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Slacks vs. Pants: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 15, 2024
Slacks are a type of pants, typically dressier and made of finer fabrics, whereas pants is a general term for all lower-body garments covering each leg separately.

Key Differences

Slacks are a specific type of pants known for their formal and professional appearance. They are often made from finer fabrics like wool or synthetic blends. In contrast, pants is a broader term encompassing all types of garments worn on the lower part of the body, covering each leg separately. This includes jeans, trousers, leggings, and slacks.
Slacks are usually made from high-quality, wrinkle-resistant materials and have a smooth, neat appearance. They are designed for formal or business settings. Pants, on the other hand, come in a variety of materials, including denim, cotton, and leather, suited for different occasions, from casual to formal.
Slacks are typically worn in business, formal, or smart casual settings and are often paired with dress shirts, blazers, or formal shoes. Pants are more versatile, ranging from casual wear like jeans and chinos to formal trousers, allowing for a wide range of pairing options with different types of tops and shoes.
Slacks generally have a more tailored fit, emphasizing a professional look. They may not be as comfortable as casual pants, which offer a wider range of fits, from tight to loose, and are designed for various levels of comfort and activity.
In fashion, slacks have maintained a steady position in professional and formal wear, often reflecting a classic and timeless style. Pants, however, are subject to a wider range of fashion trends and cultural influences, leading to diverse styles like bell-bottoms, skinny jeans, and cargo pants.

Comparison Chart


Formal, professional trousers.
Any lower-body garment with two legs.


Finer fabrics like wool or blends.
Variety, including denim, cotton.


Business and formal settings.
Ranges from casual to formal.


Tailored, neat appearance.
Varied, from casual to tailored.


Generally more tailored.
Ranges from loose to tight fit.


Less emphasis on comfort.
Varies, often more comfortable.

Fashion Trends

Steady, classic in professional wear.
Subject to diverse fashion trends.

Slacks and Pants Definitions


Professional Attire.
For the meeting, she chose a crisp blouse and navy slacks.


Lower-Body Garment.
He bought new pants for his hiking trip.


Formal Trousers.
He wore a pair of black slacks to the job interview.


Fashion Statement.
Her red pants made a bold statement at the party.


Tailored Trousers.
She looked elegant in her designer slacks at the event.


Versatile Clothing.
In winter, he layers his pants with thermal leggings.


Dress Pants.
His wardrobe consisted of several pairs of well-fitted slacks.


Everyday Attire.
For a relaxed day at home, she chose comfortable cotton pants.


Business Casual Bottoms.
On casual Fridays, he prefers wearing khaki slacks.


Casual Wear.
Her favorite pants are the blue jeans she wears on weekends.


Not tense or taut; loose
A slack rope.
Slack muscles.


To breathe rapidly in short gasps, as after exertion.


Lacking in activity; not busy
A slack season for the travel business.


To beat loudly or heavily; throb or pulsate.


How do pants differ from slacks?

Pants is a broader term for all lower-body garments with separate leg sections, while slacks are specifically dressier trousers.

Do slacks always need to be dry-cleaned?

Often yes, due to their delicate materials, but it depends on the fabric.

Are jeans considered pants?

Yes, jeans are a type of casual pants.

Can slacks be casual?

Typically, slacks are more formal, but some styles can be worn in business casual settings.

What are slacks?

Slacks are a type of formal trousers, often worn in professional or business settings.

What materials are slacks made of?

Commonly wool, polyester blends, and other fine fabrics.

Can I wear slacks to a wedding?

Yes, slacks are suitable for such formal occasions.

Are slacks suitable for all seasons?

They can be, though heavier fabrics are better for colder months.

Are cargo pants considered slacks?

No, cargo pants are more casual and not classified as slacks.

Can I wear sneakers with slacks?

It's not traditional, but fashion trends are making this more acceptable.

Can women wear slacks?

Absolutely, slacks are popular in women's professional attire.

Can pants be formal?

Yes, certain styles of pants like tailored trousers can be formal.

How should slacks fit?

They should fit comfortably at the waist, with a slight break at the shoe.

Are slacks appropriate for a job interview?

Yes, they are an excellent choice for most interviews.

Are all dress pants slacks?

Generally, yes, though some may have specific styles that differentiate them.

Do slacks have pockets?

Typically, yes, though they may be less pronounced than on casual pants.

Are leggings considered pants?

In fashion terms, yes, though they are more casual and fitted.

What's the best way to care for pants?

It varies by material, but most can be machine washed and dried.

What's the difference in fit between slacks and regular pants?

Slacks tend to be more tailored, while other pants can vary widely in fit.

Can pants be tailored?

Yes, tailoring can improve the fit of both slacks and other types of pants.
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