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Enroling vs. Enrolling: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Enroling" is incorrect, while "enrolling" is correct. Enrolling refers to the act of registering or entering into a membership or participation.

Which is correct: Enroling or Enrolling

How to spell Enrolling?

Enroling is Incorrect

Enrolling is Correct


Key Differences

Link 'enrolling' with 'trolling,' both having double 'l's.
Use the mnemonic i.e. "Enroll with full force, add another 'l' to the course."
Remember, 'enroll' gains an extra 'l' when becoming 'enrolling.'
Recall that 'enrolling' has double 'l', like 'rolling' in 'rock and rolling.'
Think of 'enroll' as the base; just like 'control' becomes 'controlling,' 'enroll' becomes 'enrolling.'

Correct usage of Enrolling

She was excited about enroling in the new art class.
She was excited about enrolling in the new art class.
Before enroling in the program, he visited the campus.
Before enrolling in the program, he visited the campus.
Enroling in the summer camp was the highlight of my year.
Enrolling in the summer camp was the highlight of my year.

Enrolling Definitions

The act of signing up for a course, program, or institution.
She is enrolling in a new art class this semester.
To enlist or become a member.
He is enrolling in the club next week.
The process of registering for participation.
They are enrolling participants for the marathon.
Pertaining to the act of joining or registering.
The enrolling students received their welcome kits.
To engage or commit oneself to an activity or cause.
She is enrolling her efforts in charity work.
To enter or register in a roll, list, or record
Enrolled the child in kindergarten.
Enroll the minutes of the meeting.
To roll or wrap up.
To write or print a final copy of; engross.
To place one's name on a roll or register; sign up
We enrolled in the army.
Present participle of enroll
Present participle of enrol
An enrolment.

Enrolling Sentences

After enrolling in the chess club, she quickly became one of the best players.
Many students look forward to enrolling in elective courses to explore new interests.
Enrolling in a new class can be exciting and a bit scary.
Before enrolling, it's important to review all the course requirements.
Enrolling early can give you a better chance at getting into the classes you want.
Enrolling in summer courses is a great way to get ahead in your studies.
Her parents were proud of her for enrolling in an advanced science program.
She recommended enrolling in the workshop to improve your writing skills.
He had trouble enrolling online, so he decided to visit the school's administration office.
They considered enrolling in a language immersion program to improve their Spanish.
Enrolling in a fitness class can be a fun way to stay active.
They enjoyed enrolling in courses together and studying as a group.
Enrolling in college is a major step towards achieving your career goals.
He was nervous about enrolling in such a prestigious university but was excited for the challenge.
Before enrolling, make sure you understand the refund policy in case you change your mind.
After enrolling, he received a schedule of all his classes and room numbers.
By enrolling in the debate club, she gained valuable public speaking experience.
Enrolling in an online course allows you to learn at your own pace.
Enrolling in community college can be a cost-effective way to start your higher education journey.
Make sure to check the deadline for enrolling in your desired courses.
Some programs offer special benefits for enrolling early, such as discounts or preferred placement.
Before enrolling, it's wise to attend an open house or orientation session.
Enrolling in multiple extracurricular activities can help students develop a wide range of skills.
Enrolling in a vocational course can lead to immediate job opportunities after graduation.


Why is it called enrolling?

Derived from the word 'enroll,' meaning to register or sign up for something.

What is the pronunciation of enrolling?

Pronounced as /ɪnˈroʊlɪŋ/ (in-ROH-ling).

What is the plural form of enrolling?

Enrolling is a verb; it doesn't have a plural form.

What is the root word of enrolling?

The root word is 'enroll.'

What is the verb form of enrolling?

The verb form is 'enroll.'

Which vowel is used before enrolling?

The vowel 'o' is used in 'enrolling.'

Is enrolling an abstract noun?

No, it's a verb or an adjective.

What is the singular form of enrolling?

The singular form is "enrolling."

Which conjunction is used with enrolling?

Conjunctions like 'and' or 'while' can be used (e.g., 'enrolling and attending').

Is enrolling a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

What is the third form of enrolling?

The third form is 'enrolled' (past participle).

Which preposition is used with enrolling?

Prepositions like 'in,' 'for,' and 'into' are used (e.g., 'enrolling in a course').

Is enrolling a noun or adjective?

Enrolling is primarily a verb and can be an adjective.

Is enrolling a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; context defines its connotation.

Is enrolling a vowel or consonant?

The word 'enrolling' contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word enrolling imperative?

It can be imperative in commands (e.g., 'Enrolling is mandatory').

How do we divide enrolling into syllables?

It's divided as 'en-roll-ing.'

What part of speech is enrolling?

It's a verb and can be an adjective.

How many syllables are in enrolling?

There are three syllables in 'enrolling.'

Which determiner is used with enrolling?

Determiners like 'the,' 'this,' or 'my' can be used.

Which article is used with enrolling?

Both 'the' and 'a/an' can be used depending on the context.

Is enrolling an adverb?

No, enrolling is not an adverb.

Is enrolling a countable noun?

Enrolling is not a noun.

Is the enrolling term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

What is a stressed syllable in enrolling?

The second syllable 'roll' is stressed.

What is another term for enrolling?

"Registering" or "signing up" are similar terms.

What is the first form of enrolling?

The first form is 'enroll' (verb).

What is the opposite of enrolling?

"Withdrawing" or "unsubscribing" can be considered opposites.

What is the second form of enrolling?

The second form is 'enrolled' (past tense).

How is enrolling used in a sentence?

"Many students are enrolling in online courses due to the convenience."
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