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Renumeration vs. Remuneration: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Renumeration" is incorrect, while "remuneration" is the correct spelling, referring to payment or compensation for services or work done.

Which is correct: Renumeration or Remuneration

How to spell Remuneration?

Renumeration is Incorrect

Remuneration is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "mune" in "remuneration" as a reminder of "money."
Associate "remuneration" with "re-" (again) and "mune-" (monetary), suggesting payment.
Remember "remuneration" contains "mun," like in "communal," indicating something shared (like compensation).
Link "remuneration" with "reimbursement," both starting with "re-" and relating to payments.
Recall that "numeration" (counting) is unrelated to payment, so it's "remuneration."

Correct usage of Remuneration

She was unhappy with her renumeration at the company.
She was unhappy with her remuneration at the company.
They are reviewing the renumeration structure next month.
They are reviewing the remuneration structure next month.
He asked about the renumeration package during the interview.
He asked about the remuneration package during the interview.
The renumeration for the job was discussed.
The remuneration for the job was discussed.
The renumeration agreement needs to be signed by both parties.
The remuneration agreement needs to be signed by both parties.

Remuneration Definitions

The process of compensating someone for their work or contribution.
The company's remuneration policy was transparent and fair.
Payment or compensation received for services or employment.
He received fair remuneration for his consulting work.
Monetary reward given in exchange for a professional service.
The artist sought adequate remuneration for her design.
The act of paying for a service, work, or job done.
Remuneration for the project was agreed upon in advance.
Financial return or reward for employment or services rendered.
Her remuneration reflected her extensive experience and expertise.
The act of remunerating.
Something, such as a payment, that remunerates.
Something given in exchange for goods or services rendered.
A payment for work done; wages, salary, emolument.
A recompense for a loss; compensation.
That which is given to remunerate; an equivalent given, as for services, loss, or sufferings.
Something that remunerates;
Wages were paid by check
He wasted his pay on drink
They saved a quarter of all their earnings
The act of paying for goods or services or to recompense for losses;
Adequate remuneration for his work

Remuneration Sentences

He received generous remuneration for his consultancy work.
The remuneration package also includes health benefits and a pension plan.
The remuneration for this position includes a base salary and commission.
Negotiating remuneration can be a delicate part of job interviews.
Employees should be given fair remuneration for their work.
Annual remuneration reviews ensure salaries remain competitive.
Understanding your remuneration rights is important for any employee.
Her remuneration as a freelancer varies from project to project.
The remuneration committee reviews executive pay scales.
The remuneration offered reflects the responsibilities of the role.
Consultants often work for higher remuneration than permanent staff.
Remuneration in the nonprofit sector is often lower than in the private sector.
The company's remuneration policy is transparent and equitable.
Directors' remuneration is linked to company performance.
The remuneration report was presented at the annual meeting.
Market research helps in setting competitive remuneration packages.
The level of remuneration is often a reflection of skill and experience.
Remuneration expectations should be discussed early in the recruitment process.
Employees are encouraged to discuss their remuneration with HR.
Negotiating a better remuneration package is common when moving jobs.
Understanding the breakdown of your remuneration is key to financial planning.
Bonus schemes are a part of our remuneration strategy to motivate employees.
Salary is just one aspect of job remuneration to consider.
Adjustments to remuneration are considered based on annual performance reviews.
The company provides remuneration statements to all employees annually.


What is the verb form of remuneration?

The verb form is "remunerate."

Why is it called remuneration?

It's called remuneration because it denotes the act of paying or compensating for services or work.

Which vowel is used before remuneration?

The vowel 'e' is used after the initial 'r' in remuneration.

What is the pronunciation of remuneration?

Remuneration is pronounced as ree-myoo-nuh-RAY-shun.

What is the plural form of remuneration?

The plural form is "remunerations."

Which conjunction is used with remuneration?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" are often used with remuneration.

Is remuneration an adverb?

No, remuneration is not an adverb.

What is the root word of remuneration?

The root word is "munerate," derived from Latin, meaning to give.

What is the singular form of remuneration?

The singular form is "remuneration."

Which preposition is used with remuneration?

Common prepositions used with remuneration include "for" and "as."

Is remuneration a noun or adjective?

Remuneration is a noun.

How do we divide remuneration into syllables?

It is divided as re-mu-ner-a-tion.

What is the first form of remuneration?

The first form is "remuneration" itself (noun).

Which article is used with remuneration?

Articles "a," "an," or "the" can be used with remuneration.

Is remuneration a vowel or consonant?

The word starts with the consonant 'r.'

How many syllables are in remuneration?

There are five syllables.

What is another term for remuneration?

Another term could be "compensation" or "payment."

What is the opposite of remuneration?

The opposite could be "nonpayment" or "undercompensation."

How is remuneration used in a sentence?

Example: "The remuneration package included both salary and stock options."

Is remuneration a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

Is the word remuneration is imperative?

No, it is a noun, not an imperative form.

What is a stressed syllable in remuneration?

The stressed syllable is 'ner.'

Which determiner is used with remuneration?

Determiners like "the," "this," "a" can be used.

What is the second form of remuneration?

There is no second form as it is a noun.

Is remuneration an abstract noun?

Yes, it is an abstract noun.

Is the remuneration term a metaphor?

It is not commonly used as a metaphor.

What part of speech is remuneration?

Remuneration is a noun.

What is the third form of remuneration?

There is no third form as it is a noun.

Is remuneration a negative or positive word?

It is generally neutral, context can make it positive or negative.

Is remuneration a countable noun?

Yes, it can be counted in instances (remunerations).
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