcoholic beverages.
The bar's success was delayed by the lengthy process of obtaining a liquor licence.

Under the licence

Operating or happening with permission under legal or official approval.
The event was held under the licence granted by the city council.

Drivers licence

A document permitting a person to drive a motor vehicle.
After turning 16, she couldn't wait to get her driver's licence.

Pilot's licence

Certification that permits an individual to operate aircraft.
He achieved his dream of flying by getting his pilot's licence.

Real estate licence

A certification required to sell real estate.
She started her real estate classes to earn her real estate licence.

Hunting licence

A permit required to hunt wildlife.
Before the hunting season starts, make sure your hunting licence is up to date.

Licence to operate

The necessary permission to run a particular type of business or machinery.
The factory received its licence to operate after passing all safety inspections.

Marriage licence

A document issued by a governmental authority that allows two people to marry.
They picked up their marriage licence from the city hall.

No licence to kill

A reminder that permission for one action doesn't extend to immoral or illegal actions.
Just because you have a driver's licence doesn't give you a licence to speed recklessly.

Broadcast licence

A permit required to operate a radio or television station.
The new radio station will launch as soon as it secures its broadcast licence.

Licence agreement

A contract allowing one party to use another's property under certain conditions.
By installing this app, you agree to the terms in the licence agreement.

Professional licence

A certification demonstrating that a professional has met the required standards of their profession.
After passing her exams, she received her professional licence in accounting.

Software licence

The legal permission to use software according to specific terms.
Each employee needs a software licence to use the office productivity suite.

Creative licence

The freedom to deviate from the facts or traditional ways of doing something to express creativity or make art.
The director took creative licence with the historical story to add more drama.

Licence plate

A metal or plastic plate attached to a vehicle for official identification purposes.
You need to renew your car registration to get your new licence plate.

Food handler's licence

A certification required for individuals who prepare and serve food.
All chefs in the restaurant must have a current food handler's licence.

Conditional licence

A permit that allows certain activities under specific conditions, often issued after a regular licence has been suspended or revoked.
After the suspension, he was granted a conditional licence to drive to work.


Why is it called licence?

It is called "licence" from the Latin "licentia," meaning freedom or permission.

What is the pronunciation of licence?

Licence is pronounced as /ˈlaɪ.səns/.

What is the root word of licence?

The root word is the Latin "licentia," meaning permission or freedom.

What is the plural form of licence?

The plural form is "licences."

Is licence an abstract noun?

Yes, licence is considered an abstract noun as it refers to a concept or permission.

Which vowel is used before licence?

The vowel "a" is used before "licence," as in "a licence."

What is the verb form of licence?

The verb form is "license" in American English.

Which preposition is used with licence?

The preposition "for" is often used with licence, as in "licence for driving."

Which conjunction is used with licence?

The conjunction "and" can be used with licence.

Is licence a countable noun?

Yes, licence is a countable noun.

How do we divide licence into syllables?

Licence is divided into syllables as li-cence.

What is another term for licence?

Another term for licence is "permit."

What is the second form of licence?

This is not applicable to "licence" as it is not a verb.

Is licence an adverb?

No, licence is not an adverb.

Is licence a vowel or consonant?

The word "licence" starts with the consonant "l."

Is licence a collective noun?

No, licence is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in licence?

The first syllable "li" is stressed in licence.

What is the singular form of licence?

The singular form is "licence."

Is licence a negative or positive word?

Licence is neutral; its connotation depends on the context.

What is the opposite of licence?

The opposite of licence is "prohibition" or "ban."

What is the first form of licence?

"Licence" does not have verb forms as it is a noun.

What is the third form of licence?

Similarly, this does not apply to "licence" as it is not a verb.

Which article is used with licence?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with licence, depending on the context.

Is licence a noun or adjective?

Licence is a noun.

Is the word licence is imperative?

The word "licence" itself is not imperative; it is a noun.

Which determiner is used with licence?

Determiners like "the," "a," "this," or "my" can be used with licence.

How is licence used in a sentence?

He applied for a licence to open a new restaurant in town.

Is the licence term a metaphor?

"Licence" can be used metaphorically to refer to freedom of action.

How many syllables are in licence?

There are two syllables in licence.

What part of speech is licence?

Licence is a noun.
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