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Recomending vs. Recommending: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Recomending" is incorrect, whereas "Recommending" is the correct spelling, meaning to suggest favorably or endorse.

Which is correct: Recomending or Recommending

How to spell Recommending?

Recomending is Incorrect

Recommending is Correct


Key Differences

The word "mend" is in "recommend," and it requires 'mending' with two 'm's to be correct.
Associate the double 'm' in "commend," which also means to praise, and is part of "recommending."
Think of a memo with important recommendations; both words need the double 'm' to be complete.
"Recommending" is giving a command that must be heeded, hence the need for strong, double 'm's.
Remember that "Recommending" is like sending a suggestion, and both "recommend" and "send" have a double 'm'/'n'.

Correct usage of Recommending

He wrote a letter of recomending for her.
He wrote a letter of recommending for her.
Recomending a book to a friend is always fun.
Recommending a book to a friend is always fun.
I keep recomending the same movie to everyone.
I keep recommending the same movie to everyone.
She's been recomending that restaurant for weeks.
She's been recommending that restaurant for weeks.
Are you going to keep recomending things I don't like?
Are you going to keep recommending things I don't like?

Recommending Definitions

"Recommending" may mean endorsing or supporting publicly.
The critic is recommending the movie highly.
"Recommending" can denote proposing a course of action.
He's recommending a new strategy for the project.
"Recommending" involves advising or suggesting something for its merits.
She's recommending the book to all her friends.
"Recommending" implies forwarding or presenting for consideration.
They're recommending her for a promotion.
"Recommending" suggests putting forward favorably.
I'm recommending this method for its effectiveness.
To praise or commend to another as being worthy or desirable; endorse
Recommended him for the job.
Recommended a car instead of an SUV.
To make attractive or acceptable
This book has much to recommend it.
To advise or counsel
She recommended that we be on time.
To commit to the charge of another; entrust
"By these our letters we would have the safety of his person ... recommended to your care" (John Milton).
To give advice or counsel
"recommended against signing an international agreement" (Time).
Present participle of recommend

Recommending Sentences

He ended up recommending a book I've already read.
They're recommending wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days.
The teacher is recommending extra practice for the exam.
I'm recommending we take a different route to avoid traffic.
She's recommending a new series on streaming.
They're recommending early application for the best chance of acceptance.
After trying it, I'm recommending this ice cream to everyone.
Are you recommending any good apps for learning languages?
He's recommending a mechanic who does great work.
The website is recommending the top ten places to see.
He's recommending studying a little bit each day.
She's recommending a way to organize your notes more effectively.
They're recommending signing up for the newsletter for updates.
She's been recommending meditation to help with stress.
He keeps recommending restaurants that are out of my budget.
The guide is recommending the best times to visit.
I'm recommending a quiet spot for reading in the park.
He's recommending a new way to approach the problem.
She's recommending we try the local cuisine.
She's recommending planting these flowers for a summer bloom.
I'm recommending a documentary about the ocean.
She's recommending a hike that's perfect for beginners.
The app is recommending a daily water intake goal.
I'm recommending a playlist for studying.
I'm recommending we start the project sooner rather than later.


What is the root word of Recommending?

The root word is "commend."

What is the verb form of Recommending?

"Recommending" is the present participle of the verb "recommend."

Which vowel is used before Recommending?

The vowel "e" is used before "recommending."

What is the singular form of Recommending?

The singular form is "recommends."

Why is it called Recommending?

It's called "recommending" because it involves suggesting or advising something beneficial.

What is the pronunciation of Recommending?

Recommending is pronounced as /ˌrɛkəˈmɛndɪŋ/.

Is Recommending an adverb?

No, "recommending" is not an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with Recommending?

Standard conjunctions like "and," "but," or "while" can be used.

What is the plural form of Recommending?

As a verb, "recommending" doesn't have a plural form.

Which article is used with Recommending?

Articles aren't typically used directly with the verb form.

Which preposition is used with Recommending?

Prepositions like "for" and "to" are used with "recommending."

Is the Recommending term a metaphor?

No, unless used in a figurative context.

What is the third form of Recommending?

The third form is also "recommended."

Is Recommending a countable noun?

No, "recommending" is a verb, not a noun.

How do we divide Recommending into syllables?

It's divided as rec-om-mend-ing.

Is Recommending a vowel or consonant?

"Recommending" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Recommending a collective noun?

No, "recommending" is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Recommending?

The stress is on the third syllable: rec-om-MEND-ing.

Is Recommending an abstract noun?

No, "recommending" is a verb.

How many syllables are in Recommending?

There are four syllables in "recommending."

What is another term for Recommending?

"Suggesting" or "endorsing."

What is the opposite of Recommending?

The opposite could be "discouraging" or "advising against."

Which determiner is used with Recommending?

Determiners aren't typically used with "recommending."

What is the second form of Recommending?

The second form is "recommended."

How is Recommending used in a sentence?

"She is recommending trying the new entree at the restaurant."

Is Recommending a noun or adjective?

"Recommending" is a verb (present participle).

Is Recommending a negative or positive word?

It's typically a positive word as it involves suggesting something beneficial.

Is the word Recommending imperative?

No, "recommending" is not in the imperative form; it's a present participle.

What part of speech is Recommending?

It's a verb (present participle).

What is the first form of Recommending?

The first form is "recommend."
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