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Annunciate vs. Enunciate: What's the Difference?

By Harlon Moss & Aimie Carlson || Updated on May 23, 2024
Annunciate means to proclaim or announce something formally, while enunciate means to pronounce words clearly and distinctly.

Key Differences

Annunciate involves making a formal announcement or proclamation. For example, a king might annunciate a new law to his subjects. Enunciate, on the other hand, focuses on the clarity of speech, where someone might enunciate their words to ensure they are understood clearly.
Annunciate is often used in contexts where a formal or official declaration is made. It is about conveying information broadly to an audience. Enunciate is used in everyday language, emphasizing the clarity and precision in the way words are spoken.
Annunciate may be more relevant in settings like official ceremonies or formal communications. It involves the act of making something known. Enunciate is pertinent in scenarios like public speaking or language teaching, where clear articulation is crucial.
Annunciate can imply the importance and weight of the message being conveyed, highlighting its significance. Enunciate, meanwhile, is concerned with the technical aspect of speaking, ensuring that each sound is heard distinctly.
Annunciate tends to be less common in everyday speech compared to enunciate. The latter is frequently used to remind someone to speak more clearly, especially in educational or professional environments.
Annunciate has a more limited scope, mainly used in formal contexts. Enunciate has a broader application, useful in any situation requiring clear communication.
Annunciate does not inherently concern itself with the manner of speech, focusing instead on the content of the message. Enunciate directly relates to the manner of speech, ensuring that each word is delivered with precision.

Comparison Chart


To proclaim or announce formally
To pronounce words clearly

Usage Context

Formal announcements
Everyday speech clarity

Common Settings

Official ceremonies, proclamations
Public speaking, language teaching


Conveying important information
Ensuring clear pronunciation

Frequency in Speech

Less common
More common

Annunciate and Enunciate Definitions


To proclaim publicly.
The mayor annunciate the opening of the new park.


To articulate words clearly.
The teacher asked him to enunciate his words.


To declare formally.
They annunciate the results of the election.


To pronounce distinctly.
She enunciate every syllable carefully.


To herald or announce officially.
The company will annunciate its new CEO next week.


To speak with clarity.
He needs to enunciate to be understood by everyone.


To make known formally or officially.
The judge annunciate the verdict in the courtroom.


To utter words clearly and distinctly.
The actor enunciate his lines flawlessly.


To make a formal announcement.
The president will annunciate new policies tomorrow.


To pronounce; articulate.


To announce; proclaim
"They do not so properly affirm, as annunciate it" (Charles Lamb).


To state or set forth precisely or systematically
Enunciate a doctrine.


To announce.


To announce; proclaim.


To announce.


To pronounce words; speak aloud.


Foretold; preannounced.


(transitive) To make a definite or systematic statement of.


Foreshadow or presage


To announce, proclaim.


(transitive) To articulate, pronounce.
You must enunciate all the syllables.


(intransitive) To make sounds clearly.
Enunciate when you speak.


To make a formal statement of; to announce; to proclaim; to declare, as a truth.
The terms in which he enunciates the great doctrines of the gospel.


To make distinctly audible; to utter articulately; to pronounce; as, to enunciate a word distinctly.


To utter words or syllables articulately.


Speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way;
She pronounces French words in a funny way
I cannot say `zip wire'
Can the child sound out this complicated word?


Express or state clearly


To express clearly in speech.
It's important to enunciate when giving instructions.


Can annunciate and enunciate be used interchangeably?

No, annunciate refers to formal announcements, while enunciate refers to clear pronunciation.

In what contexts is enunciate used?

Enunciate is used in contexts requiring clear speech, such as public speaking or teaching.

What does annunciate mean?

Annunciate means to make a formal announcement or proclamation.

In what contexts is annunciate used?

Annunciate is used in formal or official contexts such as ceremonies or public declarations.

Can annunciate be used in casual conversation?

It's uncommon to use annunciate in casual conversation due to its formal nature.

Does enunciate relate to making announcements?

No, enunciate relates to clear pronunciation, not making announcements.

What does enunciate mean?

Enunciate means to pronounce words clearly and distinctly.

Is annunciate a common word?

Annunciate is less commonly used in everyday language.

Is annunciate used in any specific fields?

It is often used in legal, political, or ceremonial contexts.

Is enunciate important in any specific fields?

Yes, particularly in education, broadcasting, and public speaking.

Can annunciate be used metaphorically?

It is typically used in its literal sense related to announcements.

Is enunciate commonly used?

Yes, enunciate is commonly used to emphasize clear speech.

Can enunciate be used in formal writing?

Yes, enunciate can be used in formal writing to describe clear speech.

What are synonyms for annunciate?

Proclaim, declare, announce.

Can enunciate be used metaphorically?

Yes, it can metaphorically mean to make something clear or understandable.

How can one improve their ability to enunciate?

Practice speaking slowly and clearly, focusing on each syllable.

Does annunciate relate to speech clarity?

No, annunciate relates to making announcements, not speech clarity.

Is annunciate related to the word announce?

Yes, both share the root related to making known publicly.

Is enunciate related to the word announce?

Yes, but enunciate specifically focuses on clear articulation.

What are synonyms for enunciate?

Articulate, pronounce, express.
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