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Substitute Goods vs. Complementary Goods: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 13, 2023
Substitute goods are alternatives that can replace each other, while complementary goods are products used together.

Key Differences

Substitute goods are interchangeable products fulfilling similar needs. Complementary goods, conversely, are products that are often used together, enhancing each other's value.
An increase in the price of a substitute good typically boosts the demand for its alternative. In contrast, an increase in the price of one complementary good can reduce the demand for its pair.
Substitute goods provide consumers with choices in the marketplace. Whereas, complementary goods create interdependencies, where the use of one increases the value of another.
Examples of substitute goods include butter and margarine. For complementary goods, an example is smartphones and phone cases.
Marketing strategies for substitute goods often focus on differentiating them from competitors. For complementary goods, marketing strategies might highlight how well they work together.

Comparison Chart


Products that can replace each other
Products that are used together

Price Relationship

Price increase in one may boost demand for other
Price increase in one may reduce demand for other

Consumer Choice

Provide alternatives in the market
Create a need for each other


Tea and coffee are substitutes
Printers and ink cartridges are complementary

Marketing Focus

Focus on differentiating from alternatives
Highlight how they enhance each other's use

Substitute Goods and Complementary Goods Definitions

Substitute Goods

Substitute goods fulfill similar needs or desires.
Electric cars are becoming substitutes for gasoline-powered cars.

Complementary Goods

Complementary goods enhance the value or functionality of each other.
Smartphones and phone cases are frequently bought as a pair.

Substitute Goods

Substitute goods compete in the same market.
Pepsi and Coca-Cola are substitutes in the soft drink market.

Complementary Goods

Complementary goods are products that are used together.
Printers and ink cartridges are often purchased together.

Substitute Goods

Substitute goods are products that can be used in place of each other.
If coffee becomes too expensive, people might buy tea instead.

Complementary Goods

Complementary goods have a negative cross-elasticity of demand.
If the price of cars goes up, the demand for gasoline may decrease.

Substitute Goods

Substitute goods offer consumers choices in a particular product category.
Android phones are substitutes for iPhones.

Complementary Goods

Complementary goods create interdependent demands.
The demand for video game consoles increases the demand for video games.

Substitute Goods

Substitute goods have a positive cross-elasticity of demand.
An increase in the price of butter may lead to higher sales of margarine.

Complementary Goods

Complementary goods are often marketed together.
Shampoo and conditioner are often promoted as a package.


What are complementary goods?

Products that are typically used together, enhancing each other's utility.

How does price affect substitute goods?

An increase in price of one may increase demand for its substitute.

How does price affect complementary goods?

A price rise in one can lead to decreased demand for its complementary product.

What are substitute goods?

Products that can replace each other, fulfilling similar needs.

Can substitute goods be completely identical?

No, they often have differences but serve similar purposes.

Can a product have both substitutes and complements?

Yes, many products have both types of goods associated with them.

What happens to substitute goods when technology changes?

New substitutes may emerge, and old ones may become obsolete.

Can substitute goods affect market stability?

Yes, as changes in one product can affect its substitutes' demand.

Do complementary goods always have a fixed pair?

Not always, as some products can complement multiple other goods.

Are complementary goods always sold together?

Not necessarily, but they are often used together.

How do businesses compete with substitute goods?

Through pricing, quality improvements, and differentiation.

Are complementary goods dependent on each other's quality?

Yes, the quality of one can affect the perception of its complement.

How do substitute goods influence consumer loyalty?

Availability of substitutes can reduce brand loyalty.

How do consumers benefit from complementary goods?

They enhance the usage and value of each other, offering a complete solution.

Can complementary goods be from different manufacturers?

Yes, they often come from different sources.

How important are complementary goods in marketing?

Very, as they can drive the sale of associated products.

What's an example of technology creating new substitutes?

Streaming services as substitutes for traditional cable TV.

What role do substitute goods play in a free market?

They ensure competition and provide options to consumers.

How do consumers benefit from substitute goods?

They offer choice and alternatives in case of price hikes or shortages.

Can a decrease in the price of a substitute good affect its counterpart?

Yes, it can lead to decreased demand for the higher-priced counterpart.
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