Difference Between Science and Technology


Main Difference

The main difference between science and technology is that science is a process of getting knowledge about the universe while technology is the use of this knowledge to make tools for the welfare of humanity.

Science vs. Technology

Science and technology are the two terms that are used as synonyms in our daily life while there is a clear line of difference exist between them. Science is a system of getting knowledge about this universe and all the phenomenon and their reasons that are taking place in it like why leaves are green? And how animals respire etc. While technology is a process of using this knowledge into practice and forming tools to solve human problems or to make our lives easier. In other words, Science deals with our observations, theories, and principles, etc. while technology deals with processes, designs or products.


Comparison Chart

The system of getting knowledge about universal processes and their reasons is known as science.The system of using knowledge or science for our own purposes or for solving our problems is known as technology.
Science focus on natural phenomenon.The technology focuses on understanding the needs of the environment.
It is a system of exploring new information.It is used to get useful products by using the laws of science.
Science does not change.Technology keeps on changing continuously.
Science is always useful to us.Technology may be both useful or harmful.
It is evaluated by observation, hypothesis, and theory, etc.It is evaluated by the synthesis of the design of the required tool.
Based On
Science is based on discoveriesTechnology is based on inventions.
Science is used to make predictions about our observations.Technology is used to make our work more comfortable or to solve our problems etc.

What is Science?

The word “science” comes from the old French and is derived from the Latin word “Scientia”, meaning knowledge. “Scientia” comes from “Scio” which means “I know”. Science is actually based on research. Man makes observations of all the natural processes taking place around him and form predictions about them. These predictions after passing through experimentation changed into theory. So, science is a system of getting knowledge about this universe. It notices that how natural phenomenon is taking place and what is its reasons, e.g. Why the sun is yellow and how plants and animals respire, etc. Science is increasing our knowledge about our universe day by day and provides us with new questions for future investigations. It will never be finished. Science helps us in developing new technologies and treating diseases etc. In short, it is useful for us.

Branches of Modern Science

  • Natural Science: It is the branch of modern science that deals with the study of nature in a broad sense, e.g. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, etc.
  • Social Science: It is the branch of modern science that deals with the study of human behavior and societies, e.g. Psychology, Sociology, and Physiology, etc.
  • Formal Science: It is that branch of modern science that deals with the study of abstract concepts, e.g. Mathematics and Computer sciences, etc.

What is Technology?

The word “technology” is derived from a Greek word “τεχνολογία” — “techne”, “τέχνη” (“craft”) and “logia”, “λογία” (“saying”) so also known as “Science of craft”. Technology is the collection of methods, skills, processes or techniques, etc. which are used to make tools or products for the welfare of human beings by using the knowledge of science. Technology is based on inventions, i.e. It focuses on the needs of the environment and designs the process or tool by using the philosophy of science to overcome that problem. Technology is making our life more and more easy day by day. It has made a lot of inventions to make our daily work relaxed. It has developed a more advanced economy. We can communicate and travel to far places very easily through technology. It is also playing an important role in the treatment of diseases and many more. But, there are many such technological processes that are producing unwanted products, depleting our natural resources and spreading pollution too. So, technology may also be harmful.

Key Differences

  1. Science is a way of getting knowledge about our universe while technology is the use of this knowledge to design processes to make our lives easy.
  2. Science is always useful for us whereas technology has both beneficial and harmful aspects.
  3. Science is based on discoveries while technology is based on inventions.
  4. Science focuses on natural phenomenon while technology focuses on the needs of the environment.
  5. Science does not change while technology keeps on changing with time.
  6. Observations, predictions, and theories are used to evaluate science while technology is evaluated by synthesizing the design of required tool or product.
  7. Science is used to make predictions about our universe while technology is used to solve our problems.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that Science is a useful way to get knowledge about the whole universe while technology is the use of this knowledge to solve our problems or to make our lives calmer that maybe both, useful or harmful.

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