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Teacher Training vs. Teacher Education: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 21, 2023
Teacher training focuses on practical skills for classroom management and teaching techniques, while teacher education encompasses a broader academic understanding of pedagogy, educational theories, and subject matter expertise.

Key Differences

Teacher Training is about equipping educators with specific skills and strategies for effective classroom management and instruction. It often involves hands-on practice and scenario-based learning. Teacher Education, in contrast, provides a more comprehensive understanding of educational theories, curriculum development, and learner psychology, aiming to build a deeper knowledge base for educators.
In Teacher Training, the emphasis is on practical aspects like lesson planning, classroom control, and assessment methods. This training is typically more prescriptive, focusing on the 'how-to' of teaching. Teacher Education, on the other hand, delves into the 'why' behind educational practices, encouraging critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the educational process.
Teacher Training often targets immediate classroom challenges, offering solutions and techniques that can be readily applied. It's more about application and less about theory. Meanwhile, Teacher Education explores the broader context of education, including historical, sociological, and philosophical perspectives, and often involves a significant amount of academic research and study.
Teacher Training can sometimes be shorter in duration and more focused, aimed at specific educational levels or subjects. It's about developing specific competencies. Teacher Education spans a longer period and is more comprehensive, often culminating in a formal degree, such as a Bachelor's or Master's in Education, encompassing a wide range of educational topics.
Teacher Training is generally more focused on current teaching methodologies and technologies, equipping teachers to be effective in modern classrooms. Teacher Education takes a broader view, preparing educators to understand and shape the future of education, based on a solid foundation of educational theory and research.

Comparison Chart


Practical skills
Academic understanding


Often shorter
Longer, degree-based


Techniques, methods
Theories, principles


Immediate application
Comprehensive knowledge


Specific skills
Broader educational context

Teacher Training and Teacher Education Definitions

Teacher Training

Skill enhancement for educators.
The summer teacher training program focused on innovative assessment methods.

Teacher Education

Comprehensive preparation in pedagogy and subject matter.
Her teacher education included in-depth studies of child psychology.

Teacher Training

Preparation for classroom instruction and management.
Her teacher training included effective use of educational technology.

Teacher Education

Academic study of educational theories and practices.
His teacher education emphasized curriculum design.

Teacher Training

Professional development focusing on practical aspects of teaching.
His teacher training in special education helped him cater to diverse learning needs.

Teacher Education

Broad-based learning encompassing all aspects of education.
The teacher education program included modules on educational technology.

Teacher Training

Acquisition of specific skills for effective teaching.
The teacher training workshop improved her classroom management techniques.

Teacher Education

Degree-based educational program for teachers.
She pursued teacher education to better understand educational policy.

Teacher Training

Hands-on learning of teaching methodologies.
During her teacher training, she learned various student engagement strategies.

Teacher Education

Theoretical understanding of the teaching profession.
His teacher education covered historical perspectives on education.


Is teacher education necessary for a teaching career?

While not always mandatory, teacher education provides a solid foundation for a successful teaching career.

Does teacher training involve hands-on practice?

Yes, it typically includes practical, scenario-based learning.

What is the primary focus of teacher training?

Teacher training focuses on practical classroom skills and teaching methodologies.

Does teacher education explore the history of education?

Yes, it often includes historical perspectives on education.

What subjects does teacher education cover?

It covers educational theories, curriculum development, psychology, and often specific subject knowledge.

Can teacher training be part of teacher education?

Yes, practical training is often a component of broader teacher education programs.

Can teacher training improve classroom management?

Absolutely, it's designed to enhance classroom management skills.

What role does technology play in teacher training?

It equips teachers with skills to effectively use educational technology.

How does teacher education differ from teacher training?

Teacher education is more comprehensive, covering theoretical aspects of education, while training is practical.

Are teacher training programs typically shorter than teacher education?

Yes, they are generally more focused and shorter in duration.

Is a degree always required for teacher training?

No, training can be undertaken without necessarily pursuing a degree.

Can teacher education influence educational reform?

Yes, through its emphasis on research and critical thinking.

Are online platforms used for teacher training?

Yes, online platforms are increasingly used for convenient and accessible training.

How does teacher training address special education needs?

Specialized training programs focus on strategies for teaching students with diverse learning needs.

Is research a part of teacher education?

Yes, research is a significant aspect, especially in higher degrees.

Can teacher training be done while teaching?

Yes, many programs are designed for working teachers.

Does teacher training focus on specific age groups?

It can be tailored for specific educational levels, such as elementary or high school teaching.

Does teacher education prepare educators for future educational challenges?

Yes, it aims to equip teachers with skills and knowledge to adapt to evolving educational needs.

How important is teacher education for understanding educational policies?

Very important, as it provides a comprehensive view of the educational landscape, including policies.

Does teacher education include studying learner psychology?

Yes, understanding learner psychology is a key component.
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