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Enviorment vs. Environment: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Enviorment" is an incorrect spelling, while "environment" is correct. "Environment" refers to the natural world or surroundings.

Which is correct: Enviorment or Environment

How to spell Environment?

Enviorment is Incorrect

Environment is Correct


Key Differences

Use mnemonic: "Every New Venture Involves Observing Natural Environments."
Associate 'environment' with similar words like 'government', which also end in '-ment'.
Think of 'environment' as combining 'environ' (surround) + 'ment' (state of being).
Practice spelling 'environment' regularly to reinforce the correct spelling in memory.
Remember that 'environment' has an 'n' after 'enviro', unlike the incorrect 'enviorment'.

Correct usage of Environment

The company has been criticized for its harmful effects on the local enviorment.
The company has been criticized for its harmful effects on the local environment.
We must take care of our enviorment to ensure a sustainable future.
We must take care of our environment to ensure a sustainable future.
The government introduced new laws to protect the enviorment.
The government introduced new laws to protect the environment.
A healthy enviorment is essential for human well-being.
A healthy environment is essential for human well-being.
Students will learn about different enviorment issues in their geography class.
Students will learn about different environment issues in their geography class.

Environment Definitions

The natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area.
The Amazon rainforest is a rich environment.
The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.
Desert animals are adapted to a harsh environment.
A computer system in which one operates or carries out tasks.
Developers prefer a flexible programming environment.
The overall atmosphere or tone of a place or situation.
The spa has a relaxing environment.
The setting or conditions in which a particular activity is carried on.
The company provides a creative work environment.
The totality of the natural world, often excluding humans
"Technology, of course, lies at the heart of man's relationship with the environment" (Mark Hertsgaard).
A subset of the natural world; an ecosystem
The coastal environment.
The combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, behavior, and survival of organisms
"Conditions in a lion's environment ... can drive it to hunt people" (Philip Caputo).
The complex of social and cultural conditions affecting the nature of an individual person or community.
The general set of conditions or circumstances
A terrible environment for doing business.
The entire set of conditions under which one operates a computer, as it relates to the hardware, operating platform, or operating system.
An area of a computer's memory used by the operating system and some programs to store certain variables to which they need frequent access.
The surroundings of, and influences on, a particular item of interest.
The natural world or ecosystem.
All the elements that affect a system or its inputs and outputs.
A particular political or social setting, arena or condition.
(computing) The software and/or hardware existing on any particular computer system.
That program uses the Microsoft Windows environment.
(programming) The environment of a function at a point during the execution of a program is the set of identifiers in the function's scope and their bindings at that point.
(computing) The set of variables and their values in a namespace that an operating system associates with a process.
Act of environing; state of being environed.
That which environs or surrounds; surrounding conditions, influences, or forces, by which living forms are influenced and modified in their growth and development.
It is no friendly environment, this of thine.
The totality of surrounding conditions;
He longed for the comfortable environment of his livingroom
The area in which something exists or lives;
The country--the flat agricultural surround

Environment Sentences

Schools teach students how to take care of the environment.
Trees are vital for a healthy environment.
A garden can create a beautiful environment at home.
We need to reduce pollution to save the environment.
Recycling helps protect the environment.
Factories can harm the environment if they don't follow rules.
The environment includes everything around us, like air, water, and land.
Many animals lose their homes when the environment is damaged.
Scientists study the environment to understand how to protect it.
Clean rivers are important for a good environment.
Educating people about the environment can lead to positive changes.
Everyone can do something to help the environment.
People should use less plastic to help the environment.
Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility.
Volunteers often clean parks to improve the environment.
Saving energy at home helps the environment.
Wild animals depend on a clean environment to survive.
Using public transport instead of cars is better for the environment.
A clean environment makes our planet a better place to live.
Laws help to keep the environment safe from pollution.
The environment benefits when we plant more trees.
When we take care of the environment, it takes care of us.
It's our duty to leave a clean environment for future generations.
The environment can affect our health, so we need to keep it clean.
Solar energy is good for the environment because it's clean.


What is the verb form of environment?

There is no direct verb form of "environment"; however, the related verb is "environ".

Which vowel is used before environment?

Typically, 'the' is used before "environment".

Which preposition is used with environment?

Common prepositions used with "environment" include 'in', 'of', and 'for'.

Why is it called environment?

It's called "environment" because it derives from the French word 'environner', meaning 'to surround', indicating everything that surrounds us.

Is environment a negative or positive word?

"Environment" is neutral; it's neither inherently negative nor positive.

What is the pronunciation of environment?

It's pronounced as /ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt/.

What is the root word of environment?

The root word of "environment" is the French word 'environ', meaning 'around'.

Is environment an adverb?

No, "environment" is not an adverb.

Is environment a countable noun?

Yes, "environment" can be countable in contexts like different types of environments.

Which determiner is used with environment?

Determiners like 'the', 'an', 'this', or 'that' can be used.

What is the second form of environment?

As a noun, "environment" doesn't have verb forms.

What is the plural form of environment?

The plural form is "environments".

How do we divide environment into syllables?

It's divided as en-vi-ron-ment.

What is the opposite of environment?

There's no direct opposite, but "indoors" or "artificial setting" could contrast natural environment.

Is environment an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun, as it refers to physical surroundings.

Is environment a collective noun?

No, "environment" is not typically used as a collective noun.

Is the environment term a metaphor?

"Environment" can be used metaphorically, but it's primarily literal.

How many syllables are in environment?

There are four syllables in "environment".

What is the singular form of environment?

The singular form is "environment".

Which conjunction is used with environment?

Conjunctions like 'and', 'or', and 'but' can be used with "environment".

What is a stressed syllable in environment?

The stress is on the second syllable: en-VI-ron-ment.

What is the third form of environment?

"Environment" being a noun, doesn't have verb forms.

Which article is used with environment?

Both 'the' (definite) and 'an' (indefinite) articles can be used with "environment".

Is environment a noun or adjective?

"Environment" is a noun.

What is the first form of environment?

"Environment" is a noun, so it doesn't have verb forms.

How is environment used in a sentence?

"Protecting the environment is essential for future generations."

Is environment a vowel or consonant?

"Environment" is a noun, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the word environment imperative?

No, "environment" is not an imperative; it's a noun.

What part of speech is environment?

"Environment" is a noun.

What is another term for environment?

Another term for "environment" is "surroundings".
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