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Annual Leave vs. Personal Leave: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 22, 2023
Annual leave is scheduled time off work given yearly, often for rest or vacation; personal leave is unscheduled or emergency leave for personal matters.

Key Differences

Annual leave is a fixed number of days off work provided every year, used for vacations or rest. Personal leave, however, is typically taken for unforeseen or urgent personal matters, like family emergencies.
Employers usually plan for annual leave in advance, integrating it into work schedules. In contrast, personal leave is often unplanned, taken as needed for personal reasons, sometimes with short notice.
Annual leave is a predictable, regular employee benefit, accumulating over the year. Personal leave is more flexible, intended for immediate, personal situations and may not accumulate like annual leave.
The purpose of annual leave is primarily for relaxation and personal enjoyment. Personal leave, on the other hand, is for attending to personal or family responsibilities and emergencies.
Annual leave is typically scheduled in accordance with workplace policies and can be denied or rescheduled. Personal leave is often subject to less stringent policies, recognizing the urgency of personal needs.

Comparison Chart


Rest, vacation, leisure
Personal emergencies, family responsibilities


Planned in advance
Often unplanned, taken as needed


Typically accumulates annually
May not accumulate, depends on policy

Nature of Use

Predictable, regular benefit
Flexible, for immediate personal needs

Approval and Planning

Subject to workplace scheduling and approval
Less stringent, due to urgency of needs

Annual Leave and Personal Leave Definitions

Annual Leave

Employer-provided leave as part of employee benefits.
They offer 20 days of annual leave at her company.

Personal Leave

Unscheduled time off for individual reasons.
She had to take personal leave for her doctor's appointment.

Annual Leave

Regular, predictable time off for personal use.
He saved his annual leave for his wedding.

Personal Leave

Leave taken for urgent or unforeseen personal matters.
He took personal leave for a family emergency.

Annual Leave

A yearly entitlement for employees to take a break from work.
She typically uses her annual leave for family vacations.

Personal Leave

Leave of absence for personal responsibilities.
She's on personal leave to care for her elderly parents.

Annual Leave

Paid time off work granted yearly for rest or vacation.
She planned a trip to Europe during her annual leave.

Personal Leave

Emergency leave for dealing with personal situations.
He used personal leave when his child fell ill.

Annual Leave

A scheduled period of absence from work, accruing each year.
His annual leave is set for July each year.

Personal Leave

Flexible leave for immediate personal needs.
Personal leave was necessary for her to attend court.


How is annual leave typically scheduled?

Annual leave is usually scheduled in advance with employer approval.

What is annual leave?

Annual leave is paid time off work given every year for rest or vacation.

Can annual leave be carried over to the next year?

This depends on the employer's policy; some allow carrying over, others don't.

Do all employees get annual leave?

Most full-time employees are entitled to annual leave, but policies vary.

Can personal leave be planned?

Personal leave is generally unplanned and used for emergencies or urgent matters.

Are there restrictions on using personal leave?

Restrictions depend on employer policies and local labor laws.

What reasons qualify for personal leave?

Reasons include family emergencies, medical appointments, or personal matters.

Can personal leave be accumulated like annual leave?

This varies; some employers allow accumulation, while others don't.

Is personal leave always paid?

It varies by employer and policy; some personal leave is paid, some is not.

What is personal leave?

Personal leave is time off for urgent personal matters or emergencies.

Is annual leave different from public holidays?

Yes, annual leave is separate from public holidays or statutory holidays.

Is personal leave a legal requirement?

Personal leave policies vary by country and employer.

How much annual leave is typical?

The amount of annual leave varies by employer and region.

Can annual leave be denied by an employer?

Yes, employers can deny annual leave based on business needs.

How do employers track annual leave?

Employers use HR systems or manual records to track annual leave.

What documentation is needed for personal leave?

Requirements vary; some employers may require proof or explanation.

Can personal leave be used for vacation?

Generally, personal leave is intended for emergencies, not for vacation.

Can annual leave be cashed out?

In some cases and policies, unused annual leave can be cashed out.

Does annual leave accrue over time?

Yes, annual leave typically accrues over a year.

Is personal leave available to part-time employees?

This depends on the employer's policy and the local labor laws.
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