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Awaking vs. Awakening: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 22, 2024
Awaking is the process of coming to consciousness. Awakening is a broader concept, often implying a realization or enlightenment.

Key Differences

Awaking refers specifically to the act of coming out of sleep, focusing on the transition from being asleep to being awake. Awakening, on the other hand, has a broader usage, often implying a moment of realization or coming into awareness, which can be either literal or metaphorical.
In literature, awaking is often used to describe a character's physical state of waking up. Awakening, however, is frequently associated with a character's personal growth or an epiphany, reflecting a deeper, often spiritual or intellectual, realization.
Awaking is a straightforward term, typically limited to the physical or conscious act of ceasing to sleep. In contrast, awakening can denote a significant turning point or change in someone’s life, views, or feelings, going beyond the literal waking from sleep.
The usage of awaking is generally confined to its literal meaning. Awakening, conversely, is more versatile, used in contexts ranging from a spiritual awakening to a societal or cultural awakening, indicating a broad scope of understanding or awareness.
In grammar, awaking is usually used as a present participle or gerund (e.g., “He was awaking”). Awakening can function similarly but is also often seen as a noun (e.g., “The Great Awakening”), denoting a specific event or period of enlightenment.

Comparison Chart


Act of stopping sleep
Act of becoming aware, either literally or metaphorically

Usage in Literature

Physical waking up
Personal growth, realization


Limited to physical state
Broad, includes spiritual, intellectual aspects

Grammatical Form

Primarily present participle or gerund
Used as both noun and verb

Common Contexts

Everyday life, simple narratives
Philosophical, spiritual, cultural discussions

Awaking and Awakening Definitions


Becoming alert.
The noise had him awaking instantly, ready for action.


Experiencing a significant change.
His first art class was an awakening to his hidden talents.


Emerging from sleep.
She spent a few moments awaking and adjusting to the morning light.


Coming into awareness.
The documentary was an awakening to global issues.


Waking up from sleep.
As the sun rose, the birds were awaking.


Spiritual enlightenment.
The meditation retreat led to her spiritual awakening.


Regaining consciousness.
After the surgery, he had trouble awaking.


Realizing new understanding.
Her trip to the mountains was an awakening to the beauty of nature.


Stopping sleep.
The baby was awaking at the slightest sound.


Cultural or societal realization.
The social movement marked an awakening in public consciousness.


To rouse from sleep; waken
"It was almost dark when the sound of crickets awoke her" (Jonathan Safran Foer).


Rousing from sleep, in a natural or a figurative sense; rousing into activity; exciting
The awakening city
an awakening discourse
the awakening dawn.


To make aware of
The report awoke him to the possibilities of a compromise.


Is "awaking" just about waking from sleep?

Yes, "awaking" specifically refers to the process of stopping sleep.

Are "awaking" and "awakening" interchangeable?

No, they have distinct meanings and contexts of use.

Is "awakening" used in historical contexts?

Yes, it can refer to significant cultural or societal changes, like "The Great Awakening."

Does "awaking" have metaphorical uses?

It's primarily used in a literal sense, unlike "awakening."

Can "awakening" be used in a spiritual context?

Yes, "awakening" often implies a spiritual or intellectual realization.

Can "awakening" denote a collective experience?

Yes, it can describe a shared societal or cultural realization.

Does "awaking" have a broader meaning than just waking up?

No, its meaning is typically confined to the act of waking from sleep.

Is "awakening" always a positive experience?

Not necessarily; it can also involve confronting challenging truths or realities.

Can "awakening" refer to a personal journey?

Yes, it often signifies personal growth or realizations.

Is "awaking" commonly used in everyday language?

It's less common and usually pertains to the act of waking up from sleep.

Can "awaking" be used in a philosophical context?

It's rare; "awakening" is more appropriate for philosophical discussions.

Does "awakening" have a historical significance?

Yes, it can refer to historical events or periods of significant change.

Is "awaking" used in medical contexts?

Yes, especially in relation to regaining consciousness.

Are there different types of "awakening"?

Yes, including spiritual, intellectual, and cultural awakenings.

Is "awakening" a versatile term?

Yes, it's used in various contexts, from personal to societal levels.

Can "awaking" refer to a gradual process?

Yes, particularly in describing the gradual return to consciousness.

Is "awakening" a common theme in literature?

Yes, it's often explored as a theme of personal growth or discovery.

Can "awaking" be used figuratively?

It's less common but possible, depending on the context.

Does "awaking" imply a slow process?

It can, depending on the context and the way it's used.

Can "awakening" refer to an epiphany?

Yes, it often denotes a sudden realization or enlightenment.
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