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Beat vs. Lash: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on November 21, 2023
Beat means to strike repeatedly or make a rhythmic sound, while lash refers to striking with a whip or cord or to fasten securely.

Key Differences

Beat involves striking repeatedly, often to produce a rhythmic sound or inflict punishment, emphasizing a repetitive action. Lash, on the other hand, specifically denotes striking with a whip or similar instrument, highlighting a swift, sharp action.
In music, beat refers to the basic unit of time, the rhythm underlying a piece of music. In contrast, lash can mean to bind or fasten something securely, expanding beyond the context of striking.
The term beat is also used metaphorically to describe a feeling of exhaustion or to surpass someone in competition. Lash, however, can metaphorically imply a sharp rebuke or criticism, showcasing its versatile usage.
In law enforcement, a beat refers to an officer's regular route or area of patrol. Lash, alternatively, can be used to describe the act of moving quickly or suddenly, as in 'lashing out'.
Beat can also mean to flutter or throb, as in a heart beating, emphasizing a natural, rhythmic process. Conversely, lash is used in cosmetics, referring to eyelashes or their enhancement.

Comparison Chart


To strike repeatedly or produce a rhythm.
To strike with a whip or fasten securely.

Contextual Use

Music, competition, exhaustion, patrolling.
Punishment, binding, criticism, sudden movement.

Metaphorical Use

Surpassing, feeling exhausted.
Sharp criticism or rebuke.

Physical Action

Repetitive striking or throbbing.
Swift, sharp striking or securing.

Associated Concepts

Rhythm, patrol areas, fluttering.
Whips, fastening, sudden actions, eyelashes.

Beat and Lash Definitions


A rhythmic unit in music.
The song had a catchy beat that everyone enjoyed.


To strike with a whip.
The rider lashed the horse to go faster.


A regular path or area for a policeman.
His beat included the downtown area.


To tie or bind securely.
He lashed the cargo to the deck.


To surpass in competition.
She beat her opponent in the final match.


Referring to eyelashes.
She applied mascara to her lashes.


To flutter or throb.
Her heart beat fast with excitement.


A sharp rebuke or criticism.
Her comments were a lash against the policy.


To strike repeatedly.


To move quickly or suddenly.
She lashed out in anger.


To subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse; batter.


A stroke or blow with or as if with a whip.


To punish by hitting or whipping; flog.


A whip.


The flexible portion of a whip, such as a plait or thong.


What does it mean to beat a drum?

It means to strike the drum repeatedly to produce a sound.

Can beat refer to a police officer’s patrol area?

Yes, a police officer’s regular patrol area is called a beat.

Can lash be used in a non-violent context?

Yes, lash can also mean to fasten or secure something.

Is beating always physical?

No, beat can be used metaphorically, like beating a record.

How does lash relate to criticism?

Lash can metaphorically mean a sharp or severe criticism.

Is lash related to beauty?

Yes, in beauty, lash refers to eyelashes.

How is beat used in music?

In music, beat refers to the rhythmic unit or pulse.

What is the meaning of lashing out?

Lashing out refers to reacting angrily or suddenly.

Does beat have a culinary use?

Yes, in cooking, beat can mean to mix rapidly.

Can beat refer to a heartbeat?

Yes, beat can describe the pulsing of the heart.

Is lash used in marine contexts?

Yes, in marine contexts, lash means to secure cargo.

Can lash be a positive term?

Lash usually has a negative or neutral connotation.

What does it mean to be beat?

Colloquially, being beat can mean being very tired or exhausted.

Can beat imply victory?

Yes, to beat someone can mean to win or surpass them.

Are lashes only on the eyes?

Yes, lashes refer to the hairs on the eyelids.

What does a lash technician do?

A lash technician applies eyelash extensions or treatments.

What is a beat in journalism?

In journalism, a beat is a specific topic area of news coverage.

Can lash be used in fashion?

Lash in fashion typically relates to eyelash styles or extensions.

Can lash be a noun and a verb?

Yes, lash can be both a noun (as in eyelashes) and a verb (to lash).

Is there a specific tool for beating?

Beating can be done with various tools, like a drumstick or a whisk.
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