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Audit Services vs. Non-Audit Services: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on December 13, 2023
Audit Services refers to examination of financial records by an independent party. Non-Audit Services refers to advisory and other services unrelated to financial auditing.

Key Differences

Audit services involve the independent verification of an organization's financial statements, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Non-audit services, on the other hand, encompass a broad range of advisory and consulting activities, such as tax planning, risk management, and IT consulting, which do not involve examining financial records.
The primary goal of audit services is to provide assurance about the truth and fairness of financial statements, which is essential for investor confidence. Non-audit services are aimed at improving a company's operations, efficiency, or compliance with laws and regulations, without focusing on financial statement accuracy.
Audit services are often mandatory, especially for public companies, as per legal and regulatory requirements. Non-audit services, in contrast, are typically optional and tailored to the specific needs or strategic goals of a business.
The independence of the auditor is crucial in audit services to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain objectivity. In non-audit services, while professional ethics are important, the same level of independence is not necessarily required.
Audit services usually result in an audit report, which expresses an opinion on the financial statements. Non-audit services may result in various deliverables like advisory reports, implementation plans, or compliance assessments, depending on the service provided.

Comparison Chart


Verify accuracy of financial statements.
Provide advisory and consulting services.


Often mandatory for compliance.
Typically optional and strategic.


Audit report expressing opinion on finances.
Various deliverables based on service type.


Requires high level of auditor independence.
Does not necessitate the same level of independence.


Primarily on financial statement accuracy.
Broad range, from tax advice to IT consulting.

Audit Services and Non-Audit Services Definitions

Audit Services

Audit services provide assurance on financial statement integrity.
Their audit services confirmed the reliability of our financial reporting.

Non-Audit Services

Non-audit services include management consulting activities.
The company benefited from non-audit services in streamlining its operations.

Audit Services

Audit services verify the truthfulness of financial disclosures.
The independent audit services verified the accuracy of the financial statements.

Non-Audit Services

Non-audit services provide risk assessment and mitigation.
The firm's non-audit services were instrumental in our risk management strategy.

Audit Services

Audit services assess the accuracy of financial records.
The company's audit services revealed discrepancies in the accounts.

Non-Audit Services

Non-audit services offer business and financial advice.
Their non-audit services provided valuable tax optimization strategies.

Audit Services

Audit services ensure compliance with accounting standards.
The firm's audit services helped us adhere to international accounting norms.

Non-Audit Services

Non-audit services help in tax planning and compliance.
Our tax efficiency improved significantly due to their non-audit services.

Audit Services

Audit services involve evaluating a company's fiscal operations.
Audit services were crucial in identifying areas of financial mismanagement.

Non-Audit Services

Non-audit services assist in IT and systems development.
Non-audit services played a key role in upgrading our IT infrastructure.


Are audit services mandatory?

Yes, for public companies and certain other entities, audit services are legally required.

Why are audit services important?

They ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting, which is crucial for investors and regulators.

What is the outcome of audit services?

An audit report providing an opinion on the financial statements.

Do audit services require independence?

Yes, auditor independence is essential to maintain objectivity and credibility.

What are non-audit services?

They include a range of advisory and consulting services unrelated to the audit of financial statements.

Can the same firm provide both audit and non-audit services?

While possible, it's often limited to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain audit independence.

What is the main focus of audit services?

The main focus is on verifying the accuracy and compliance of financial statements.

Do audit services include tax advice?

No, tax advice is generally considered a non-audit service.

Can non-audit services impact auditor independence?

Yes, if the same firm provides both services, it can lead to potential conflicts of interest.

What are audit services?

Audit services involve the independent verification of a company's financial statements.

Why do companies use non-audit services?

To improve operational efficiency, compliance, and strategic planning.

Are non-audit services optional?

Yes, they are typically chosen based on a company's specific needs.

Is there a regulatory limit on non-audit services for audited companies?

Yes, in many jurisdictions, there are limits to avoid compromising auditor independence.

What qualifications are needed for non-audit services?

It depends on the service, ranging from tax expertise to IT proficiency.

How do non-audit services benefit a company?

They offer specialized expertise to improve various aspects of business operations.

How often are audit services conducted?

Typically annually, but it can vary based on regulatory or organizational requirements.

What are examples of non-audit services?

Tax advice, IT consulting, risk management, and management consulting.

What skills are required for providing audit services?

Skills in accounting, analysis, and an understanding of relevant laws and standards.

Can a company switch its audit services provider?

Yes, companies can change auditors, though it's regulated to ensure continuity and integrity.

Are non-audit services tailored to each company?

Yes, they are generally customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the client.
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