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Independantly vs. Independently: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Incorrectly spelled as 'independantly,' the correct spelling is 'independently,' meaning without outside help or influence."

Which is correct: Independantly or Independently

How to spell Independently?

Independantly is Incorrect

Independently is Correct


Key Differences

"Every (e) adverb neatly (n) dances (d) lively (ly)."
Break it down to 'in-depend-ent-ly.' 'Dependent' is spelled with an 'e,' so 'independently' should be too.
Write both versions and circle the correct one to visualize the correct spelling.
'Independently' ends with 'ly,' like many adverbs. Remember, 'ant' is an insect, not an adverb ending.
It rhymes with 'evidently,' another word that ends with 'ly.'

Correct usage of Independently

The study was conducted independantly of any outside influences.
The study was conducted independently of any outside influences.
Independantly, I completed the project on my own.
Independently, I completed the project on my own.
He works independantly from the main office.
He works independently from the main office.
They planned their trip independantly of the travel agency.
They planned their trip independently of the travel agency.
She tried to solve the problem independantly.
She tried to solve the problem independently.

Independently Definitions

Acting independently means performing without help.
She solved the puzzle independently.
To do something independently is to do it autonomously, without external control.
The committee operates independently.
Being independently capable means relying on oneself.
He lives independently in his own apartment.
Independently can mean individually, separate from others.
Each artist expressed themselves independently.
To decide independently is to choose free from outside influence.
She chose her career path independently.
Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.
Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant
An independent mind.
Not determined or influenced by someone or something else; not contingent
A decision independent of the outcome of the study.

Independently Sentences

She travels independently without joining any tour groups.
The cat wandered off independently, exploring the garden.
I independently researched the topic for my school project.
She operates her business independently from any franchise.
I independently chose the books I wanted to read for the summer.
They made the decision to move independently of their parents' advice.
Students are encouraged to think independently in this class.
He learned to tie his shoes independently.
The artist creates his work independently, without copying others.
After the workshop, she felt confident to work independently.
The film was produced independently, without major studio involvement.
She independently negotiated the terms of the contract.
I prefer to travel independently rather than on guided tours.
She runs her blog independently, writing all the content herself.
They explore the city independently, discovering hidden gems.
The project was completed independently, demonstrating great initiative.
The study was conducted independently, ensuring unbiased results.
They independently arrived at the same conclusion after the debate.
He independently sought out resources to improve his skills.
The documentary was filmed independently over three years.
He fixed the computer problem independently, without asking for help.
They planned their wedding independently, creating a unique ceremony.
She organized the event independently, with little assistance.
Students should learn to solve math problems independently.
He reads independently, choosing his own books at the library.


Which vowel is used before independently?

The vowel 'e' is used before the 'ly' in 'independently.'

What is the verb form of independently?

The verb form of 'independently' is 'independ.'

Why is it called independently?

Independently is called so because it describes the action of being independent, free from external control or influence.

What is the root word of independently?

The root word of 'independently' is 'independent.'

Which preposition is used with independently?

Prepositions like 'from' or 'of' are often used with 'independently.'

What is the singular form of independently?

'Independently' does not have a singular form as it is an adverb.

Is independently an abstract noun?

No, 'independently' is not a noun; it is an adverb.

Is independently a negative or positive word?

'Independently' is neutral; it's neither inherently negative nor positive.

What is the pronunciation of independently?

Independently is pronounced as \ˌin-də-ˈpen-dənt-lē.

Is independently a noun or adjective?

Independently is neither a noun nor an adjective; it's an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with independently?

Conjunctions such as 'and' or 'but' can be used with 'independently.'

Is independently an adverb?

Yes, 'independently' is an adverb.

Is independently a collective noun?

No, 'independently' is not a collective noun.

Is the independently term a metaphor?

'Independently' is not typically used as a metaphor.

How many syllables are in independently?

'Independently' has five syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in independently?

The stressed syllable in 'independently' is 'pend.'

What is the first form of independently?

The first form, or base form, of 'independently' is 'independent.'

What is the plural form of independently?

Adverbs like 'independently' do not have plural forms.

Is independently a countable noun?

No, 'independently' is an adverb, not a countable noun.

What is another term for independently?

Another term for 'independently' is 'autonomously.'

Is independently a vowel or consonant?

'Independently' is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the word independently imperative?

No, 'independently' is not imperative; it's descriptive.

What is the second form of independently?

There is no second form of 'independently' as it is an adverb.

What is the third form of independently?

Adverbs like 'independently' do not have a third form.

Which article is used with independently?

Being an adverb, 'independently' typically doesn’t require an article.

How do we divide independently into syllables?

Independently is divided as: in-de-pend-ent-ly.

What part of speech is independently?

'Independently' is an adverb.

What is the opposite of independently?

The opposite of 'independently' is 'dependently.'

Which determiner is used with independently?

Determiners are not typically used with the adverb 'independently.'

How is independently used in a sentence?

Example: "She completed the project independently."
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