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Toyota Noah vs. Toyota Voxy: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 11, 2024
Toyota Noah is a spacious, family-friendly minivan with a conservative design, while Toyota Voxy offers a sportier, more aggressive styling with similar interior space and functionality.

Key Differences

The Toyota Noah is designed as a comfortable, family-oriented minivan, emphasizing space and practicality. Its exterior design is conservative and aimed at users who prefer a more traditional minivan look. In contrast, the Toyota Voxy features a more dynamic and aggressive exterior design, appealing to those who seek a sportier appearance without compromising on the space and utility offered by a minivan.
Inside, the Toyota Noah offers a spacious and versatile interior, suitable for large families or those requiring substantial cargo space. It emphasizes comfort and convenience for all passengers. The Toyota Voxy, while maintaining a similar interior space, often features more contemporary and sporty interior design elements, aligning with its external styling.
In terms of performance, both the Noah and Voxy are built to provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience, suitable for urban and long-distance travel. However, the Voxy may feature slightly more tuned suspension and steering settings for a more engaging driving experience compared to the more comfort-focused Noah.
The Toyota Noah is often marketed as a more traditional, all-purpose family vehicle, suitable for a range of users from families to businesses requiring passenger transport. The Toyota Voxy, on the other hand, targets a younger demographic or those seeking a minivan with a more distinctive, modern aesthetic.
Both models typically share similar engine options and technological features, including safety and entertainment systems, but may have different trim and customization options reflecting their distinct target markets.

Comparison Chart

Exterior Design

Conservative, traditional minivan look
Sportier, more aggressive styling

Interior Design

Spacious, practical, family-oriented
Similar space with a contemporary, sporty interior

Target Demographic

Families, traditional users, businesses
Younger demographic, style-conscious buyers

Driving Experience

Comfort-focused, suitable for long-distance travel
Slightly more engaging with tuned suspension

Customization Options

Standard family and utility features
Sportier trim and design options

Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy Definitions

Toyota Noah

Offers a smooth driving experience, ideal for urban and long-distance travel.
Driving the Toyota Noah in the city and on highways was always a smooth experience.

Toyota Voxy

Features a contemporary and sporty interior design.
The interior of the Toyota Voxy was both stylish and functional, perfect for their active family.

Toyota Noah

Popular among families and businesses for passenger transport.
The local tour company preferred the Toyota Noah for its reliable passenger capacity.

Toyota Voxy

A minivan combining spacious interiors with a sporty exterior design.
The Toyota Voxy stood out with its unique styling, yet had plenty of room for the kids and gear.

Toyota Noah

Emphasizes comfort and convenience in its design and features.
The ample legroom and advanced features in the Toyota Noah made long drives enjoyable.

Toyota Voxy

Known for sportier trim and design options.
She customized her Toyota Voxy with sporty trim to reflect her personal style.

Toyota Noah

Features a conservative exterior design suitable for traditional users.
They chose the Toyota Noah for its classic minivan appearance and functionality.

Toyota Voxy

Appeals to a younger demographic with its modern, aggressive styling.
He loved the sporty look of his Toyota Voxy, which matched his dynamic lifestyle.

Toyota Noah

A family-friendly minivan known for its spacious interior and practicality.
The Toyota Noah comfortably accommodated their family of seven on the road trip.

Toyota Voxy

Offers a more engaging driving experience with tuned suspension.
The Toyota Voxy provided a responsive and fun driving experience on their weekend trips.


What is the main market for the Toyota Noah?

The Toyota Noah is primarily marketed towards families and businesses needing a practical, spacious vehicle.

Are the Toyota Noah and Voxy similar in size?

Yes, both the Noah and Voxy offer similar interior space and dimensions.

Does the Toyota Voxy offer a better driving experience?

The Voxy may offer a more engaging driving experience due to its slightly tuned suspension and steering.

Who is the Toyota Voxy designed for?

The Toyota Voxy is designed for a younger or style-conscious demographic looking for a minivan with a sporty edge.

Can I expect the same level of comfort in both models?

Yes, both models are designed to provide a high level of comfort and convenience, though their interiors are styled differently.

Which is more expensive, the Toyota Noah or Voxy?

Prices can vary, but the Toyota Voxy may sometimes be slightly more expensive due to its sportier features.

What safety features are common in both the Noah and Voxy?

Both models come equipped with standard safety features like airbags, ABS, and stability control.

How is the fuel efficiency in the Noah and Voxy?

Both models have comparable fuel efficiency, though it can vary based on the specific engine and driving conditions.

Is the Toyota Noah good for long-distance travel?

Yes, the Noah is well-suited for long-distance travel, offering comfort and space.

Is there a hybrid version of the Toyota Noah or Voxy?

Yes, both the Noah and Voxy have hybrid variants available in some markets.

Can the seating in both models be configured for more cargo space?

Yes, both the Noah and Voxy have versatile seating that can be adjusted for increased cargo space.

How reliable are the Toyota Noah and Voxy?

Both models are known for Toyota's reliability and are generally considered dependable vehicles.

Which model has more customization options?

The Toyota Voxy typically offers more sporty and stylish customization options.

Are there any notable differences in the technology features?

The technology features are generally similar, though specific offerings can vary by model and trim level.

Can both vehicles accommodate child safety seats comfortably?

Yes, both the Noah and Voxy are designed to comfortably accommodate child safety seats.

Do the Noah and Voxy come with the same engine options?

Generally, they offer similar engine options, though there may be variations depending on the market and model year.

Which is better for urban driving?

Both are suitable for urban driving, but the Voxy's sportier handling might be more appealing in a city environment.

Do both models have similar maintenance costs?

Yes, being Toyota vehicles, both the Noah and Voxy typically have similar maintenance costs.

Is the interior space in the Voxy as family-friendly as the Noah?

Yes, the Voxy offers a family-friendly interior space, much like the Noah.

What are the key differences in exterior design?

The Noah has a more conservative, traditional minivan design, while the Voxy features a sportier, more aggressive look.
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