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Skimmed Milk vs. Double Toned Milk: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 22, 2024
Skimmed milk is fully defatted milk, while double toned milk is made by mixing skimmed milk with whole milk, offering a lower fat content than regular milk.

Key Differences

Skimmed milk has virtually all the fat removed, resulting in minimal fat content. Double toned milk, however, is designed to have lower fat content than full-cream milk but retains some fat for taste and nutrition.
Skimmed milk has a lower caloric value due to its minimal fat content. Double toned milk has slightly higher calories than skimmed milk but less than full-fat milk.
Both are good calcium sources, skimmed milk has reduced vitamins A and D due to the fat removal. Double toned milk retains more of these vitamins than skimmed milk.
Skimmed milk has a less creamy taste and thinner texture. Double toned milk offers a balance, being creamier than skimmed milk but lighter than full-fat milk.
Skimmed milk is often preferred by those on low-fat diets or with cholesterol concerns. Double toned milk is a middle ground, suitable for those seeking lower fat but not as low as skimmed milk.

Comparison Chart

Fat Content

Very low or no fat
Lower than full-fat, higher than skimmed

Caloric Value

Moderately low

Nutritional Profile

Reduced vitamins A and D
Better retention of vitamins A and D

Taste and Texture

Less creamy, thinner
Creamier than skimmed, lighter than full

Dietary Suitability

Preferred for low-fat diets
Suitable for moderately low-fat diets

Skimmed Milk and Double Toned Milk Definitions

Skimmed Milk

Contains lactose like other milk types.
Skimmed milk still affects those with lactose intolerance.

Double Toned Milk

Can be used in tea, coffee, or cooking.
Double toned milk adds a light creaminess to her tea.

Skimmed Milk

Used in various recipes as a low-fat option.
Skimmed milk works well for her low-fat baking recipes.

Double Toned Milk

Offers a balance of taste and nutrition.
She prefers double toned milk for its nutritional value and taste.

Skimmed Milk

A good source of calcium with reduced fat.
She includes skimmed milk in her diet for bone health.

Double Toned Milk

Milk with reduced fat content.
Double toned milk is a healthier option for his cereal.

Skimmed Milk

Milk with almost all the fat removed.
He prefers skimmed milk in his coffee to reduce calorie intake.

Double Toned Milk

Suitable for fitness-conscious individuals.
His trainer suggested double toned milk for post-workout shakes.

Skimmed Milk

A dairy choice for low-fat diets.
Skimmed milk is recommended in her weight loss diet plan.

Double Toned Milk

Widely available in many markets.
She easily found double toned milk at the local grocery store.


Does double toned milk taste like full-fat milk?

Double toned milk is less creamy than full-fat milk but creamier than skimmed milk.

Can lactose-intolerant people consume skimmed milk?

Skimmed milk still contains lactose, so it may not be suitable for those with lactose intolerance.

Is double toned milk good for weight loss?

Double toned milk can be a good option for weight loss diets due to its lower fat content.

Can children drink double toned milk?

Yes, children can drink double toned milk, but full-fat milk is often recommended for younger children for extra calories and nutrients.

Are there any added vitamins in skimmed milk?

Some skimmed milk brands add vitamins A and D to compensate for the loss during fat removal.

Is skimmed milk completely fat-free?

Skimmed milk is not always completely fat-free but has very minimal fat.

Does skimmed milk have the same calcium as whole milk?

Yes, skimmed milk generally retains the same calcium level as whole milk.

Is skimmed milk suitable for baking?

Yes, skimmed milk can be used in baking, especially in recipes where lower fat content is desired.

What is double toned milk?

Double toned milk is made by mixing skimmed milk with whole milk, resulting in reduced fat content.

How is skimmed milk processed?

Skimmed milk is processed by removing the cream to reduce the fat content.

What is skimmed milk?

Skimmed milk is milk from which almost all the fat has been removed.

Can double toned milk be used in smoothies?

Yes, double toned milk is great for smoothies, offering a balance of flavor and reduced fat.

Is double toned milk enriched with extra nutrients?

Double toned milk is not typically enriched with extra nutrients but retains more natural vitamins than skimmed milk.

Does skimmed milk taste different from whole milk?

Yes, skimmed milk has a less creamy taste and thinner texture compared to whole milk.

Does double toned milk froth well for coffee?

Double toned milk can froth, but it may not be as rich as full-fat milk froth.

Can skimmed milk help in managing cholesterol?

Yes, due to its low-fat content, skimmed milk can be beneficial in managing cholesterol levels.

Can double toned milk be used in tea and coffee?

Yes, double toned milk can be used in tea and coffee, offering a lighter creaminess.

Does double toned milk require refrigeration?

Yes, like other milk types, double toned milk should be refrigerated.

Is double toned milk beneficial for heart health?

Double toned milk, with its reduced fat content, can be part of a heart-healthy diet.

How long does skimmed milk last after opening?

Skimmed milk typically lasts about 5-7 days after opening if refrigerated properly.
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