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Visability vs. Visibility: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Visability" is incorrect, while "visibility" is correct. Visibility is the state of being able to be seen or noticed.

Which is correct: Visability or Visibility

How to spell Visibility?

Visability is Incorrect

Visibility is Correct


Key Differences

The correct spelling has "i" after "s," similar to "possibility."
Remember that "visibility" ends with "-ility," like "ability" and "mobility."
"Visibility" contains the word "visible," unlike "visability."
"Visibility" aligns with the spelling of other "-ility" words, such as "flexibility."
Use the mnemonic i.e. "Visibility is the ability to see."

Correct usage of Visibility

The visability of the stars was amazing last night.
The visibility of the stars was amazing last night.
We need to work on the visability of minority groups in our community.
We need to work on the visibility of minority groups in our community.
The visability of the sign is not good at night.
The visibility of the sign is not good at night.
Due to the fog, the visability on the road was quite low.
Due to the fog, the visibility on the road was quite low.
The new policy has greatly improved our company's online visability.
The new policy has greatly improved our company's online visibility.

Visibility Definitions

The clarity with which objects can be observed at a distance.
The clear skies improved the visibility of the stars.
The state or degree of being visible or seen.
The fog reduced visibility on the road.
The capability of being easily noticed or prominent.
High visibility jackets are worn for safety.
The possibility of being understood or comprehended clearly.
The presentation enhanced the visibility of complex data.
The extent to which something attracts public attention.
The campaign aimed to increase the visibility of the issue.
The fact, state, or degree of being visible.
The greatest distance under given weather conditions to which it is possible to see without instrumental assistance.
The capability of being easily observed
An executive with high visibility.

Visibility Sentences

The visibility from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.
The pilot reported poor visibility due to the storm.
High visibility clothing is essential for safety at the construction site.
The company is striving to increase its visibility in the market.
Bad weather can severely reduce visibility while driving.
Fog and rain can decrease visibility on the highway.
Social media platforms can enhance the visibility of small businesses.
The new advertising campaign has significantly boosted the product's visibility.
The visibility underwater varies depending on the amount of sunlight.
At dawn, the visibility in the forest was quite low.
The visibility of the issue has increased thanks to media coverage.
With the fog lifting, the visibility improved gradually.
Clear skies offer better visibility for stargazing.
The museum's visibility has grown due to recent renovations.
The visibility of the campaign signs is crucial for election success.
Efforts to increase the visibility of endangered species are ongoing.
During the eclipse, the visibility of the sun is blocked.
The new app's visibility shot up after the celebrity endorsement.
In clear conditions, the visibility can extend for miles.
Improving the visibility of emergency exits is a safety priority.
The teacher uses visual aids to enhance visibility during presentations.
Safety measures include wearing vests that improve visibility at night.
The lighthouse improves visibility for ships near the coast.
Traffic lights are positioned for optimal visibility.
Dust storms can dramatically cut visibility to near zero.

Visibility Idioms & Phrases

Clear visibility

A situation where one can see clearly without obstructions.
After the rain stopped, we had clear visibility on our hike.

Out of visibility

Not being seen or noticed; out of the public eye.
After the scandal, he preferred to stay out of visibility.

Visibility campaign

An effort to make something more visible or recognized.
The visibility campaign for the charity event was a huge success.

Enhance visibility

To improve the level at which something can be seen or noticed.
The company uses social media to enhance visibility.

Visibility is key

Highlighting the importance of being seen or noticed.
For online businesses, visibility is key to attracting customers.

Gain visibility

To become more visible or noticed.
The artist gained visibility through online exhibitions.

Increase visibility

To make something more seen or noticed.
The marketing team is working to increase visibility of the new product.

Visibility strategy

A plan designed to increase how visible or noticed something is.
The startup's visibility strategy focuses on social media engagement.

Into the visibility

Coming into the public eye or becoming widely recognized.
The issue came into the visibility through social media.

Visibility on the radar

To become recognized or acknowledged, especially in a professional context.
With her recent accomplishments, she's definitely got visibility on the radar.

Lose visibility

To become less visible or noticed.
Small brands can lose visibility in a crowded market.

Visibility level

The degree to which something can be seen or noticed.
The visibility level of the sign is not high enough at night.

Visibility factor

An element that contributes to how easily something can be seen.
The location of a billboard is a major visibility factor.

Visibility metrics

Measurements used to assess how visible or noticed something is.
The marketing team tracks visibility metrics to gauge campaign success.

Visibility zone

An area where something can be easily seen or noticed.
Make sure the emergency equipment is within the visibility zone.

Visibility check

The act of ensuring something can be seen or is noticeable.
Before launching, they did a final visibility check on the website.

Visibility efforts

Actions taken to make something more visible or noticed.
Their visibility efforts included a series of community events.

Improve visibility

To make something more visible or easier to notice.
They're planting fewer trees to improve visibility at the intersection.


Which vowel is used before visibility?

Typically, "the" is used before "visibility."

Why is it called visibility?

It's called "visibility" from the Latin "visibilis," meaning capable of being seen.

What is the root word of visibility?

The root word is "visible."

What is the verb form of visibility?

The verb form related to "visibility" is "visualize."

What is the plural form of visibility?

The plural form is "visibilities."

Which preposition is used with visibility?

"In" or "of" are often used with "visibility."

Which conjunction is used with visibility?

"And" is commonly used with "visibility."

Is visibility a negative or positive word?

"Visibility" is neutral; it denotes a condition without inherent positive or negative connotation.

What is the pronunciation of visibility?

Visibility is pronounced as /vɪzəˈbɪlɪti/.

What is the third form of visibility?

"Visibility" does not have a third form.

What is the singular form of visibility?

The singular form is "visibility."

Which article is used with visibility?

The article "the" is typically used with "visibility."

Is visibility a noun or adjective?

"Visibility" is a noun.

Is visibility an abstract noun?

Yes, "visibility" is an abstract noun.

Is visibility a vowel or consonant?

"Visibility" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the visibility term a metaphor?

"Visibility" can be used metaphorically but is primarily literal.

Which determiner is used with visibility?

Determiners like "the" or "this" are used with "visibility."

Is visibility a countable noun?

Yes, "visibility" is a countable noun.

Is visibility a collective noun?

No, "visibility" is not a collective noun.

Is the word visibility imperative?

"Visibility" is not an imperative; it is a descriptive term.

What part of speech is visibility?

"Visibility" is a noun.

What is another term for visibility?

Another term for "visibility" is "transparency" or "clearness."

Is visibility an adverb?

No, "visibility" is not an adverb.

How do we divide visibility into syllables?

It is divided as vi-si-bi-li-ty.

What is a stressed syllable in visibility?

The third syllable, "bi," is stressed in "visibility."

What is the first form of visibility?

The first form is "visibility" itself.

How many syllables are in visibility?

There are five syllables in "visibility."

What is the opposite of visibility?

The opposite of "visibility" is "invisibility" or "obscurity."

What is the second form of visibility?

There is no second form; "visibility" remains unchanged.

How is visibility used in a sentence?

"The new lighting system greatly improved the visibility in the warehouse."
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