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Vitual vs. Virtual: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Vitual" is a misspelling, while "virtual" is correct, referring to something existing in essence but not in actual form.

Which is correct: Vitual or Virtual

How to spell Virtual?

Vitual is Incorrect

Virtual is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "virtual" with "virtue," which also contains 'r.'
"Virtual" relates to 'virtual reality,' helping recall the 'r.'
'Virtual' sounds like 'virtue-al,' not 'vitu-al.'
'R' comes before 'T' in the alphabet, as in "virtual."
"Virtual" contains an 'r' after 'vi,' unlike "vitual."

Correct usage of Virtual

She bought a dress from a vitual store.
She bought a dress from a virtual store.
The meeting will be held in a vitual room.
The meeting will be held in a virtual room.
Kids enjoy playing games in a vitual reality environment.
Kids enjoy playing games in a virtual reality environment.
The company is planning a vitual event for its employees.
The company is planning a virtual event for its employees.
Our team works in a vitual office space.
Our team works in a virtual office space.

Virtual Definitions

Virtual can mean something is so nearly true as to be effectively so.
He was the virtual leader of the group.
Virtual refers to not physically existing but made by software.
She navigated through the virtual world effortlessly.
Virtual implies a temporary simulation of something real.
The virtual classroom allowed students from around the world to participate.
Virtual indicates existing or occurring on computers or the internet.
The conference was held in a virtual format this year.
Virtual can mean existing in essence but lacking physical form.
Their virtual agreement was as strong as a written contract.
Existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name
The virtual extinction of the buffalo.
Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination. Used in literary criticism of a text.

Virtual Sentences

With virtual assistants, daily tasks and reminders can be easily managed.
Virtual reality technology allows gamers to immerse themselves in digital worlds.
The virtual classroom provides access to education for students in remote locations.
Many companies now offer virtual tours of their facilities on their websites.
Virtual meetings have become a staple in the business world, connecting people globally.
Virtual learning platforms have made it easier for individuals to acquire new skills.
Virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, have changed the way we think about money.
Virtual concerts allow fans to watch live performances without leaving their homes.
In the virtual world, you can explore places you've never been to from your home.
The concept of virtual reality has been around for decades, but technology is now catching up.
Virtual communities provide spaces for people with shared interests to connect.
Educators use virtual labs for science experiments when resources are limited.
Virtual events can reach a global audience, making them more inclusive.
Virtual reality can also be used for training simulations in various industries.
Virtual reality therapy is being explored as a treatment for various psychological conditions.
The development of virtual reality has opened new possibilities for remote collaboration and creativity.
Virtual reality can create immersive experiences for museum and historical site tours.
Virtual fitness classes have become popular for those who prefer to exercise at home.
Virtual private networks (VPNs) enhance online privacy and security.
Virtual book clubs have brought readers together during times when meeting in person isn't possible.
Virtual reality headsets have become more affordable, making VR more accessible to the public.
Artists are creating virtual galleries where people can view and buy art online.
In virtual economies, users can buy, sell, and trade digital goods and services.
Virtual internships offer students work experience without the need for physical presence.
Virtual pets can teach children about responsibility without the real-world commitment.

Virtual Idioms & Phrases

Live in a virtual world

To spend a lot of time in online or simulated environments, possibly at the expense of real-world interactions;
Kids today seem to live in a virtual world, always connected to their devices.

In virtual terms

Speaking about something in a way that is not physical but is made to appear so by software;
The company's growth, in virtual terms, has been impressive, thanks to its online sales.

A virtual impossibility

Something that is almost impossible to happen or achieve;
Finding a completely quiet spot in the city is a virtual impossibility.

Virtual silence

A situation where there is almost complete silence, or no response is given in a conversation, especially online;
After the announcement, there was virtual silence from the audience, indicating their shock.

A virtual feast for the eyes

An experience or sight that is extremely pleasing to look at, often used to describe visually impressive digital or online content;
The new video game is a virtual feast for the eyes with its stunning graphics.

Virtual stranger

Someone who is barely known or unfamiliar, despite possibly having communicated online;
Although they had chatted online for months, they were virtual strangers when they finally met.

Virtual reality check

A reminder or realization that brings someone back to the reality of a situation;
Losing the game was a virtual reality check for the team, showing they need to practice more.

A virtual office

A work environment where employees operate remotely using digital tools and platforms;
The startup operates through a virtual office, with team members spread across different countries.

A virtual assistant

A software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual based on commands or questions;
My virtual assistant helps me keep track of my appointments and sends me reminders.

Virtual presence

The sensation of being present in a virtual or digital space, often through technology such as VR headsets;
The virtual presence technology made me feel like I was actually walking on the moon.

Become a virtual reality

For something that once seemed impossible or fictional to become real or achievable;
With recent advances, traveling to Mars has become a virtual reality.

Virtual footprint

The trail or history someone leaves behind through activities and interactions in digital spaces;
Be mindful of your virtual footprint; everything you post online can be traced back to you.

Virtual community

A group of people who interact and form a community online rather than in the physical world;
The virtual community on the forum provides support for people dealing with anxiety.

Virtual learning environment

A web-based platform for the digital aspects of courses of study, usually within educational institutions;
The university's virtual learning environment allows students to access lectures and materials online.


Which vowel is used before virtual?

The vowel 'i' is used after the initial 'v' in virtual.

What is the verb form of virtual?

Virtual is an adjective; it doesn't have a verb form.

What is the singular form of virtual?

Virtual is both singular and plural; it does not change form.

What is the plural form of virtual?

Virtual does not have a distinct plural form.

Is virtual a negative or positive word?

Virtual is neutral; it's neither inherently negative nor positive.

What is the root word of virtual?

The root word of virtual is 'virtue,' from Latin 'virtus' meaning excellence or potency.

Is virtual an adverb?

No, virtual is not an adverb.

Which preposition is used with virtual?

Commonly, "in" or "of" are used with virtual, as in "in a virtual world" or "of virtual importance."

Which article is used with virtual?

"A" or "the" can be used with virtual, depending on context.

Why is it called virtual?

It's called virtual because it describes something existing in essence or effect but not in actual form or substance.

What is the pronunciation of virtual?

Virtual is pronounced as /ˈvɜːr.tʃu.əl/.

Which conjunction is used with virtual?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with virtual, depending on context.

Is virtual a noun or adjective?

Virtual is an adjective.

Is virtual a collective noun?

No, virtual is an adjective, not a collective noun.

Is the word virtual imperative?

No, virtual is descriptive, not a command or imperative.

Is virtual a vowel or consonant?

The word virtual starts with a consonant 'v.'

How many syllables are in virtual?

There are three syllables in virtual.

What part of speech is virtual?

Virtual is an adjective.

What is another term for virtual?

A synonym for virtual is 'digital' or 'simulated.'

What is the opposite of virtual?

The opposite of virtual is 'real' or 'physical.'

What is the third form of virtual?

Virtual does not have different forms.

How is virtual used in a sentence?

Virtual is used as an adjective, e.g., "She attended a virtual meeting."

Is virtual an abstract noun?

Virtual is not a noun; it's an adjective.

Is virtual a countable noun?

Virtual is not a noun; it's an adjective.

Is the virtual term a metaphor?

Virtual can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

Which determiner is used with virtual?

Determiners like 'a,' 'the,' or 'this' can be used with virtual.

What is the first form of virtual?

Virtual does not change forms; it's always virtual.

What is the second form of virtual?

There is no second form; virtual is an adjective.

How do we divide virtual into syllables?

Virtual is divided as vir-tu-al.

What is a stressed syllable in virtual?

The first syllable 'vir' is stressed in virtual.
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