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Reverse vs. Undo: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Updated on November 13, 2023
Reverse means to go in the opposite direction or to turn something around, while undo refers to the act of canceling or nullifying a previous action or decision.

Key Differences

Reverse implies changing direction, position, or order to the opposite, like a car reversing. Undo is about negating or annulling an action, like undoing a knot or a decision.
To reverse can mean to invert something, such as reversing a jacket to wear it inside out. Undoing something often involves returning to a previous state before a specific action, like undoing changes in a document.
In a broader sense, reverse can mean to overturn a situation or condition, while undo can mean to dismantle or disassemble something.
In technology, reverse can refer to reversing an algorithm or process, whereas undo is a common feature in software that allows users to revert to a previous step.
Reverse can also imply a setback or decline, like a reversal in fortune. Undo, however, is more about the negation or abrogation of actions, decisions, or effects.

Comparison Chart


Change direction or position to opposite
Cancel or nullify a previous action


Inverting, reversing direction
Negating, returning to a previous state


Broader implications of overturning
Specific focus on dismantling or reverting


Reversing processes or algorithms
Feature allowing reversion to a previous step


Often about direction or setback
Focused on negation or abrogation

Reverse and Undo Definitions


Change to the opposite direction.
The driver had to reverse the car out of the tight space.


Dismantle or loosen something.
She had to undo the knot to free the rope.


In technology, to invert an operation.
The engineer worked to reverse the encryption.


Cancel or nullify an action.
He hit 'undo' to remove the last change in the document.


Turn something inside out or backwards.
She reversed her jacket to show the other side.


Eliminate the effects of an action.
They tried to undo the damage caused by the leak.


Overturn a situation or condition.
The court decision was reversed on appeal.


Abrogate a decision or agreement.
The contract was undone by mutual agreement.


A decline or setback.
The company faced a reverse in profits this quarter.


Revert something to its original state.
The software update was undone to fix the bug.


Turned backward in position, direction, or order
The reverse side of the poster.


To reverse or erase; annul
Impossible to undo the suffering caused by the war.


Moving, acting, or organized in a manner contrary to the usual
In reverse order.


To untie, disassemble, or loosen
Undo a shoelace.


Causing backward movement
A reverse gear.


To open (a parcel, for example); unwrap.


Can undo be used in software?

Yes, it's often used to revert the last action taken.

What does it mean to reverse a decision?

It means to change the decision to its opposite.

Is reversing always physical?

No, it can refer to conceptual or abstract changes too.

Is reverse used in driving?

Yes, to describe going backwards in a vehicle.

What's an undo button?

A feature in many programs to cancel the last operation.

Can a process be reversed?

Yes, if it's possible to revert it to its original state.

Can you undo a sent email?

In some email platforms, there is a brief window to undo sending.

Does reverse have a negative connotation?

Sometimes, especially when referring to setbacks.

What does undoing a knot mean?

It means loosening or untangling it.

Can undo be used in legal terms?

Yes, to refer to the annulment of decisions or contracts.

What does reversing a jacket mean?

Wearing it inside out or showing its other side.

Does undo work on all actions?

No, some actions cannot be undone once completed.

Can you reverse a trend?

Yes, it means to change its direction or momentum.

Is reverse used in video playback?

Yes, to play a video backwards.

Can undo apply to physical objects?

Yes, like undoing a screw or a lock.

Is undo a common computer command?

Yes, it's a standard feature in most software.

Does reverse apply in financial terms?

Yes, like reversing a transaction.

Can you undo actions in real life?

Not always, but some actions can be corrected or amended.

Is reverse used in games?

Yes, like reversing a move in a board game.

Does undo have a limit in software?

Yes, most programs have a limit on how far back you can undo.
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