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Technological vs. Technologic: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on September 21, 2023
"Technological" and "Technologic" both relate to technology, but "Technological" is more commonly used in modern English, while "Technologic" is less frequent and somewhat archaic.

Key Differences

"Technological" and "Technologic" both originate from the noun "technology," denoting its adjectival forms. While "Technological" has become the dominant form in contemporary language, "Technologic" remains an older variant that's less frequently encountered today.
When referring to advancements or features related to technology, "Technological" is the preferred choice in most contexts. On the other hand, "Technologic" might appear in older documents or specific niches, but its usage has diminished over time.
In literature and various publications, "Technological" is typically the go-to adjective. "Technologic" might seem out of place in today's discourse, potentially giving texts an antiquated or formal tone if used.
Both "Technological" and "Technologic" can be used interchangeably without altering the fundamental meaning, but one should consider the audience's familiarity. Using "Technological" would likely ensure clearer comprehension, especially among younger audiences.
It's interesting to observe linguistic evolution: while both words share the same root and meaning, "Technological" has overshadowed "Technologic" in modern usage, making the latter almost obsolete in everyday conversation.

Comparison Chart

Usage Frequency

More common in modern English
Less frequent and somewhat archaic


Derived from "technology"
Also derived from "technology"


Typically used in general contexts
Might be found in older texts or specific niches


Can give a text an antiquated or formal tone


Can be used in place of "Technologic" without altering meaning
Can replace "Technological", but might not always be the best choice

Technological and Technologic Definitions


Descriptive of methods, equipment, or machinery.
We are in a Technological era dominated by digital tools.


Pertaining to technology.
The Technologic developments of the past were foundational.


Denoting the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.
His expertise lies in the Technological domain.


Descriptive of apparatuses or techniques.
The Technologic instruments of that era were rudimentary.


Pertaining to technology.
The Technological advancements are breathtaking.


Referring to the methods or machinery related to technology.
There's a Technologic heritage to this machinery.


Relating to the application of scientific knowledge.
The 21st century has witnessed numerous Technological breakthroughs.


Relating to the practical use of scientific findings.
This device is a marvel of Technologic ingenuity.


Indicative of the practical use of discoveries.
The smartphone represents a Technological revolution.


Indicative of the branch of study involving practical sciences.
He had a keen interest in Technologic endeavors.


Relating to or involving technology, especially scientific technology.


Relating to or involving technology, especially scientific technology.


Affected by or resulting from scientific and industrial progress.


Affected by or resulting from scientific and industrial progress.


Of, relating to, or involving technology, especially modern scientific technology.


(archaic) technological


Of or pertaining to technology.




Based in scientific and industrial progress;
A technological civilization


Of or relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles;
Technical college
Technological development


Do both words come from the noun "technology"?

Yes, both are adjectival forms of the noun "technology."

Which is more commonly used today, Technological or Technologic?

"Technological" is more commonly used in modern English.

Is it wrong to use Technologic?

No, but it's less common and might not always be the best choice.

Can I use Technologic in place of Technological in writing?

While you can, "Technological" is the preferred choice for clarity and modernity.

Are there specific contexts where Technologic is more appropriate?

It might be found in older texts or specific niches but is generally less common.

Why has Technological become more dominant?

Linguistic evolution and common usage have favored "Technological" over time.

Would using Technologic confuse readers?

Not necessarily, but it might seem unusual to some, especially younger readers.

Can Technologic be used in academic writing?

While possible, "Technological" is generally preferred for clarity.

Is Technologic an outdated term?

It's not entirely outdated but is less frequent and can sound archaic.

How did Technologic fall out of favor?

Language evolves, and "Technological" has become the standard in most contexts.

Is there a difference in meaning between Technological and Technologic?

No, their meanings are synonymous, but their usage varies.

Would using Technologic give my writing an old-fashioned feel?

It might, especially if your audience is more accustomed to "Technological."

Does Technologic sound more formal than Technological?

It can give a text a more antiquated or formal tone.

Are Technological and Technologic interchangeable?

In meaning, yes. But consider the audience's familiarity when choosing.

Are there other words like Technologic that have become less common?

English has many words that, over time, become less common due to evolving preferences.
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