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Stache vs. Stash: What's the Difference?

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Stache refers to a mustache, while stash refers to a hidden or stored collection of items.

Key Differences

Stache, a colloquial term, often denotes a mustache, symbolizing style or facial hair fashion. Stash, on the other hand, implies a hidden storage, suggesting secrecy or saving for future use.
In the realm of personal grooming, stache highlights facial hair aesthetics, whereas stash is unrelated, focusing on the concept of concealment or accumulation.
Stache is primarily associated with appearance, stash encompasses a broader range of contexts, including finance, hoarding, or secretive behavior.
Despite their phonetic similarity, stache and stash serve distinct linguistic functions, reflecting divergent aspects of personal expression and behavior.

Comparison Chart


A colloquial term for a mustache.
A hidden or stored collection of items.


Personal grooming, fashion.
Storage, secrecy, saving.


Describes facial hair style.
Refers to hiding or storing objects.


Style, appearance.
Secrecy, accumulation.

Linguistic Function

Noun, specific to facial hair.
Noun, broader context of storage.

Stache and Stash Definitions


A facial hair style above the upper lip.
His stache is thick and well-groomed.


To hide or store away secretly.
He stashed his savings under the mattress.


A short form for mustache used in informal contexts.
He decided to shave off his stache.


A collection of items saved for future use.
She has a stash of emergency supplies.


A casual term for a mustache.
He grew a stache for Movember.


A secret place for storing items.
He kept a stash of snacks in his desk drawer.


A symbol of masculinity or fashion.
His stache gives him a distinguished look.


A hidden store of valuables or goods.
She found a stash of old coins in the attic.


A playful or trendy reference to a mustache.
He's known for his quirky stache.


An accumulation of possessions or resources.
Her yarn stash is impressive.


(informal) Moustache, mustache.


Is stash always related to secrecy?

Not always, but stash often implies hidden or saved items.

What does stash mean?

Stash refers to a hidden or stored collection of items.

What is a stache?

A stache is a colloquial term for a mustache.

How do you use stache in a sentence?

"He decided to grow a stache for a new look."

What is the origin of the word stache?

It's a shortened form of the word mustache.

Can stache be used in formal writing?

Stache is informal and typically not used in formal writing.

What is the origin of the word stash?

It possibly derives from the word "stacheld," meaning to stash.

Is stache a formal term for mustache?

No, it's an informal or slang term.

Can stash be used in a financial context?

Yes, as in "stash away savings."

How do you use stash in a sentence?

"She has a stash of rare books in her library."

Is stache a universally recognized term?

It's widely recognized, but more so in informal contexts.

Are stache and stash interchangeable?

No, they refer to different concepts.

Can stash be used as a verb?

Yes, as in "to stash away something."

Is stache only used for men's facial hair?

Primarily, but it can be used humorously for women's facial hair.

Does stache have any other meanings besides mustache?

It's primarily used to refer to a mustache.

Can stash refer to digital items?

Yes, it can refer to digital collections as well.

Can stash be a physical location?

Yes, as in "a stash spot."

Can stash be used to refer to a collection of non-physical items?

Yes, like a stash of digital photos.

Is stache used in different English dialects?

Yes, but its usage may vary.

Can stash be used to refer to legal items only?

No, it can refer to both legal and illegal items.
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