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Socialize vs. Socializing: What's the Difference?

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Socialize is a verb meaning to participate in social activities or to train someone to behave in a socially acceptable way. Socializing is the gerund or present participle form of socialize, referring to the act of engaging in social activities.

Key Differences

Socialize encompasses the act of interacting with others in a social context. Socializing, as an ongoing activity, refers to the process of engaging in social interactions.
Socialize can also mean adapting someone to social norms. While, socializing, in its continuous form, emphasizes the act of being in the midst of social interactions.
To socialize a pet means to train it to behave around others. When one is socializing, they are actively participating in group activities or conversations.
Parents socialize their children to teach them societal norms. People are socializing when they are mingling at events or gatherings.
Socialize can imply a broader, sometimes more formal, process of integration into society. Socializing is often more immediate, describing the act of being sociable in the moment.

Comparison Chart


Act of engaging in social activities; training for social behavior
The ongoing act of engaging in social interactions


Base verb
Gerund or present participle form


Can be formal or informal; broader implications
Generally informal; specific to the activity at hand

Use in Sentences

Often used as an action or command
Used to describe the process or state of being social


Can imply a one-time action or an ongoing process
Implies an ongoing, active process

Socialize and Socializing Definitions


To mix socially with others.
She likes to socialize with her colleagues after work.


Being involved in social interactions.
Socializing at work can lead to better team cohesion.


To train someone to behave in a socially acceptable way.
We must socialize our new puppy to be comfortable around people.


Engaging in social activities.
Socializing at the event helped her make new friends.


To engage in organized activities with others.
The club provides opportunities to socialize through various events.


The process of mixing and mingling in a social setting.
Socializing at the conference is a great way to network.


To participate in social activities.
He rarely socializes at parties, preferring to stay home.


Participating in group conversations or activities.
He enjoys socializing with friends on weekends.


To adapt someone to social needs or patterns.
Parents are responsible for socializing their children.


Actively participating in social life.
Socializing is an important part of her daily routine.


To place under government or group ownership or control
Socialized medical care.


To place under government or group ownership or control
Socialized medical care.


To cause to accept or behave in accordance with social norms or expectations
Techniques to socialize aggressive children.


To cause to accept or behave in accordance with social norms or expectations
Techniques to socialize aggressive children.


To take part in social activities
Likes to socialize with people her age.


To take part in social activities
Likes to socialize with people her age.


(intransitive) To interact with others


Present participle of socialize


(transitive) To instruct somebody, usually subconsciously, in the etiquette of a society


The act of meeting for social purposes;
There was too much socialization with the enlisted men


(transitive) To take something into collective or governmental ownership


To render social.


To subject to, or regulate by, socialism.


Take part in social activities; interact with others;
He never socializes with his colleagues
The old man hates to socialize


Train for a social environment;
The children must be properly socialized


Prepare for social life;
Children have to be socialized in school


Make conform to socialist ideas and philosophies;
Health care should be socialized!


What does socialize mean?

Socialize means to engage in social activities or to train someone to behave socially.

Is socializing important for children?

Yes, socializing is crucial for children’s social development and learning societal norms.

Can you use socialize to mean making friends?

Yes, socialize can mean engaging in activities that lead to making friends.

Does socializing always involve talking?

Not always, socializing can include non-verbal interactions like playing games or shared activities.

Can introverts enjoy socializing?

Yes, introverts can enjoy socializing in settings they find comfortable.

Is socializing necessary for mental health?

Socializing can play a significant role in maintaining good mental health.

What is a socialize event?

A socialize event is an organized gathering intended for social interaction.

Does socializing help in career growth?

Socializing can aid career growth by building networks and relationships.

Can pets be socialized?

Yes, pets can be socialized to behave well around other animals and people.

Can online interactions be considered socializing?

Yes, socializing can occur online through chat, video calls, or social media.

Is socializing always a group activity?

Socializing typically involves interacting with others, often in groups, but can occur in smaller settings too.

How does one socialize a shy child?

By gently encouraging interactions in comfortable and supportive environments.

Is socialize a positive word?

Generally, it has a positive connotation, implying healthy social interaction.

Can animals other than pets be socialized?

Yes, many animals can be socialized, especially those in captivity.

How does socializing change with age?

The nature and preference of socializing can evolve as people age.

Can socialize have a cultural dimension?

Yes, how and with whom people socialize can be influenced by cultural factors.

Can socialize be used in a professional context?

Yes, it can refer to networking and interacting in a professional setting.

Is it possible to over-socialize?

Yes, excessive socializing without personal downtime can be overwhelming for some.

Can socializing reduce stress?

Yes, interacting with others can be a great stress reliever.

Does socializing always mean going out?

No, socializing can occur in various settings, including at home or virtually.
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