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Shirt vs. T-Shirt: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on February 9, 2024
Shirt is a garment with a collar, sleeves, and buttons; T-shirt is a casual garment without a collar, usually with short sleeves and no buttons.

Key Differences

A shirt typically has a collar, buttons down the front, and is made from woven fabric. A t-shirt is collarless, usually has short sleeves, and is made from a stretchy, knit fabric.
Shirts are often considered formal or business attire, suitable for professional settings. T-shirts are casual wear, often worn in informal settings.
The design of a shirt can include various styles like dress shirts or Hawaiian shirts. T-shirts often feature graphic designs or plain colors.
Shirts generally require more care in washing and ironing. T-shirts are low-maintenance, easy to wash and don't usually need ironing.
Customization like monograms is more common on shirts due to their formal nature. T-shirts are frequently used for promotional purposes with printed logos or slogans.

Comparison Chart


Typically has a collar


Buttons down the front
No buttons


Made from woven fabric
Made from knit fabric


Formal or semi-formal

Design Variations

Dress shirts, Hawaiian shirts, etc.
Graphic tees, plain tees, etc.

Shirt and T-Shirt Definitions


A shirt usually has buttons down the front.
She buttoned up her shirt before the interview.


A t-shirt is a staple in casual wear.
She wore her favorite t-shirt to the concert.


A shirt is often worn for formal occasions.
He chose a crisp white shirt for the meeting.


T-shirts are usually collarless.
The t-shirt's collarless design was comfortable.


Shirts typically have collars.
His shirt's collar stood out under his sweater.


T-shirts are made from a stretchy knit fabric.
The knit fabric of the t-shirt was soft and flexible.


Shirts can range from casual to formal.
He wore a casual shirt to the barbecue.


T-shirts often feature graphic designs.
His t-shirt had a cool graphic print on the front.


Shirts are commonly made from woven fabrics.
The cotton shirt felt smooth and comfortable.


T-shirts are used for promotional purposes.
They distributed free t-shirts at the event.


A garment for the upper part of the body, typically having a collar, sleeves, and a front opening.


A short-sleeved, pullover shirt with no collar.


Alternative spelling of T-shirt


A close-fitting pullover shirt


Can a shirt be casual?

Yes, while often formal, shirts can also be casual like Hawaiian or denim shirts.

What defines a shirt?

A garment with a collar, sleeves, and usually front buttons, often made of woven fabric.

Are t-shirts appropriate for formal events?

Generally, no, t-shirts are considered casual wear.

Do shirts always have long sleeves?

No, shirts can have long, short, or no sleeves.

Can t-shirts have buttons?

Typically, no, t-shirts don't have buttons.

Can t-shirts have collars?

Rarely, as the classic t-shirt design is collarless.

What is a t-shirt?

A casual, collarless garment usually with short sleeves, made from stretchy, knit fabric.

Are graphic designs common on shirts?

Not typically, they're more common on t-shirts.

Is a polo shirt considered a t-shirt?

No, polo shirts have collars and are a different category.

Do t-shirts have different sleeve lengths?

Yes, t-shirts can have short, long, or three-quarter sleeves.

Can t-shirts be part of a uniform?

Yes, especially for casual or work-related uniforms.

What's the difference in maintenance for shirts vs. t-shirts?

Shirts often require more care like ironing, while t-shirts are low maintenance.

Are t-shirts suitable for business environments?

Usually not, unless the workplace has a very casual dress code.

Do shirts come in different styles?

Yes, there are various styles like dress shirts, casual shirts, etc.

Can t-shirts be worn under a shirt?

Yes, t-shirts are often worn as an undergarment under shirts.

Are shirts or t-shirts more versatile?

Shirts are more versatile in terms of formal and casual settings.

Is a t-shirt considered informal?

Yes, t-shirts are generally considered informal attire.

Is a shirt or a t-shirt better for hot weather?

Light, breathable shirts are better for formal occasions, but t-shirts are cooler for casual wear.

Can shirts be made of knit fabric?

It's uncommon, as shirts are usually made from woven fabrics.

Are shirts a part of traditional attire in any culture?

In Western cultures, shirts are a traditional part of formal attire.
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