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Webpage vs. Website: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 21, 2024
A webpage is a single document on the internet, part of a website, which is a collection of related webpages under a common domain name.

Key Differences

A webpage is an individual document on the internet, usually written in HTML, and accessible through a browser. A website is a collection of such webpages, linked together under a single domain name.
Each webpage serves a specific purpose or content, like an article, contact form, or product page. A website encompasses all these webpages, providing a comprehensive online presence for an individual, organization, or topic.
A webpage is a single entity, typically with its own unique URL as part of a larger site. A website has a structured hierarchy or navigation system, connecting various webpages through menus, links, or directories.
Creating a webpage involves designing and coding a single page. Building a website requires planning the layout, content, and navigation for multiple pages, along with ongoing maintenance and updates.
Users interact with individual webpages for specific information or actions. The website offers an overall user experience, encompassing the design, functionality, and content of all its webpages.

Comparison Chart


A single document on the internet
A collection of related webpages


Serves specific content or function
Represents a complete entity or identity online


Single page with unique URL
Multiple pages with structured navigation


Involves designing/coding one page
Involves planning, designing multiple pages

User Interaction

Focused on specific information or action
Offers a holistic user experience

Webpage and Website Definitions


A webpage can be a blog post, article, or news story on the internet.
She read an interesting article on a news website's webpage.


A website often represents an organization, individual, or project online.
The artist showcased her portfolio on her personal website.


In digital marketing, a webpage is often a landing page for specific campaigns.
The promotional offer was detailed on a dedicated webpage.


A website is a collection of webpages under a common domain name.
The university's official website contained information about all its departments.


A webpage often contains text, images, and links to other webpages.
The event details and registration link were on the event webpage.


Websites can be used for various purposes like e-commerce, information, or entertainment.
Amazon's website is a popular destination for online shopping.


A webpage is a single, standalone document on the internet.
The restaurant's menu was available on a separate webpage.


A website can be navigated through menus, links, and a homepage.
Visitors could access different sections of the museum's website through its navigation menu.


Each webpage is accessible through a unique URL.
Instructions were provided on the support webpage, accessible via a direct URL.


Websites require maintenance and updates to ensure current and relevant content.
The company regularly updates its website with the latest product releases.


A document on the World Wide Web, consisting of a hypertext file and any related files for scripts and graphics, and often hyperlinked to other documents on the Web.


A set of interconnected webpages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization.


Alternative spelling of web page


(Internet) A collection of interlinked web pages on the World Wide Web that are typically accessible from the same base URL and reside on the same server.
You can find complete information about the products on the company's website.


Can a website consist of a single webpage?

Yes, some websites, known as single-page websites, consist of only one webpage.

How do you access a webpage?

A webpage is accessed through its unique URL or via links from other pages or websites.

What can you find on a website?

A website may contain various content such as information, services, products, contact forms, and multimedia.

What is a webpage?

A webpage is a single, individual document on the internet, part of a larger website.

What constitutes a website?

A website is a collection of related webpages under a single domain name.

What is the main page of a website called?

The main page is typically called the homepage.

How do websites support businesses?

Websites provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products, interact with customers, and conduct transactions.

Are all webpages on a website public?

No, some webpages, like admin panels or member areas, can be restricted.

How are webpages interconnected?

Webpages are interconnected through hyperlinks, allowing navigation within the same or to different websites.

Can anyone create a webpage?

Yes, with basic HTML knowledge and a hosting platform, anyone can create a webpage.

What role do graphics play on a webpage?

Graphics enhance the visual appeal and user experience of a webpage.

How do you find a specific website?

A website can be found through search engines, direct URL entry, or through links from other sites.

How important is website navigation?

Good navigation is crucial for user experience, helping visitors find information efficiently.

What's the difference between a website and a web application?

A web application is more interactive and functional, often requiring user input, whereas a website is more informational.

Can a webpage exist without a website?

Technically, a standalone webpage can exist, but it is usually part of a website for context and navigation.

How do websites contribute to online identity?

Websites often serve as the digital face of individuals, businesses, or organizations, establishing their online presence.

What is a web server in relation to websites?

A web server is a computer system that stores, processes, and delivers webpages to users.

Can websites be interactive?

Yes, websites can be interactive, allowing user engagement through forms, chatbots, and other interactive elements.

What is responsive design in the context of webpages?

Responsive design means creating webpages that adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

How does one maintain a website?

Website maintenance involves updating content, ensuring security, and improving performance.
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