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Unicode vs. Krutidev: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 17, 2024
Unicode is a universal character encoding standard, while KrutiDev is a non-Unicode, legacy font encoding for Devanagari script.

Key Differences

Unicode and KrutiDev differ fundamentally in their approach to text representation. Unicode provides a unique number for every character, regardless of platform, program, or language, ensuring consistent encoding across different systems. In contrast, KrutiDev is a font-specific encoding system used primarily for Hindi and Marathi languages in India, which does not guarantee uniform character representation across various platforms.
Unicode's aim is to encompass all characters from all writing systems globally, providing a standardized and consistent method of encoding text. KrutiDev, being a font encoding, is limited in scope and does not support the wide array of characters and symbols available in Unicode, making it less versatile for global communication.
Unicode's compatibility with multiple languages and scripts makes it ideal for international communication and digital data exchange. On the other hand, KrutiDev, being specific to certain Indian languages, finds its use mainly in localized contexts within India, where these languages are predominant.
Unicode is recognized and used worldwide, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and future-proofing digital texts, while KrutiDev's usage is declining due to its limitations in compatibility and adaptability in an increasingly globalized and digital world.
Unicode is a universal encoding standard supporting a vast array of characters and languages, whereas KrutiDev is a specific font encoding limited to certain Indian scripts and facing challenges in modern digital communication.

Comparison Chart

Encoding Standard

Universal character encoding standard.
Specific to Devanagari script.


Global, cross-platform compatibility.
Limited to certain Indian languages.


Supports all writing systems.
Primarily used for Hindi and Marathi.


Adaptable to future language needs.
Limited adaptability.

Usage in Digital Platforms

Widely accepted in modern technology.
Declining usage in digital platforms.

Unicode and Krutidev Definitions


Unicode assigns a unique code point to each character of the world's writing systems.
In Unicode, the letter 'A' is represented by the code point U+0041.


KrutiDev is a legacy font system primarily used in India for digital documents.
Old government documents in India were often typed in KrutiDev.


Unicode supports the development of global software and internet compatibility.
Unicode is crucial for software that operates internationally.


KrutiDev is known for its distinctive style in Hindi and Marathi text rendering.
KrutiDev fonts have a characteristic look in Hindi scripts.


Unicode is a comprehensive standard for encoding text in all languages.
The Unicode system includes characters for nearly every written language.


KrutiDev, being non-Unicode, faces compatibility issues with modern software.
Converting KrutiDev text to Unicode is necessary for wider compatibility.


Unicode is a universal character set that standardizes digital communication.
Unicode eliminates the confusion of different text encodings.


KrutiDev is a popular non-Unicode font for typing in Devanagari script.
KrutiDev was commonly used in Hindi typing software.


Unicode facilitates the consistent representation of text on different digital platforms.
With Unicode, the same text appears identically on various devices.


KrutiDev utilizes a distinct encoding scheme specific to certain Indian languages.
KrutiDev fonts display Hindi characters uniquely compared to Unicode.


A character encoding standard for computer storage and transmission of the letters, characters, and symbols of most languages and writing systems.


What is KrutiDev?

KrutiDev is a non-Unicode font encoding for Devanagari script, used primarily for Hindi and Marathi.

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a universal character encoding standard used to represent text in computers.

Where is KrutiDev mostly used?

KrutiDev is mainly used in India for typing in Hindi and Marathi languages.

Can Unicode represent emojis?

Yes, Unicode includes code points for emojis.

Why is Unicode important?

Unicode ensures consistent text representation across different platforms and languages.

Is Unicode used worldwide?

Yes, Unicode is the standard for text encoding globally.

Why is KrutiDev still used?

KrutiDev is still used due to its familiarity among certain user groups in India.

Is KrutiDev compatible with modern software?

KrutiDev often faces compatibility issues with modern software due to its non-Unicode nature.

How many languages does Unicode support?

Unicode supports over 150 scripts and multiple symbol sets, covering nearly all languages.

Can I use KrutiDev on all operating systems?

KrutiDev may not be supported natively on all operating systems without specific fonts.

What is the future of Unicode?

Unicode continues to evolve, adding new characters and symbols to accommodate future needs.

What is the main reason for shifting from KrutiDev to Unicode?

The shift is primarily due to Unicode's universal compatibility and support for a broader range of languages and symbols.

How often is Unicode updated?

Unicode is updated regularly to include new characters and scripts.

What are the disadvantages of KrutiDev?

KrutiDev has limited scope and compatibility issues in global and digital contexts.

How do I convert KrutiDev to Unicode?

Conversion requires specific software tools that map KrutiDev characters to Unicode equivalents.

Does Unicode cover mathematical symbols?

Yes, Unicode includes a wide range of mathematical symbols.

Does Unicode support ancient scripts?

Yes, Unicode includes characters for many historical and ancient scripts.

Are there any alternatives to KrutiDev?

Unicode-based fonts for Devanagari script are the main alternatives to KrutiDev.

Can Unicode encode all global languages?

Unicode aims to encode all written languages, though some lesser-known scripts might still be in the process of being added.

Is KrutiDev suitable for web development?

KrutiDev is not ideal for web development due to compatibility and standardization issues.
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