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Makeing vs. Making: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Makeing" is a misspelling. The correct word is "Making," which refers to the act of creating or producing something.

Which is correct: Makeing or Making

How to spell Making?

Makeing is Incorrect

Making is Correct


Key Differences

Remember the general rule: for verbs ending in 'e', drop the 'e' before adding 'ing'.
Visualize the word "make" and just add "ing" at the end.
Recall the term "makeup" to remember the 'e' is followed directly by a consonant.
Think of similar words like "bake" to "baking" or "drive" to "driving".
Associate the word with a memorable phrase: "I'm making, not makeing."

Correct usage of Making

They were makeing plans for the weekend getaway.
They were making plans for the weekend getaway.
He started makeing a model airplane from the kit.
He started making a model airplane from the kit.
I was makeing a list of groceries to buy.
I was making a list of groceries to buy.
The kids were makeing a mess in the playroom.
The kids were making a mess in the playroom.
She was makeing a cake for the birthday party.
She was making a cake for the birthday party.

Making Definitions

Essential qualities needed for a purpose.
She has the makings of a great leader.
Forming or shaping something.
The child enjoyed making shapes with clay.
Establishing a reputation or position.
The rookie is making a name for himself.
The process of creating or producing something.
The making of the film took two years.
The act of one that makes
The making of a cake.
The making of excuses.
The process of coming into being
Trouble in the making.
The means of gaining success or realizing potential
That job will be the making of you.
Something that is made, especially a quantity made at one time.
Often makings The abilities or qualities needed for development
You have the makings of a fine teacher.
The material or ingredients needed for making something
All the makings for an apple pie.
(Informal) The paper and tobacco for rolling a cigarette.
The act of forming, causing, or constituting; workmanship; construction.
Process of growth or development.
As a child, he didn’t seem like a genius in the making.
Present participle of make
The act of one who makes; workmanship; fabrication; construction; as, this is cloth of your own making; the making of peace or war was in his power.
Composition, or structure.
A poem.
That which establishes or places in a desirable state or condition; the material of which something may be made; as, early misfortune was the making of him.
External appearance; from.
The act that results in something coming to be;
The devising of plans
The fashioning of pots and pans
The making of measurements
It was already in the making
The realization or causing of a certain outcome.
His decision was years in the making.

Making Sentences

She's making a new dress for the concert.
They're making breakfast together on Sundays.
He's making great progress in his guitar lessons.
I'm making arrangements for our family reunion.
She's making a scrapbook of her high school memories.
He's making an effort to learn Spanish before his trip.
The children are making a fort out of boxes.
I'm making plans to start a small business.
The artist is making a sculpture for the city park.
She's making a playlist for her friend's wedding.
They're making a documentary about local wildlife.
The students are making a mural for the school library.
I'm making a commitment to exercise more regularly.
They're making a garden in their backyard this spring.
I'm making a budget to manage my finances better.
I'm making a photo album of our trip to Europe.
The volunteers are making care packages for the shelter.
He's making a model of the solar system for school.
She's making a quilt for her granddaughter's crib.
He's making a collection of short stories.
The chef is making a special dish for tonight's menu.
They're making a website for their new project.
She's making a presentation for the science fair.
They're making a plan to reduce their carbon footprint.
He's making a reservation for their anniversary dinner.

Making Idioms & Phrases

Making a mountain out of a molehill

Exaggerating a small problem into a big one.
He's just making a mountain out of a molehill with his complaints.

Making hay while the sun shines

Taking advantage of a good situation before it ends.
They're making hay while the sun shines by investing early.

Making the cut

Being selected or chosen.
He's thrilled about making the cut for the varsity team.

Making waves

Causing a disturbance or creating a significant impact.
The new policy is making waves in the community.

Making headway

Making progress.
We're finally making headway on the project.

Making ends meet

Earning just enough money to live without getting into debt.
Despite the challenges, they're making ends meet with their new business.

Making a killing

Earning a lot of money quickly.
She's making a killing with her online store.

Making a name for oneself

Becoming well-known.
He's making a name for himself in the art world.

Making light of

Treating something serious as if it were not important.
She's making light of the situation, but I'm truly concerned.

Making the rounds

Being passed from person to person, or visiting several places.
The rumor is making the rounds in the office.


Which vowel is used before Making?

The word "a" or "the" can be used before "making."

What is the pronunciation of Making?

It is pronounced as /ˈmeɪ.kɪŋ/.

What is the root word of Making?

The root word is "make."

What is the singular form of Making?

"Making" itself is singular.

Which conjunction is used with Making?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence (e.g., and, but, or).

Which article is used with Making?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "making."

Is Making an abstract noun?

In some contexts, like "in the making," it can be considered abstract.

Why is it called Making?

It's called "making" because it derives from the verb "make," which means to create or produce.

What is the verb form of Making?

The verb form is "make."

Which preposition is used with Making?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "making of a film."

What is the plural form of Making?

The concept is usually singular, but contexts could lead to "makings" though it's rare.

Is Making a vowel or consonant?

"Making" is a word consisting of both vowels and consonants.

Which determiner is used with Making?

Determiners like "this," "that," "my," "his," etc. can be used.

Is Making a negative or positive word?

"Making" is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

Is Making a collective noun?

No, "making" is not a collective noun.

What is the third form of Making?

The third form is also "made."

Is Making an adverb?

No, "making" is not an adverb.

What is the stressed syllable in Making?

The first syllable, "mak," is stressed.

What part of speech is Making?

"Making" is primarily a noun.

What is the second form of Making?

The second form is "made."

Is Making a noun or adjective?

"Making" is primarily a noun.

Is Making a countable noun?

Typically, "making" is uncountable, but specific contexts might allow countability.

Is the word Making imperative?

No, "making" is not imperative.

How many syllables are in Making?

There are two syllables in "making."

How is Making used in a sentence?

"The making of the documentary was an enlightening experience for the team."

Is the Making term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, but it isn't inherently a metaphor.

How do we divide Making into syllables?

It's divided as mak-ing.

What is another term for Making?

Another term could be "creation."

What is the opposite of Making?

The opposite might be "destroying" or "breaking."

What is the first form of Making?

The first form is "make."
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