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Acception vs. Exception: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Acception" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "exception." An exception is a case that does not follow a general rule or pattern.

Which is correct: Acception or Exception

How to spell Exception?

Acception is Incorrect

Exception is Correct


Key Differences

Associate 'exception' with 'exclude', both signify something different or apart.
Remember, 'exception' starts with 'ex-', like 'exclude' or 'exit', indicating 'out of' or 'not included'.
Think of 'except' within 'exception', as exceptions are things that are 'excepted' from the rule.
Visualize the 'X' in 'exception' as crossing something out.
Recollect 'exception' contains 'cept', similar to 'perception', denoting a taken or received idea.

Correct usage of Exception

The teacher made an acception for students who arrived late due to the snow.
The teacher made an exception for students who arrived late due to the snow.
Your friend made an acception to the rule when you were late.
Your friend made an exception to the rule when you were late.
He's looking for an acception in the policy.
He's looking for an exception in the policy.
I can't make an acception just for you.
I can't make an exception just for you.
She thought the rule had an acception for her case.
She thought the rule had an exception for her case.

Exception Definitions

Exclusion from a certain condition or rule.
He is an exception in this elite group.
A case that does not conform to the general rule.
This scenario is an exception to the policy.
A person or thing that is different from others.
Her talent is an exception in our community.
In legal terms, an objection or a formal disagreement.
The lawyer filed an exception to the ruling.
A unique or rare instance.
Snow in this region is an exception, not the norm.
The act of excepting or the condition of being excepted; exclusion.
One that is excepted, especially a case that does not conform to a rule or generalization.

Exception Sentences

The rule says no eating in class, but the teacher made an exception for small snacks.
In baseball, hitting the ball out of the park is usually good, but it's an exception when it goes foul.
In the alphabet, every letter has one sound, but 'X' is an exception with two sounds.
On weekends, bedtime is strict, but Friday nights are an exception.
Being the youngest, she sometimes feels like the exception in her group of friends.
The library has a strict return policy, but they made an exception for me when I was sick.
The teacher said no talking, but made an exception for asking questions.
Homework is due the next day, but for big projects, there's an exception.
Every student must wear a uniform, but seniors have an exception for their jackets.
The sign says "No Entry," but staff have an exception.
The company has a strict dress code, but "Casual Fridays" are an exception.
All club members must attend meetings, but illness is a valid exception.
In math, the rule is to solve left to right, but the order of operations is an exception.
Swimming after eating is usually advised against, but a quick dip is an exception.
All passengers must have a ticket, but babies are an exception.
Candy is not healthy, but dark chocolate is often seen as an exception due to its benefits.
Eating in the classroom is generally not allowed, but the teacher made an exception for water bottles.
Dogs are not allowed in the grocery store, but service dogs are an exception.
For safety, climbing is not allowed, but guided tours are an exception.
The park closes at sunset, but the night festival is an exception.
Most birds fly south for the winter, but penguins are an exception as they live in the South Pole year-round.
The museum is always quiet, except for the exception of the interactive exhibit room.
In the game, all moves must follow the rules, except for one special exception that allows a skip.

Exception Idioms & Phrases

In exception to

Differing from or not following a general rule;
In exception to the usual dress code, employees can wear casual clothes on Fridays.

A rare exception

Something that seldom occurs;
A snowstorm in April is a rare exception in this part of the country.

By exception

Done or granted as a special case;
Attendance at the meeting is mandatory, but absences are allowed by exception for health reasons.

Make exceptions for

To treat someone or something differently, usually in a more lenient way;
The coach usually enforces strict discipline but makes exceptions for players recovering from injuries.

To be an exception to every rule

To frequently or consistently not follow established norms;
In his innovative designs, he seems to be an exception to every rule.

Given the exception

Considering the allowance for something not typically permitted;
Given the exception for medical needs, you may bring your bag into the examination room.

An exception among

To stand out as different within a group;
Her conservative style is an exception among the avant-garde artists she works with.

The only exception

The singular instance that does not follow a general condition;
He dislikes all vegetables, the only exception being potatoes.

An exception in itself

A case that is unusual or unique on its own;
This ancient tree, surviving in a metropolitan area, is an exception in itself.


What is the root word of exception?

The root word is 'capere', which means 'to take' in Latin.

What is the verb form of exception?

The verb form is 'except'.

Which vowel is used before exception?

The vowels 'a' or 'an' can be used, depending on the context.

Why is it called exception?

It's called 'exception' because it represents a case excluded from a general rule, from Latin 'exceptio'.

What is the singular form of exception?

The singular form is 'exception'.

What is the plural form of exception?

The plural form is 'exceptions'.

Which preposition is used with exception?

Common prepositions used are 'to', 'from', and 'with'.

Is exception a negative or positive word?

'Exception' is neutral; it can have positive or negative connotations based on context.

Is exception a noun or adjective?

'Exception' is a noun.

What is the pronunciation of exception?

Exception is pronounced as /ɪkˈsɛpʃən/.

Which conjunction is used with exception?

Standard conjunctions like 'and', 'but', or 'or' can be used.

Is exception an adverb?

No, 'exception' is not an adverb.

Is exception an abstract noun?

Yes, 'exception' is an abstract noun.

Which determiner is used with exception?

Determiners like 'the', 'an', 'no', or 'some' can be used.

Which article is used with exception?

Both 'a' and 'the' can be used, depending on the context.

Is exception a vowel or consonant?

'Exception' is a word, not classified as a vowel or consonant.

Is exception a countable noun?

Yes, 'exception' is a countable noun.

Is exception a collective noun?

No, 'exception' is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in exception?

The second syllable, 'cep', is stressed.

What is another term for exception?

'Anomaly' or 'irregularity' can be alternative terms.

What is the opposite of exception?

'Norm' or 'rule' could be considered opposites.

What is the first form of exception?

'Exception' itself is the only form as it's a noun.

What is the second form of exception?

There is no second form; 'exception' remains constant.

Is the exception term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically depending on the context.

How many syllables are in exception?

'Exception' has three syllables.

What part of speech is exception?

'Exception' is a noun.

How is exception used in a sentence?

Example: "She made an exception for him due to his unique circumstances."

Is the word exception imperative?

No, 'exception' is not imperative; it's a noun.

How do we divide exception into syllables?

It's divided as ex-cep-tion.

What is the third form of exception?

There is no third form for the noun 'exception'.
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