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Threshhold vs. Threshold: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Threshhold is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is threshold. Threshold refers to the entrance to a building or room, or a starting point of an experience.

Which is correct: Threshhold or Threshold

How to spell Threshold?

Threshhold is Incorrect

Threshold is Correct


Key Differences

Note that 'threshold' and 'threshing' (as in grain threshing) share the same beginning.
Use the mnemonic: "At the threshold, you 'hold' the door."
Recall that threshold has the same 'hold' as in 'behold', indicating a point to observe from.
Link threshold with hold, as a doorway holds the transition from one place to another.
Remember, 'threshold' does not have a double 'h' like 'threshhold'.

Correct usage of Threshold

The pain threshhold varies greatly among individuals.
The pain threshold varies greatly among individuals.
You need to meet this sales threshhold to qualify for the bonus.
You need to meet this sales threshold to qualify for the bonus.
His excitement was evident as he crossed the threshhold into his new home.
His excitement was evident as he crossed the threshold into his new home.
The threshhold for passing the exam has been raised.
The threshold for passing the exam has been raised.
We're on the threshhold of a major breakthrough in technology.
We're on the threshold of a major breakthrough in technology.

Threshold Definitions

A level or point at which something starts or changes.
The patient's pain tolerance was above the usual threshold.
The minimum intensity that elicits a response.
The threshold for detecting the scent was remarkably low.
The entrance or beginning point of something.
He crossed the threshold of the new house with excitement.
The starting point of a physiological or psychological response.
The experiment tested the threshold of human endurance.
A point of entry or beginning.
The invention marked the threshold of a new era in technology.
A piece of wood or stone placed beneath a door; a doorsill.
Either end of an airport runway.

Threshold Sentences

She has a high threshold for pain, so she didn't even flinch.
Lowering the threshold for entry made the competition more inclusive.
They stood on the threshold of a new adventure.
Once you cross the threshold, you'll see the living room to your right.
The door's threshold needs repair; it's getting loose.
As he approached the threshold, his heart raced with anticipation.
The new policy created a threshold that must be met for approval.
The temperature threshold for this chemical reaction is very precise.
The car's door threshold was damaged in the accident.
The threshold for qualifying for the tournament was set very high.
There's a distinct threshold between liking someone and loving them.
Her fear threshold is quite low; even a small spider scares her.
The threshold of hearing varies from person to person.
The threshold between the kitchen and dining room is made of marble.
The threshold for detecting this substance is very low.
The company has set a profitability threshold for all projects.
He hesitated at the threshold, unsure if he should enter.
Pollution levels reached a threshold that required wearing masks.
The village was just over the threshold of the hill.
Stepping over the threshold, she felt a new sense of freedom.
Light sensitivity has a threshold that differs by individual.
Emotional threshold varies widely among individuals.
The threshold for filing a claim was detailed in the policy.
The threshold for success in this field is extremely high.
Crossing the threshold into adulthood can be both exciting and daunting.

Threshold Idioms & Phrases

High threshold

Having a high tolerance or requirement for something.
He has a high threshold for pain, hardly ever needing medication.

Cross the threshold

To enter into a new situation or begin a new venture.
When she signed the contract, she crossed the threshold into a promising career.

On the threshold of

Very close to achieving or experiencing something.
The scientist was on the threshold of a groundbreaking discovery.

Threshold of consciousness

The point at which a sensation becomes perceivable.
The faint music was at the threshold of consciousness, barely audible.

Threshold moment

A critical or pivotal point in a process or situation.
Graduating from college was a threshold moment in her life.

Lower the threshold

To reduce the requirements or criteria needed for something.
Lowering the threshold for entry made the club more accessible to newcomers.

Threshold level

The point at which a stimulus is strong enough to produce a response.
The threshold level for sound in a quiet room is very low.

Raise the threshold

To increase the requirements or criteria needed for something.
The university raised the threshold for admission due to the high number of applicants.

Economic threshold

The point at which the cost of an action exceeds its benefits.
The project was abandoned when it reached its economic threshold.

Sensory threshold

The minimum level of a stimulus that an organism can detect.
Researchers study the sensory threshold to understand human perception.

Over the threshold

To cross from one state or place into another, often referring to entering a house or a new condition.
Carrying the bride over the threshold is an old wedding tradition.

At the threshold

Being at the starting point of something.
At the threshold of his career, he had many paths to choose from.

Threshold of tolerance

The maximum level of discomfort or annoyance one can endure.
The constant noise was pushing her to her threshold of tolerance.

Cross someone's threshold

To visit someone's home.
It's been years since anyone crossed his threshold with a friendly visit.

Breaking the threshold

Surpassing a barrier or overcoming an obstacle.
Breaking the threshold of fear, he finally went skydiving.

Pain threshold

The point at which a sensation becomes painful.
Everyone's pain threshold is different, affecting how they handle discomfort.

Below the threshold

Not reaching the minimum level required for detection or reaction.
The pollutant was below the threshold for human detection.

Threshold concept

A core idea or understanding that, once grasped, transforms perception of a given subject.
Opportunity cost is a threshold concept in economics.

Threshold effect

The phenomenon where a slight increase in an input can cause a dramatic change in outcome.
The medication had no impact until it reached its threshold effect.

Beyond the threshold

Exceeding a certain limit or level.
The athlete's performance was beyond the threshold of what was considered humanly possible.


Why is it called threshold?

Threshold is called so from Old English 'threshwold', meaning the plank or board at a doorway.

What is the plural form of threshold?

The plural form is "thresholds."

What is the pronunciation of threshold?

Threshold is pronounced as /ˈθrɛʃ.hoʊld/.

Which conjunction is used with threshold?

"And" is often used with threshold (e.g., threshold and limit).

What is the verb form of threshold?

Threshold does not have a direct verb form.

Which vowel is used before threshold?

The vowel 'e' is used in 'threshold'.

Is threshold an adverb?

No, threshold is not an adverb.

Is threshold an abstract noun?

Threshold can be both concrete (physical doorway) and abstract (beginning point).

What is the root word of threshold?

The root word of threshold is the Old English 'threshwold'.

Is threshold a noun or adjective?

Threshold is primarily a noun.

What is the first form of threshold?

The first form is "threshold."

What is the singular form of threshold?

The singular form is "threshold."

Is the word threshold imperative?

No, threshold is not an imperative form.

What part of speech is threshold?

Threshold is a noun.

What is the opposite of threshold?

The opposite of threshold can be exit or conclusion.

Is threshold a countable noun?

Yes, threshold is a countable noun.

Is the threshold term a metaphor?

Yes, threshold can be used metaphorically for starting points.

How many syllables are in threshold?

There are two syllables in threshold.

What is another term for threshold?

Doorway or brink can be other terms for threshold.

How is threshold used in a sentence?

Example: They stood on the threshold of a new discovery.

Which preposition is used with threshold?

"Of" and "at" are commonly used with threshold (e.g., at the threshold of).

Is threshold a vowel or consonant?

The word threshold starts with the consonant letter 't'.

Which determiner is used with threshold?

Determiners like "the," "his/her," or "a" can be used with threshold.

What is the third form of threshold?

There is no third form as threshold is not a verb.

Which article is used with threshold?

Both "the" and "a" are used, depending on context.

Is threshold a collective noun?

No, threshold is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in threshold?

The first syllable 'thresh' is stressed in threshold.

What is the second form of threshold?

There is no second form as threshold is not a verb.

How do we divide threshold into syllables?

Threshold is divided as thresh-old.

Is threshold a negative or positive word?

Threshold is neutral; its connotation depends on context.
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