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Trustable vs. Trusted: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on November 29, 2023
Trustable means capable of being trusted for reliability or integrity, while trusted refers to someone or something that has already earned trust.

Key Differences

Trustable describes the inherent quality or characteristic of a person or thing that makes them worthy of trust. Trusted, however, implies that trust has already been established based on past experiences or actions.
Trustable often suggests potential or capability for trustworthiness, without necessarily having a history to back it up. In contrast, trusted indicates a proven track record of reliability or fidelity.
The term trustable can be used in situations where the reliability of someone or something is yet to be tested but seems promising. Trusted is used when there is an existing relationship or history that justifies the trust.
Trustable emphasizes the qualities or attributes that make an entity appear trustworthy. On the other hand, trusted focuses on the existing state of being trusted due to demonstrated trustworthiness.
In assessing trustable, one looks at characteristics like integrity, honesty, and potential. For trusted, the assessment is based on past performance, established reliability, and proven track record.

Comparison Chart


Capable of being trusted
Already having earned trust


Potential or inherent qualities
Past experiences and actions


Used for untested reliability or promising trustworthiness
Used when trust is established based on history


Qualities that make someone or something appear trustworthy
Existing relationship or proven trustworthiness

Assessment Criteria

Integrity, honesty, potential
Past performance, established reliability

Trustable and Trusted Definitions


Capable of being relied upon.
The new encryption software seems trustable for data security.


Earned trust through consistent performance.
He is a trusted member of the community.


Worthy of trust due to inherent qualities.
Her sincere demeanor made her seem trustable.


Having a proven track record of trustworthiness.
This is a trusted method for solving such problems.


Having potential trustworthiness.
The prototype is trustable, but further testing is needed.


Regarded with trust due to reliability.
She is a trusted advisor in the company.


Appearing reliable and honest.
He is a trustable source of information in this field.


Relied upon based on past experiences.
The software has become a trusted tool in the industry.


Deserving of trust based on apparent characteristics.
The safety measures in place are trustable for the event.


Known to be dependable and reliable.
Their brand is one of the most trusted in the market.


Capable of being trusted; trustworthy.


Firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; confidence or reliance
Trying to gain our clients' trust.
Taking it on trust that our friend is telling the truth.


Is trustable about potential?

Yes, trustable often relates to the potential or capacity for being trustworthy.

Does trusted require a history?

Yes, trusted typically implies a history of proven trustworthiness.

Can a person be trustable but not yet trusted?

Yes, a person can be trustable based on qualities, even if they have not yet earned trust.

What does trustable mean?

Trustable means capable of being trusted due to inherent qualities or potential.

How can trustability be assessed?

Trustability can be assessed by evaluating integrity, honesty, and potential.

What are the signs of a trusted partner?

A trusted partner has a proven track record and is known for consistency.

What industries rely on trusted brands?

Industries like healthcare, finance, and consumer goods rely heavily on trusted brands.

What does trusted mean?

Trusted refers to having already earned trust through reliability or past actions.

Are trusted relationships important in business?

Yes, trusted relationships are crucial for long-term success in business.

Does a trustable tool guarantee success?

A trustable tool has potential, but success isn't guaranteed without proven trustworthiness.

What makes someone trusted?

Consistent reliability and past experiences make someone trusted.

What role does trust play in leadership?

In leadership, being trusted is essential for effective guidance and influence.

Why is being trusted important in relationships?

Being trusted is crucial in relationships for stability and mutual respect.

Can an organization be trustable?

Yes, an organization can be trustable if it shows potential for trustworthiness.

Can trustable turn into trusted?

Yes, trustable entities can become trusted through consistent trustworthy actions.

Can new technology be trustable?

New technology can be trustable based on design and initial testing.

Does a trustable source need verification?

A trustable source may still require verification until it's established as trusted.

How do you build a trusted reputation?

Building a trusted reputation requires consistent honesty and reliability.

Is trustable a common term?

Trustable is less common but still used to denote potential trustworthiness.

How does a brand become trusted?

A brand becomes trusted through consistent quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
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