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Baptist vs. Southern Baptist: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 6, 2024
Baptists are a diverse group of Christians emphasizing believer's baptism and autonomy of local churches, while Southern Baptists, a subset, are known for their conservative theology and adherence to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Key Differences

Baptists are characterized by their belief in believer's baptism, typically through full immersion, and the autonomy of local congregations. Southern Baptists, forming the largest Baptist denomination in the U.S., share these beliefs but also follow the specific doctrines and practices outlined by the Southern Baptist Convention.
The Baptist tradition encompasses a wide range of theological and social views, allowing considerable diversity among individual Baptist churches. In contrast, Southern Baptists are generally more theologically conservative, adhering to a more uniform set of beliefs as guided by the Southern Baptist Convention.
Baptists traditionally support the separation of church and state and encourage individual interpretation of the Bible. Southern Baptists, while also valuing religious freedom, often have more specific doctrinal positions, particularly regarding social and ethical issues.
Baptist churches are known for their congregational governance, where each church is self-governing and independent. Southern Baptist churches, while also self-governing, are connected through the Southern Baptist Convention, which provides a structure for cooperation in missions and education.
Baptists have historically been involved in various social justice movements, with individual churches varying greatly in their social and political stances. Southern Baptists, particularly in recent history, have been more closely aligned with conservative political and social positions.

Comparison Chart

Denominational Diversity

Encompasses a wide range of theological views
More uniform, conservative theology


Congregational, independent governance
Congregational governance but connected through the Southern Baptist Convention


Believer's baptism, autonomy of local churches
Believer's baptism, adherence to specific doctrines of the Southern Baptist Convention

Social and Political Stances

Varies greatly among churches
Generally conservative

Organizational Structure

Independent, with various associations and conventions
Structured under the Southern Baptist Convention

Baptist and Southern Baptist Definitions


Baptist churches are self-governing and independent.
The Baptist church downtown is known for its community outreach programs.

Southern Baptist

Southern Baptists emphasize missionary work and evangelism.
She joined the Southern Baptist mission trip to help communities abroad.


Baptists traditionally support the separation of church and state.
He advocated for religious freedom based on his Baptist beliefs.

Southern Baptist

Southern Baptists often hold conservative social and political views.
The Southern Baptist community organized a forum to discuss family values.


Baptists are diverse in their social and theological views.
Baptist congregations can vary greatly, from conservative to progressive.

Southern Baptist

Southern Baptists adhere to conservative theological beliefs and practices.
Southern Baptists uphold traditional values in their church teachings.


A Baptist is a member of a Christian denomination that practices believer’s baptism and emphasizes the autonomy of local churches.
As a Baptist, she participated in the decision-making process of her local church.

Southern Baptist

Southern Baptist churches are autonomous but cooperate through the Southern Baptist Convention.
Their Southern Baptist church contributes to cooperative programs organized by the Convention.


Baptists believe in the authority of the Bible and the importance of individual faith.
Baptists often hold Bible study groups to encourage personal interpretation of scripture.

Southern Baptist

A Southern Baptist is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, a large and conservative Baptist denomination in the U.S.
As a Southern Baptist, he participated in the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting.


A member of an evangelical Protestant church of congregational polity, following the Reformed tradition in worship and believing in freedom of conscience, separation of church and state, and baptism only of voluntary, conscious believers.


Do Baptists practice infant baptism?

No, Baptists believe in believer’s baptism, typically as adults.

What is a Baptist?

A member of a Christian denomination emphasizing believer’s baptism and church autonomy.

Are Southern Baptists politically conservative?

Generally, yes, they often hold conservative social and political views.

What’s the key belief of Baptists?

Believer’s baptism and the autonomy of each local church.

Do Southern Baptists support missionary work?

Yes, missionary work and evangelism are key components.

What distinguishes Southern Baptists from other Baptists?

Southern Baptists are part of a specific convention and are generally more conservative.

Can women be pastors in Southern Baptist churches?

Generally, the Southern Baptist Convention does not endorse women pastors.

Are all Baptist churches conservative?

No, Baptist churches can range from conservative to progressive.

What is a Southern Baptist?

A member of the Southern Baptist Convention, known for conservative theology.

Do Baptist churches belong to a central organization?

They may associate with various conventions, but each church is autonomous.

How is the Southern Baptist Convention organized?

It’s organized into state conventions and cooperates on missions and education.

Do Southern Baptists have a governing body?

They are governed by the Southern Baptist Convention.

How do Baptist churches make decisions?

Baptist churches are self-governing and make decisions independently.

How do Baptists view the separation of church and state?

They traditionally support the separation of church and state.

Are Baptists evangelical?

Many Baptists are evangelical, but not all.

Why did the Southern Baptist Convention form?

It formed in 1845 in the U.S., mainly over issues related to missions and slavery.

What's the role of the Bible in Baptist churches?

The Bible is central, with an emphasis on individual interpretation.

Can women be pastors in Baptist churches?

This varies among Baptist churches, with some allowing and others not.

Do Southern Baptists have a specific statement of faith?

Yes, the Baptist Faith and Message is their guiding statement.

What's the history of the Baptist denomination?

Baptists emerged in the 17th century, emphasizing baptism for believers.
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