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Stake vs. Steak: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 4, 2024
"Stake" refers to a risk or interest in an outcome, while "steak" is a cut of meat.

Key Differences

The word "stake" has a variety of meanings, including an interest or share in an undertaking or a pointed stick or post. In contrast, "steak" refers specifically to a slice of meat, typically beef, cooked by grilling or frying.
"Stake" can be used in financial contexts to denote investment or ownership, implying risk or involvement. On the other hand, "steak" is used culinarily to describe a piece of meat often associated with various cooking styles and cuisines.
In a metaphorical sense, having a "stake" in something means being emotionally or personally invested in its outcome. Conversely, "steak" remains purely a food item, with no metaphorical applications.
The term "stake" also appears in idioms like "at stake," indicating something at risk or in jeopardy. Meanwhile, "steak" may feature in phrases relating to food and diet, like "steak dinner," but does not carry metaphorical weight.
"Stake" can be a verb meaning to support or mark with stakes. "Steak," however, remains a noun and does not function as a verb in English.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech

Noun, Verb


An interest, share, or support; a pointed stick
A slice of meat, usually beef

Usage in Sentences

Can denote risk, investment, or physical support
Refers to a food item

Metaphorical Use

Yes, in terms like "having a stake in something"

Related Phrases

"At stake," "stake a claim"
"Steak dinner," "rare steak"

Stake and Steak Definitions


She has a significant stake in the company's success.


Beef Cut.
He grilled a steak for dinner.


His stake in the venture was his entire savings.


Meat Portion.
Her favorite meal is a medium-rare steak.


They staked their claim to the land during the gold rush.


Diet Staple.
Steak is a key part of his high-protein diet.


We put stakes at the corners to mark the property line.


Menu Item.
The restaurant's special is sirloin steak.


They used wooden stakes to prop up the plants.


Cooking Style.
They prefer their steak well-done.


A piece of wood or metal pointed at one end for driving into the ground as a marker, fence pole, or tent peg.


A slice of meat, typically beef, usually cut thick and across the muscle grain and served broiled or fried.


A vertical post to which an offender is bound for execution by burning.


A thick slice of a large fish cut across the body.


A patty of ground meat broiled or fried.


, a slice of beef, broiled or cut for broiling.


(by extension) A relatively large, thick slice or slab cut from another animal, a vegetable, etc.
Venison steak, bear steak, pork steak, turtle steak, salmon steak; cauliflower steak, eggplant steaks


(seafood) A slice of meat cut across the grain (perpendicular to the spine) from a fish.


To cook (something, especially fish) like or as a steak.


A slice of beef, broiled, or cut for broiling; - also extended to the meat of other large animals; as, venison steak; bear steak; pork steak; turtle steak.


A slice of meat cut from the fleshy part of an animal or large fish


What is a steak?

A steak is a slice of meat, typically beef, prepared by grilling or frying.

Is "steak" ever used metaphorically?

No, "steak" is not used metaphorically; it refers to food.

What does "having a stake in something" mean?

It means having an interest or investment in the outcome of something.

What is a stake?

A stake is an interest or investment in something or a pointed support post.

How is steak typically cooked?

Steak is often grilled, fried, or broiled.

Can "stake" mean risk?

Yes, "stake" can imply something at risk or in jeopardy.

Can "stake" be used as a verb?

Yes, "stake" can be a verb meaning to support or mark with stakes.

Is steak always made from beef?

Primarily, but it can also refer to cuts of other meats like pork.

Can steak be part of a healthy diet?

In moderation, as part of a balanced diet, it can be.

What does "at stake" mean?

It indicates something is at risk or in danger.

What types of steak are there?

Common types include sirloin, ribeye, and filet mignon.

What does "stake out" mean?

It means to surveil or watch a place closely.

What is a financial stake?

It's an investment or share in a business or venture.

What does "steakhouse" mean?

A restaurant specializing in steaks and other meats.

Can "stake" be used in legal contexts?

Yes, especially in terms of claims or ownership.

What is "staking a claim"?

Declaring ownership or rights over something, often land.

Are there vegetarian alternatives to steak?

Yes, like plant-based steaks made from soy or other ingredients.

What's the best way to cook a steak?

Preferences vary, but popular methods include grilling or pan-searing.

How is steak served?

Steak is often served with vegetables, potatoes, or sauces.

Can "stake" refer to a physical object?

Yes, it can be a pointed stick or post used for support.
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