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Wax Paper vs. Baking Paper: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on October 16, 2023
Wax Paper is coated with a thin wax layer, unsuitable for high heat, while Baking Paper is heat-resistant, designed for oven use.

Key Differences

Wax Paper is paper that's been coated with a layer of wax, making it semi-transparent and water-resistant. On the other hand, Baking Paper, also known as parchment paper, is silicone-coated, making it non-stick and heat-resistant.
Wax Paper is commonly used for wrapping foods for storage and as a non-stick surface in no-heat applications. Conversely, Baking Paper is specifically designed for baking purposes, preventing food from sticking to pans without needing additional grease.
Wax Paper isn't suitable for baking or exposure to high temperatures because the wax can melt. In contrast, Baking Paper is designed to withstand high oven temperatures without burning or melting.
Generally, Wax Paper is less expensive than Baking Paper and can be found in most grocery stores. Baking Paper might be slightly pricier due to its specialized purpose but is also widely available.
Both Wax Paper and Baking Paper are disposable. However, since Baking Paper often uses silicone for its non-stick property, it may not be as biodegradable as Wax Paper.

Comparison Chart


Coated with wax
Coated with silicone

Heat Resistance

Not heat-resistant

Common Use

Food storage, no-heat applications
Baking, oven use

Reaction to High Temperatures

Wax can melt
Remains stable

Environmental Impact

Less biodegradable due to silicone

Wax Paper and Baking Paper Definitions

Wax Paper

A tool for various crafts and projects outside of the kitchen.
The artist used Wax Paper for her dried flower collection.

Baking Paper

A heat-resistant paper, often non-stick, used in baking.
She lined the tray with Baking Paper before pouring the batter.

Wax Paper

A paper coated with wax, providing a water-resistant surface.
She wrapped her sandwich in Wax Paper.

Baking Paper

Often used to make disposable pastry bags or to separate foods.
He wrapped fish in Baking Paper for a flavorful steam-cooking method.

Wax Paper

Used mainly for food storage due to its moisture-resistant properties.
He covered the counter with Wax Paper before making the dough.

Baking Paper

Also known as parchment paper.
The recipe called for a sheet of Baking Paper.

Wax Paper

Unsuitable for baking or direct heat.
I mistakenly used Wax Paper in the oven and it melted.

Baking Paper

Can be used in ovens at high temperatures.
She roasted vegetables on Baking Paper at 425°F.

Wax Paper

Often used as a non-stick surface in cold food preparation.
She placed cookies on Wax Paper to let the chocolate harden.

Baking Paper

Prevents food from sticking to cookware without additional grease.
The cookies came right off the Baking Paper without sticking.

Wax Paper

Alternative form of wax paper


Why is Baking Paper non-stick?

Baking Paper is coated with silicone, giving it a non-stick property.

Can I use Wax Paper as a substitute for Baking Paper?

Not for baking or heat applications, as the wax can melt.

Is Baking Paper safe at high temperatures?

Yes, it's designed to withstand oven temperatures.

Can I use Wax Paper in the oven?

No, Wax Paper can melt and smoke in the oven.

Can I reuse Baking Paper?

While it's primarily disposable, you can reuse it a few times if it's not overly greasy or torn.

Why use Wax Paper?

It's great for wrapping food, preventing sticking in no-heat applications, and for crafts.

Is Baking Paper the same as parchment paper?

Yes, Baking Paper is often called parchment paper.

Does Baking Paper need to be greased?

No, its non-stick property eliminates the need for additional grease.

Can Wax Paper be used in the microwave?

It can, but avoid contact with high-fat or sugary foods which can cause the wax to melt.

Why is Wax Paper semi-transparent?

The wax coating gives it a translucent appearance.

Is Baking Paper compostable?

Generally, yes, but its silicone coating may affect its biodegradability.

Can I use aluminum foil instead of Baking Paper?

Yes, but it doesn't have the same non-stick properties.

Is Baking Paper good for grilling?

It's best suited for ovens. For grilling, foil might be more appropriate.

Can Wax Paper be used for crafts?

Yes, it's useful in various craft projects.

Do I need to wet Wax Paper before use?

No, it's ready to use straight from the box.

Why does Baking Paper not burn in the oven?

It's designed to be heat-resistant and can withstand typical baking temperatures.

Does Baking Paper affect baking times?

No, but it can make for more even baking and easier cleanup.

Can Wax Paper go in the freezer?

Yes, it's often used for freezing foods due to its moisture-resistant properties.

Is Wax Paper biodegradable?

Yes, it's paper-based and can degrade over time.

How do I store Baking Paper?

Keep it in a dry place, preferably in its original box.
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