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Itsself vs. Itself: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Itsself is incorrect, while Itself is the correct reflexive pronoun. Itself refers back to a previously mentioned singular noun or pronoun.

Which is correct: Itsself or Itself

How to spell Itself?

Itsself is Incorrect

Itself is Correct


Key Differences

"Its" shows possession; "itself" is reflexive, so no need for an additional 's'.
Remember, "self" doesn't need an extra "s" when combined with "it".
Think of the words "it" and "self" simply combining without extra letters.
Note that "it's" with an apostrophe is "it is," so "itself" without the apostrophe is singular reflexive.
Relate "itself" to other reflexive pronouns like "herself" and "himself" which don't add extra letters.

Correct usage of Itself

The system resets itsself every 24 hours.
The system resets itself every 24 hours.
The cat cleaned itsself after eating.
The cat cleaned itself after eating.
The machine turned off itsself at night.
The machine turned off itself at night.
The company prides itsself on its customer service.
The company prides itself on its customer service.
The tree sheds its leaves by itself.
The tree sheds its leaves by itself.

Itself Definitions

Itself is a reflexive pronoun indicating a thing previously mentioned.
The cat cleaned itself.
Itself emphasizes the subject in a sentence.
The city itself is quite small.
Itself indicates that the whole object/subject does something.
The committee itself made the decision.
Itself can be used for emphasis to refer back to the subject.
The machine switches itself off.
Itself can be used to highlight a singular entity.
The building itself is a work of art.
(reflexive pronoun) it; A thing as the object of a verb or preposition that also appears as the subject
The door closed by itself
(emphatic) it; used to intensify the subject, especially to emphasize that it is the only participant in the predicate
The door itself is quite heavy.
It; used to refer back to an earlier subject
The neuter reflexive pronoun of It; as, the thing is good in itself; it stands by itself.
Borrowing of foreigners, in itself, makes not the kingdom rich or poor.

Itself Sentences

The book sells itself with its intriguing cover.
The cat can entertain itself for hours.
The device shuts itself off after inactivity.
The robot cleans itself after completing its task.
The company reinvented itself to stay competitive.
The watch winds itself automatically.
The plant waters itself using a unique root system.
The story tells itself through compelling characters.
The economy is correcting itself after the downturn.
Nature has a way of healing itself.
The language evolves itself over time.
The system checks itself for errors.
The community considers itself a tight-knit family.
The website designed itself with user-friendly templates.
The app teaches itself to improve user experience.
The building cools itself using innovative materials.
The brand markets itself to a young audience.
The car parks itself with the new technology.
The team outdid itself with a spectacular performance.
The camera adjusts itself for optimal lighting.

Itself Idioms & Phrases

For itself

Something that justifies or pays for the investment through its performance.
The high-quality kitchen gadget is expensive, but it pays for itself in the long run through durability and daily use.

In and of itself

By itself; considering something alone, without other factors.
The act of giving is rewarding in and of itself, regardless of recognition.

Speak for itself

To be clear or evident without needing further explanation.
The success of the project speaks for itself, with impressive results and positive feedback.

A law unto itself

Something that operates independently or unconventionally, not following the usual rules.
The small village is a law unto itself, with traditions unknown to the outside world.


Which vowel is used before Itself?

There isn't a specific vowel that always precedes "itself."

Why is it called Itself?

It's a combination of "it" and "self" to create a reflexive pronoun referring back to a previously mentioned singular entity.

What is the pronunciation of Itself?

Itself is pronounced as /ɪtˈsɛlf/.

What is the root word of Itself?

The words "it" and "self" combine to form "itself."

Which preposition is used with Itself?

There isn't a specific preposition that always precedes "itself."

Is Itself an adverb?

No, Itself is a pronoun.

Is Itself a negative or positive word?

Itself is neutral.

What is the verb form of Itself?

Itself is a pronoun and does not have a verb form.

What is the singular form of Itself?

Itself is already singular.

Is Itself a noun or adjective?

Neither, Itself is a pronoun.

Is Itself a vowel or consonant?

Itself is a word, not a single letter.

Is the Itself term a metaphor?

No, Itself is not used as a metaphor.

What is the plural form of Itself?

There isn't a direct plural form, but for plural antecedents, "themselves" is used.

Which conjunction is used with Itself?

Any conjunction can be used in a sentence with "Itself" depending on the context.

Is the word Itself imperative?

No, Itself is not imperative.

What is the third form of Itself?

Itself doesn't have verb forms.

Is Itself a countable noun?

No, because Itself is not a noun.

How do we divide Itself into syllables?


Is Itself an abstract noun?

No, Itself is not a noun.

What is another term for Itself?

There isn't a direct synonym, but in some contexts, "personally" or "individually" might be used.

What is the opposite of Itself?

There isn't a direct opposite for reflexive pronouns.

What is the first form of Itself?

Itself doesn't have verb forms.

Which article is used with Itself?

"Itself" doesn't typically require an article.

Is Itself a collective noun?

No, Itself is a reflexive pronoun.

How many syllables are in Itself?

Two syllables.

What part of speech is Itself?

Itself is a reflexive pronoun.

How is Itself used in a sentence?

The computer can reboot itself.

What is a stressed syllable in Itself?

The first syllable, "It," is stressed.

Which determiner is used with Itself?

"Itself" doesn't typically require a determiner.

What is the second form of Itself?

Itself doesn't have verb forms.
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