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Yellow Pages vs. White Pages: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on October 22, 2023
Yellow Pages are directories for businesses, typically categorized by type; White Pages list residential phone numbers and addresses.

Key Differences

Yellow Pages and White Pages are both directories, but they serve different purposes. Yellow Pages are primarily designed for businesses, offering listings that are often categorized by the type of service or product they provide.
On the other hand, White Pages are tailored for individuals, listing their residential phone numbers and addresses. While Yellow Pages often contain advertisements and can be a platform for businesses to promote themselves, White Pages are more straightforward, focusing mainly on providing contact details for individuals. It's noteworthy that Yellow Pages have a distinct yellow color, making them easily identifiable, while White Pages are typically white.
Both Yellow Pages and White Pages have transitioned to online platforms, adjusting to the digital age, but their core purposes remain the same.

Comparison Chart

Primary Purpose

Business directory.
Residential phone directory.


Business listings, ads, service categories.
Names, addresses, and phone numbers of residents.

Color Association



Commonly found.
Rarely contains ads.


Have moved to online platforms like websites and apps.
Also available online in digital formats.

Yellow Pages and White Pages Definitions

Yellow Pages

Often features advertisements.
The restaurant had a full-page ad in the Yellow Pages.

White Pages

Also transitioned to online platforms.
I looked him up on the White Pages website.

Yellow Pages

Has digital versions like websites and apps.
I use the Yellow Pages app to find nearby services.

White Pages

A directory of residential phone numbers.
I found her number in the White Pages.

Yellow Pages

Historically printed on yellow paper.
The Yellow Pages was easily identifiable because of its color.

White Pages

Lists individual names and addresses.
The White Pages helped me send out invitations.

Yellow Pages

Categorized by business type.
Look up plumbers in the Yellow Pages.

White Pages

Typically does not contain advertisements.
The White Pages focuses solely on contact details.

Yellow Pages

A directory of business listings.
I found the local bakery in the Yellow Pages.

White Pages

Historically printed on white paper.
The White Pages was simple and to the point.


What kind of listings do White Pages have?

White Pages list residential phone numbers and addresses.

Why are Yellow Pages called so?

Historically, they were printed on yellow paper.

Are advertisements common in Yellow Pages?

Yes, businesses often advertise in the Yellow Pages.

Do White Pages contain ads?

Typically, White Pages do not contain advertisements.

What are the Yellow Pages primarily used for?

Yellow Pages are used for finding business listings and services.

Can I find a person's home address in Yellow Pages?

Generally, no. Home addresses are usually in the White Pages.

Which is more commercial in nature, Yellow Pages or White Pages?

Yellow Pages are more commercial, catering to businesses.

Are both Yellow Pages and White Pages available online?

Yes, both have transitioned to online platforms.

Which directory would a business likely advertise in?

A business would likely advertise in the Yellow Pages.

What color are White Pages typically?

White Pages are usually printed on white paper.

Can I find a person's phone number in Yellow Pages?

Typically, individual numbers are in White Pages. Business numbers are in Yellow Pages.

Are Yellow Pages and White Pages used globally?

Yes, many countries have their versions of both directories.

How often are these directories updated?

Print versions were typically annual, but online versions can be updated more frequently.

Are there any fees associated with being listed in White Pages?

Basic listings are usually free, but there may be fees for enhanced listings or ads.

If I move houses, will my information automatically update in the White Pages?

Not automatically. You'd usually need to update it with the phone company.

Do Yellow Pages only exist in print?

No, they've transitioned to websites and mobile apps as well.

Can I request not to be listed in the White Pages?

Yes, individuals can often opt out of being listed.

Which directory would help me find a local plumber?

You'd look for a plumber in the Yellow Pages.

Which is more extensive, Yellow Pages or White Pages?

It depends on the region, but often Yellow Pages might be thicker due to business ads and listings.

Do Yellow Pages list only local businesses?

Primarily, but some larger businesses might appear in multiple regions.
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