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Speed Post vs. Courier: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 13, 2023
Speed post is a premium postal service for faster mail parcel delivery, while courier refers to a private company delivering parcels and documents.

Key Differences

Speed post is typically a service provided by a national postal system to ensure faster delivery of mail and packages, often within a country's borders. It's an enhanced version of the regular postal service, designed to be quicker and sometimes offers features like tracking. Courier services, on the other hand, are usually private companies that specialize in mail and parcel delivery, often both domestically and internationally.
When one refers to speed post, it often implies a certain reliability and accountability because it's run by the government's postal department. Customers usually choose this for important documents or when they want a balance between speed and cost. Courier services are chosen for their speed, efficiency, and the ability to send parcels to international destinations.
The tracking mechanism and accountability vary. Speed post usually comes with a standard tracking system provided by the postal service. In contrast, courier companies often have sophisticated tracking systems, giving minute details about the parcel's journey.
Cost is another distinguishing factor. Speed post is generally cost-effective, especially for domestic deliveries. Courier services might be more expensive, especially for international shipments, but they might offer more value-added services like express delivery or special handling.
While speed post is a specific type of service, the term courier is broader, encompassing various types of delivery services and methods, from bikes to trucks to planes, depending on the urgency and nature of the parcel.

Comparison Chart


National postal system
Private companies


Mostly domestic, some international
Domestic and international


Basic tracking system
Often sophisticated tracking systems


Generally cost-effective
Can be more expensive


Specific enhanced postal service
Broad range of delivery services/methods

Speed Post and Courier Definitions

Speed Post

A rapid postal delivery service for documents and parcels.
I sent the documents via speed post to ensure they arrive within two days.


A shipment method offering tracking and speed.
For my e-commerce business, I rely on courier services.

Speed Post

Government-backed express postal service.
For official papers, I trust speed post due to its reliability.


A private company that delivers documents and packages.
I hired a courier service to deliver the gift.

Speed Post

A premium mailing solution with tracking features.
Using speed post, I could monitor the package's journey.


A personalized delivery service ensuring secure handling.
Sensitive documents are best sent through a trusted courier.

Speed Post

Faster alternative to standard postal services.
Choose speed post if you want your package to arrive before the weekend.


A person or entity responsible for transporting goods or documents.
The courier arrived on time with the package.

Speed Post

Mail service offering guaranteed delivery times.
The invitation cards were dispatched via speed post to ensure timely delivery.


Express delivery service offering various delivery options.
The courier offers overnight shipping for urgent parcels.


A messenger, especially one on official diplomatic business.


A spy carrying secret information.


What is speed post?

Speed post is a premium service by the national postal system for faster mail or parcel delivery.

Is courier more expensive than speed post?

Courier services can be more expensive, especially for international shipments, but offer more services.

How is a courier different from regular mail?

Courier services are private companies offering specialized delivery services, often with more speed and tracking features.

Which is faster: speed post or courier?

While speed post is faster than regular mail, couriers, especially express services, might be faster.

Which one offers better tracking: speed post or courier?

Couriers often have more sophisticated tracking systems, though speed post also offers tracking.

Can I send heavy parcels through speed post?

Yes, but there might be weight and dimension limits that vary by postal system.

Are speed post services available every day?

Typically, speed post operates on business days, excluding public holidays.

Can I schedule a specific delivery time with a courier?

Some couriers offer scheduled deliveries, often at an additional cost.

Can I get a refund if my speed post package is delayed?

Refund policies vary; it's best to check with the specific postal service's terms and conditions.

Can I track a speed post package?

Yes, speed post usually offers a basic tracking system.

Do speed post and courier services offer insurance on packages?

Both often offer insurance options, but terms and conditions vary.

Is speed post safer for sending important documents?

Speed post is generally reliable, but for highly sensitive items, you might consider couriers with specialized security features.

Can I send international packages via speed post?

Some postal systems offer international speed post services, but it varies by country.

Are courier services more reliable than speed post?

Both have their merits; couriers might offer more value-added services while speed post has government-backed reliability.

Do all courier services offer international shipping?

Most major courier companies offer international shipping, but smaller ones might not.

How do I file a complaint about a courier service?

You can approach the customer service of the respective courier company.

Can I send perishable items via speed post?

It's advisable to check the specific postal service's guidelines for sending perishables.

Do courier services handle fragile items?

Yes, many couriers handle fragile items and offer special packaging or handling.

How do I know if my package has been delivered via speed post?

You can check the delivery status using the tracking number provided.

How do courier companies determine shipping costs?

Costs are often based on weight, dimensions, distance, and additional services chosen.
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