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Guage vs. Gauge: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Guage is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is gauge. Gauge is a tool or standard for measuring or estimating.

Which is correct: Guage or Gauge

How to spell Gauge?

Guage is Incorrect

Gauge is Correct


Key Differences

Link the word to its usage, like 'fuel gauge' or 'pressure gauge', which are commonly seen.
Visualize a gauge tool, focusing on the spelling 'g-a-u-g-e'.
Connect 'gauge' with words like 'sage' or 'rage' that share the '-age' ending.
Pronounce it as 'gAY-ge', emphasizing the 'a' sound.
Remember that 'gauge' ends with '-age', unlike 'guage'.

Correct usage of Gauge

Can you check the fuel guage to see how much gas we have left?
Can you check the fuel gauge to see how much gas we have left?
The temperature guage seems to be broken; it's not changing.
The temperature gauge seems to be broken; it's not changing.
I need to learn how to read this rain guage correctly.
I need to learn how to read this rain gauge correctly.
The pressure guage is showing a low reading.
The pressure gauge is showing a low reading.
His job is to guage the depth of the water at different points.
His job is to gauge the depth of the water at different points.

Gauge Definitions

In railways, the distance between the rails of a track.
The new trains require a standard gauge track.
A tool or instrument for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something.
He used a gauge to measure the thickness of the metal.
The thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially in terms of a wire or screw.
The electrician checked the wire gauge before installation.
To estimate or determine the magnitude, amount, or volume of.
The survey was used to gauge public opinion on the issue.
To make a judgment or assessment about a situation or condition.
Managers gauge employee satisfaction through surveys.
The distance between the two rails of a railroad.
The distance between two wheels on an axle.
The interior diameter of a shotgun barrel as determined by the number of lead balls of a size exactly fitting the barrel that are required to make one pound. Often used in combination
A 12-gauge shotgun.

Gauge Sentences

When cooking meat, a thermometer gauge can help ensure it's fully cooked.
The gauge on the dashboard indicates that the car is overheating.
He used a ruler as a gauge to measure the width of the table.
The gauge of a shotgun refers to the diameter of its barrel.
The pressure gauge for the boiler needs to be monitored regularly.
Electricians use a wire gauge to determine the thickness of the wire.
To fit the jewelry correctly, you need to know the gauge of the piercing.
The fuel gauge is almost on empty; we need to find a gas station soon.
Air pressure in the tires is checked with a tire pressure gauge.
The speedometer is a type of gauge that shows how fast a vehicle is moving.
Bakers use a dough gauge to ensure all pieces are the same thickness.
A pH gauge is used to test the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
The temperature gauge on the oven ensures it's preheated to the right temperature.
She looked at the rain gauge to see how much it had rained overnight.
A depth gauge is essential for divers to monitor their depth underwater.
For knitting, the gauge indicates how many stitches per inch you'll get.
The battery gauge on my phone shows it's almost dead.
A steam gauge provides a visual representation of steam pressure in a system.
The gauge of a wire can affect how much current it safely carries.
The strain gauge can measure force by the amount of electrical resistance change.
She used the gauge on the sewing machine to keep her stitches straight.
In photography, the light meter acts as a gauge to determine exposure settings.
The gauge in the elevator shows which floor it's on.
The vacuum gauge helps diagnose problems within a car's engine.
In railways, the track gauge refers to the distance between the rails.

Gauge Idioms & Phrases

Gauge the situation

To assess or evaluate the current state of affairs.
Before making a decision, it's important to gauge the situation carefully.

Off the gauge

Something that is beyond normal limits or measurement.
The excitement at the concert was off the gauge.

Gauge the mood

To assess the general feeling or atmosphere among a group of people.
The host gauged the mood of the party to decide whether to play music.

A fine gauge

Describes something made with a high degree of precision or detail, often used in knitting or machinery.
She preferred sweaters made with a fine gauge because they were softer.

By any gauge

By any standard or measure.
By any gauge, the project was a huge success.

A broad gauge

Refers to a more comprehensive or wider perspective or approach.
The committee took a broad gauge view of the reform needs.

Gauge one's interest

To measure or estimate someone's level of interest in something.
The teacher tried to gauge the students' interest in the topic.

Pressure gauge

A metaphor for a situation where pressure is being measured or felt.
During the negotiations, you could almost see the pressure gauge rising.

To be within gauge

To be within the accepted or standard limits or dimensions.
The luggage was within gauge for carry-on, so he didn't need to check it.

Gauge the impact

To assess the effect or influence of something.
After launching the new policy, the government needed to gauge its impact.

Tighten the gauge

To increase scrutiny or control over something.
The agency decided to tighten the gauge on industry regulations.


What is the verb form of gauge?

The verb form of gauge is 'gauge'.

Which vowel is used before gauge?

The vowel 'u' is used before 'gauge'.

Why is it called gauge?

Gauge is derived from the Old North French word 'gauge', meaning 'standard measure'.

What is the pronunciation of gauge?

Gauge is pronounced as \ˈgāj.

What is the root word of gauge?

The root word of gauge is the Old North French 'gauge'.

Which conjunction is used with gauge?

Conjunctions like 'and', 'but', and 'or' can be used with gauge.

What is the plural form of gauge?

The plural form is 'gauges'.

Is gauge a noun or adjective?

Gauge is primarily a noun, but can function as a verb.

Is gauge an adverb?

No, gauge is not an adverb.

Is gauge an abstract noun?

Gauge is a concrete noun when referring to an instrument; as a verb, it's conceptual.

Is the word gauge imperative?

Gauge can be used in the imperative form as a command.

How is gauge used in a sentence?

Example: "The engineer used a pressure gauge to ensure the system was operating within safe limits."

What is the singular form of gauge?

The singular form is 'gauge'.

Which preposition is used with gauge?

Prepositions like 'of', 'for', and 'by' are commonly used with gauge.

Which article is used with gauge?

The articles 'a' or 'the' can be used with gauge.

Is gauge a negative or positive word?

Gauge is neutral, neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is gauge a collective noun?

No, gauge is not a collective noun.

Is the gauge term a metaphor?

Gauge can be used metaphorically.

What part of speech is gauge?

Gauge is both a noun and a verb.

Which determiner is used with gauge?

Determiners like 'this', 'that', 'my', 'your' can be used with gauge.

What is the second form of gauge?

The second form is 'gauged'.

Is gauge a vowel or consonant?

Gauge starts with the consonant 'g'.

How many syllables are in gauge?

There is one syllable in gauge.

What is a stressed syllable in gauge?

The entire word gauge is stressed as it is one syllable.

What is the first form of gauge?

The first form is 'gauge'.

Is gauge a countable noun?

Yes, as a noun, gauge is countable.

What is the opposite of gauge?

The opposite of gauge could be estimate or guess (verb); disregard (noun).

What is the third form of gauge?

The third form is also 'gauged'.

How do we divide gauge into syllables?

Gauge is a single syllable word.

What is another term for gauge?

Another term for gauge is measure or meter.
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