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Sincerely vs. Yours Sincerely: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 1, 2024
"Sincerely" is an adverb meaning genuinely; "Yours sincerely" is a formal valediction in letters.

Key Differences

"Sincerely" is used to express genuine feelings or truthfulness in various contexts. "Yours sincerely," however, is specifically a closing phrase in formal correspondence, indicating politeness and respect.
"Sincerely" can modify verbs and demonstrate earnestness in actions or statements, while "Yours sincerely" is used only as a sign-off in letters, implying a formal and respectful conclusion.
"Sincerely" finds broader usage in both spoken and written English to convey honesty. In contrast, "Yours sincerely" is limited to written communication, particularly in professional or formal letters and emails.
The adverb "sincerely" can be paired with various verbs like 'believe', 'hope', or 'apologize'. "Yours sincerely," on the other hand, is a standalone phrase and does not accompany verbs.
"Sincerely" reflects the speaker's or writer's genuine emotions or truthfulness. "Yours sincerely" serves as a customary closure in formal letters, symbolizing respect and a conventional formality.

Comparison Chart


As an adverb in various contexts.
As a closing phrase in letters.


Modifies verbs to express genuineness.
Serves as a formal sign-off.

Context of Use

Both spoken and written English.
Primarily in written correspondence.

Combination with Verbs

Often accompanies verbs.
Does not accompany verbs.


Expresses truthfulness or earnestness.
Indicates politeness and formality.

Sincerely and Yours Sincerely Definitions


Sincerely is used to convey earnestness.
I sincerely believe you have great potential.

Yours Sincerely

Yours sincerely is a formal valediction in letters.
I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, John Doe.


Sincerely means in a genuine, honest manner.
He sincerely apologized for his mistake.

Yours Sincerely

Yours sincerely is used in professional correspondence.
We appreciate your business. Yours sincerely, The Management Team.


Sincerely can express true feelings or intentions.
She sincerely hopes you will attend her wedding.

Yours Sincerely

Yours sincerely is used when the recipient's name is known.
Dear Ms. Brown, ... Yours sincerely, Laura Wilson.


Sincerely often prefaces a truthful statement.
Sincerely, I had no intention of offending anyone.

Yours Sincerely

Yours sincerely denotes respect and politeness.
Thank you for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Jane Smith.


Sincerely can emphasize the authenticity of emotions.
He spoke sincerely about his experiences.

Yours Sincerely

Yours sincerely is appropriate in formal contexts.
Please find the attached report. Yours sincerely, David Green.


Not feigned or affected; genuine
Sincere indignation.


Can I use "Yours sincerely" in a letter to a friend?

It's not common; more casual closings are usual in friendly letters.

When is "Yours sincerely" used?

As a formal closing in letters and emails.

Can sincerely be used in casual conversation?

Yes, to express genuine feelings.

Is "Yours sincerely" suitable for informal emails?

It's typically reserved for formal or professional correspondence.

Can "Yours sincerely" be abbreviated?

It's not customary to abbreviate this phrase.

Is "Yours sincerely" appropriate for business emails?

Yes, it's a standard closing in business correspondence.

What does sincerely mean?

Genuinely; with honesty and earnestness.

How does sincerely modify a sentence?

It adds a tone of earnestness and truthfulness.

Is sincerely used in formal writing?

Yes, to convey honesty and seriousness.

Can sincerely be used to end a speech?

It's less common but can be used for emphasis.

Is sincerely formal or informal?

It can be used in both contexts, depending on the sentence.

Should "Yours sincerely" follow a comma in letters?

Yes, it's preceded by a comma after the last sentence.

Does sincerely always indicate truthfulness?

Ideally, yes, but context and tone can alter its meaning.

How does sincerely affect the tone of a message?

It adds a tone of sincerity and earnestness.

Is "Yours sincerely" outdated?

Not necessarily, but email closings can be more varied now.

Is "Yours sincerely" used in email signatures?

Yes, often in more formal or professional emails.

Should "Yours sincerely" be capitalized in a letter?

Yes, both words are typically capitalized.

Do I need to know the recipient's name for "Yours sincerely"?

Generally, yes. It's used when addressing someone by name.

Can sincerely be used sarcastically?

In spoken language, tone can change it to a sarcastic usage.

Does sincerely imply a deep level of feeling?

Yes, it suggests depth and authenticity of emotion.
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