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Void vs. Darkness: What's the Difference?

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Void denotes emptiness or an absence of matter, whereas darkness refers to the absence of light.

Key Differences

The concept of void embodies emptiness, an absence that may be physical or existential. Darkness, conversely, is the absence of light, often associated with nighttime or shadowed areas. Where void suggests a space devoid of content, darkness implies a presence that is obscured because light does not reach or penetrate it.
Void can also imply a legal or emotional emptiness, such as a contract being void or a feeling of void after a loss. Darkness does not have this legal or emotional connotation; instead, it may symbolize ignorance or the unknown in metaphorical contexts. While a void may leave one feeling bereft of something tangible or intangible, darkness might evoke fear or mystery.
In discussions about space or the cosmos, void refers to the vast stretches of empty space between celestial bodies. Here, darkness also prevails, but it is due to the distance from light sources like stars. In the void of space, darkness is a given, but not all darkness signifies a void; it may simply mean that an area is unlit while still being full of matter.
A void is an all-encompassing emptiness, something that can be felt in one's soul or observed in abandoned places. Darkness can be temporary and situational, dispelled with the flick of a light switch or the rise of the sun. You can have a room filled with objects in darkness, but if the room is void, it's entirely empty, regardless of the lighting conditions.
The void is often used in a metaphorical sense to express a lack of meaning or purpose, a space that should be filled with emotion, ideas, or life. Darkness, metaphorically, might represent a lack of enlightenment or knowledge rather than a physical condition. The void can be existential, darkness typically is not; it is more sensory, tied to visual perception and less to emotional or philosophical ruminations.

Comparison Chart


Absence of matter or content
Absence of light

Contextual Usage

Emptiness, nullity, invalidity
Lack of illumination, obscurity

Metaphorical Sense

Emptiness, lack of purpose
Ignorance, fear, the unknown

Physical Representation

Empty space, vacuum
Unlit area, nighttime


Can be permanent or conceptual
Often temporary and situational

Void and Darkness Definitions


The contract was declared void.


Absence of light.
The room was plunged into darkness after the power outage.


Empty space.
Astronomers study the void between galaxies.


The darkness of the night was complete without the moon.


Her promises turned out to be void.


He lived in darkness, unaware of the world around him.


The law was rendered void by the new legislation.


He was known for his darkness of character.


His disappearance left a void in the community.


The deal was done in the darkness, away from the public eye.


Containing no matter; empty.


Lacking or having very little light
A dark corner.


Not occupied; unfilled.


Lacking brightness
A dark day.


Can darkness exist in a void?

Yes, darkness often exists in a void due to the absence of light sources.

Does darkness imply evil?

Darkness can metaphorically imply evil, though not inherently.

Is a void always dark?

A void is not necessarily dark; it signifies emptiness, which can exist with or without light.

Does darkness require a medium to exist?

Darkness does not require a medium; it is simply the absence of light.

Can void have a physical presence?

By definition, a void lacks physical presence; it is an absence of matter.

Can darkness be felt?

Darkness is a visual experience, though it can affect emotions and thus be "felt" metaphorically.

Is a vacuum the same as a void?

In physics, a vacuum is a type of void characterized by the absence of matter.

Can a room be dark but not void?

Yes, a room can be dark if there's no light, but not void if there are objects in it.

Can void be a noun and a verb?

Void is primarily a noun, but can be used as a verb meaning to empty or invalidate.

Can animals see in complete darkness?

Most animals cannot see in complete darkness, but some have adaptations for low light.

How does one fill a void?

Filling a void can be metaphorical, such as seeking fulfillment through activities or relationships.

Does darkness have a speed?

Darkness does not have a speed; it is simply the result when light is not present.

Are black holes voids?

Black holes are regions of intense gravitational pull, not voids, though they can appear as voids in space.

Can you have a void in a relationship?

Yes, a void in a relationship refers to an emotional emptiness or lack.

Can void be used in a legal context?

Yes, void can describe a contract or agreement that is legally invalid.

Is the universe a void?

The universe contains vast voids, but it also has matter and energy.

Is emotional void a psychological term?

Emotional void is a term used to describe feelings of emptiness and lack of fulfillment.

Does darkness affect all senses?

Darkness primarily affects visual perception, but it can indirectly affect other senses.

Can darkness be measured?

Darkness can be measured in terms of light intensity, often with a light meter.

Is total darkness possible on Earth?

Total darkness on Earth is rare due to natural and artificial light sources.
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