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Supply vs. Quantity Supplied: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 6, 2024
Supply is the total amount of a product available; Quantity Supplied is the amount of a product offered at a specific price.

Key Differences

Supply refers to the overall market availability of a product or service, encompassing various quantities at different prices. In contrast, quantity supplied is a specific amount of goods or services that sellers are willing to offer at a particular price.
The concept of supply is represented graphically by a supply curve, showing the relationship between price and the total amount available. Quantity supplied, however, is represented by a point on this curve, corresponding to a specific price.
Changes in supply are caused by factors like production costs, technology, or expectations, affecting the entire supply curve. Changes in quantity supplied are a response to price changes, moving along the existing supply curve.
Supply is a broader term, reflecting the general willingness and ability of producers to provide goods at varying prices. Quantity supplied is a more specific term, indicating the amount provided at a particular price point.
The elasticity of supply measures how responsive the total supply is to price changes. In contrast, the quantity supplied's responsiveness is directly tied to the price elasticity of supply, indicating how much quantity changes with price.

Comparison Chart


Total amount of a product available
Amount of product offered at a specific price


Supply curve
Point on the supply curve

Influencing Factors

Production costs, technology, expectations
Price of the product

Conceptual Scope

Broader, general market availability
Specific, tied to a particular price


Measured by elasticity of supply
Directly related to price changes

Supply and Quantity Supplied Definitions


Supply represents the overall quantity of goods or services that can be provided.
The supply of renewable energy sources is steadily growing.

Quantity Supplied

Quantity supplied changes in response to price variations, without shifting the supply curve.
The quantity supplied of hand sanitizers surged during the health crisis.


Supply encompasses the range of quantities that sellers are ready to offer at different prices.
The holiday season usually sees an increased supply of toys and gifts.

Quantity Supplied

Quantity supplied is the precise volume of goods sellers offer at a certain price.
The quantity supplied of luxury cars remains low due to their high price.


Supply is determined by factors like production costs, technology, and producer expectations.
Advances in technology have expanded the supply of high-tech gadgets.

Quantity Supplied

Quantity supplied is the amount of a good or service that producers are willing to sell at a specific price.
When the price of wheat increased, the quantity supplied by farmers also rose.


Supply is the willingness and ability of producers to sell goods at various prices.
The supply of smartphones is high as manufacturers continue to innovate.

Quantity Supplied

Quantity supplied is directly related to the market price of a product.
A substantial price cut in electronics saw an increase in the quantity supplied during the sale.


Supply refers to the total amount of a product or service available in the market.
The supply of organic vegetables in the market has increased due to higher demand.

Quantity Supplied

Quantity supplied refers to a specific point on the supply curve at a given price.
A decrease in the price of coffee led to a lower quantity supplied by producers.


To make available for use; provide
Does the hotel supply towels?.


How does a change in supply differ from a change in quantity supplied?

A change in supply affects the entire supply curve, while a change in quantity supplied is a movement along the curve due to price change.

Is quantity supplied only influenced by price?

Yes, quantity supplied changes in response to price variations.

What is supply in economics?

Supply is the total availability of a product or service in the market.

What factors affect supply?

Factors like production costs, technology, and expectations affect supply.

How is the supply curve related to quantity supplied?

The supply curve shows the relationship between price and quantity supplied.

What does quantity supplied mean?

Quantity supplied is the amount of a good or service offered at a specific price.

What is an example of a change in supply?

An improvement in production technology can lead to an increase in supply.

How do expectations about the future affect supply?

If producers expect higher future prices, they might increase current supply.

What happens to quantity supplied when prices increase?

Generally, the quantity supplied increases with a price rise.

Does quantity supplied have a direct relationship with market price?

Yes, quantity supplied is directly related to the market price.

How do subsidies affect supply?

Subsidies can increase supply by reducing production costs.

Does quantity supplied affect market equilibrium?

Yes, quantity supplied is a key factor in determining market equilibrium.

Can external factors like weather affect supply?

Yes, external factors like weather can significantly impact supply.

Can supply be considered a broader concept than quantity supplied?

Yes, supply is a broader concept encompassing various quantities at different prices.

What is the elasticity of supply?

It measures how much the quantity supplied responds to a change in price.

Why is understanding supply important for businesses?

Understanding supply helps businesses anticipate market changes and plan production.

How do taxes influence quantity supplied?

Higher taxes can decrease the quantity supplied by increasing production costs.

What role does technology play in determining supply?

Technology advances can increase supply by making production more efficient.

Can quantity supplied decrease if the price remains the same?

No, quantity supplied changes only with a change in price.

Does quantity supplied always increase with an increase in demand?

Not necessarily; it depends on the ability and willingness of producers to meet the increased demand.
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