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Shreak vs. Shriek: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Shreak" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Shriek," which means a high-pitched scream or sound.

Which is correct: Shreak or Shriek

How to spell Shriek?

Shreak is Incorrect

Shriek is Correct


Key Differences

"Shreak" has an extra "a," which isn't necessary for the sound.
Remember "shriek" by associating it with the word "screech." Both have "ee" in the middle.
Visualize a person "shrieking" when they "see" something scary, focusing on the "ee" in both "shriek" and "see."
Rhyme "shriek" with "beak," as birds with beaks might shriek.
Think of the phrase "I shrieked in fright" to remember the right spelling.

Correct usage of Shriek

The brakes made a loud shreak as the car came to a stop.
The brakes made a loud shriek as the car came to a stop.
She let out a shreak when she saw the spider.
She let out a shriek when she saw the spider.
The owl's shreak could be heard in the dead of night.
The owl's shriek could be heard in the dead of night.
I woke up to a terrifying shreak outside my window.
I woke up to a terrifying shriek outside my window.
The crowd emitted a shreak of excitement.
The crowd emitted a shriek of excitement.

Shriek Definitions

To scream in a high-pitched tone.
The owl's shriek echoed in the night.
A high-pitched noise resembling a human cry.
The brakes emitted a loud shriek.
To utter a sudden loud cry.
The child shrieked in delight.
A loud, sharp, piercing cry.
Her sudden shriek startled everyone in the room.
To express distress, protest, or disapproval.
Fans shrieked with excitem
A shrill, often frantic cry.
A sound suggestive of such a cry.
To utter a shriek.
To make a sound similar to a shriek.
To utter with a shriek.
A sharp, shrill outcry or scream; a shrill wild cry such as is caused by sudden or extreme terror, pain, or the like.
An exclamation mark.
(intransitive) To utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry, as do some birds and beasts; to scream, as in a sudden fright, in horror or anguish.
(transitive) To utter sharply and shrilly; to utter in or with a shriek or shrieks.
To utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry, as do some birds and beasts; to scream, as in a sudden fright, in horror or anguish.
It was the owl that shrieked.
At this she shrieked aloud; the mournful trainEchoed her grief.
To utter sharply and shrilly; to utter in or with a shriek or shrieks.
On top whereof aye dwelt the ghostly owl,Shrieking his baleful note.
She shrieked his nameTo the dark woods.
Sharp piercing cry;
Her screaming attracted the neighbors
A high-pitched noise resembling a human cry;
He ducked at the screechings of shells
He heard the scream of the brakes
Utter a shrill cry

Shriek Sentences

He heard a shriek from the other room and ran to help.
The sudden shriek of the alarm startled everyone in the building.
A shriek of joy erupted from her when she heard the good news.
The bird's shriek was a signal of danger to the others.
She couldn't help but shriek with laughter at the joke.
The wind's shriek through the trees created an eerie atmosphere.
The audience let out a shriek during the horror movie's scariest scene.
The fox's night-time shriek is a common sound in the countryside.
She managed to suppress a shriek when she saw the surprise party.

Shriek Idioms & Phrases

Shriek with laughter

To laugh very loudly and sharply.
The comedian's joke made the whole room shriek with laughter.

Shriek at the top of one's lungs

To scream as loudly as possible.
When she saw her favorite band on stage, she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

A shriek of delight

A loud, high-pitched sound made when extremely pleased or excited.
The children let out shrieks of delight when the clown started his act.


What is the verb form of Shriek?

The verb form is "shriek," as in "to shriek."

Why is it called Shriek?

The term "shriek" comes from the Middle English word "shriken," which means to cry out or shout.

What is the root word of Shriek?

The root is the Middle English word "shriken."

What is the pronunciation of Shriek?

It is pronounced as "shreek."

Which vowel is used before Shriek?

The vowel "a" can be used before "shriek," as in "a shriek."

Is Shriek an adverb?

No, "shriek" is not an adverb.

Is Shriek a negative or positive word?

"Shriek" is typically perceived as negative due to its association with fear, but it can also denote excitement.

Is Shriek a vowel or consonant?

"Shriek" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What is the singular form of Shriek?

The singular form is "shriek."

What is the plural form of Shriek?

The plural form is "shrieks."

Which preposition is used with Shriek?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "shriek of terror."

Is Shriek a collective noun?

No, "shriek" is not a collective noun.

What is another term for Shriek?

Another term is "scream."

What is the opposite of Shriek?

The opposite could be "whisper."

Which conjunction is used with Shriek?

Conjunctions are context-dependent. "And" or "or" can be used with "shriek."

Is Shriek a countable noun?

Yes, as in "several shrieks."

How many syllables are in Shriek?

There is one syllable in "shriek."

What is the third form of Shriek?

The third form is also "shrieked."

Is the Shriek term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, as in "a shriek of laughter."

How do we divide Shriek into syllables?

"Shriek" is two syllable and isn't divided.

How is Shriek used in a sentence?

"Upon seeing the spider, she let out a loud shriek."

What part of speech is Shriek?

"Shriek" can be a noun or a verb.

What is the first form of Shriek?

The first form is "shriek."

Which article is used with Shriek?

Depending on the context, both "a" and "the" can be used, as in "a shriek" or "the shriek."

Is Shriek a noun or adjective?

"Shriek" can be both a noun and a verb.

Is Shriek an abstract noun?

No, it represents a tangible sound or action.

Is the word Shriek imperative?

It can be used imperatively, such as "Don't shriek!"

Which determiner is used with Shriek?

Determiners like "this" or "that" can be used, as in "this shriek" or "that shriek."

What is the second form of Shriek?

The second form is "shrieked."
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