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Dependancy vs. Dependency: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Dependancy" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "dependency", which refers to reliance on something or someone.

Which is correct: Dependancy or Dependency

How to spell Dependency?

Dependancy is Incorrect

Dependency is Correct


Key Differences

Recall that "cy" is common in nouns related to states or conditions, like "privacy" or "dependency."
Remember, "ency" in "dependency" relates to "emergency" – both have a critical nature.
"C" in "dependancy" seems out of place, unlike the 'se' in "dependence" leading to "dependency."
"Dependancy" lacks the 'y' of "rely," unlike "dependency."
Associate "ency" with "emergency," implying necessity, similar to "dependency."

Correct usage of Dependency

Reducing energy dependancy is a priority for the government.
Reducing energy dependency is a priority for the government.
The project's success has a dependancy on timely funding.
The project's success has a dependency on timely funding.
The program has a dependancy on another software to run.
The program has a dependency on another software to run.
The country's economy has a heavy dependancy on tourism.
The country's economy has a heavy dependency on tourism.
She is studying the effects of drug dependancy.
She is studying the effects of drug dependency.

Dependency Definitions

Ratio of dependents to the working-age population.
A high dependency ratio strains the economy.
When software relies on another to function.
The app's dependency on the framework caused issues.
Relying on others for emotional support.
Her emotional dependency on her family was evident.
Reliance on substances, often addictive.
His chemical dependency required professional intervention.
Relying on external economic support.
The country's economic dependency on oil is risky.
Something dependent or subordinate.
A minor territory under the jurisdiction of a government.

Dependency Sentences

The island has a dependency on imported goods.
The young bird has a dependency on its parents for food.
Many mobile apps have a dependency on internet access.
Overcoming caffeine dependency can be challenging for some people.
The video game has a dependency on updates for new features.
Avoiding dependency on calculators is important for learning math.
Understanding the dependency between plants and pollinators is key to ecology.
The computer system's dependency on a single power source is a risk.
The rescue team's operation has a dependency on good weather conditions.
The new software reduces dependency on manual input.


What is the pronunciation of dependency?

Dependency is pronounced as /dɪˈpɛndənsi/.

Which vowel is used before dependency?

Typically, 'a' or 'an' can be used, depending on the context (e.g., "a dependency").

What is the verb form of dependency?

The verb form is "depend."

Why is it called dependency?

It's called "dependency" because it denotes a state of relying on something or someone.

What is the plural form of dependency?

The plural form is "dependencies."

What is the root word of dependency?

The root word is "depend."

What is the singular form of dependency?

The singular form is "dependency."

Which article is used with dependency?

Both "a" and "an" can be used, depending on the context (e.g., "a dependency").

Which preposition is used with dependency?

Prepositions like "on" or "upon" are used (e.g., "dependency on technology").

Is dependency a negative or positive word?

Dependency is often perceived as negative, denoting reliance or lack of independence.

Is dependency a collective noun?

No, dependency is not a collective noun.

Which conjunction is used with dependency?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used (e.g., "dependency on oil and gas").

Is dependency an abstract noun?

Yes, dependency is an abstract noun as it denotes a state or condition.

What is the first form of dependency?

"Dependency" is a noun; it doesn't have verb forms.

Is dependency a countable noun?

Yes, dependency is a countable noun (e.g., several dependencies).

Is the dependency term a metaphor?

"Dependency" can be used metaphorically to describe a strong reliance.

Is the word dependency imperative?

No, "dependency" is a noun, not an imperative verb.

How do we divide dependency into syllables?

Dependency is divided as de-pen-den-cy.

What part of speech is dependency?

"Dependency" is a noun.

What is another term for dependency?

Another term for "dependency" is "reliance."

Which determiner is used with dependency?

Determiners like "the," "this," or "a" can be used (e.g., "the dependency").

What is the second form of dependency?

"Dependency" doesn't have verb forms.

How is dependency used in a sentence?

"Dependency" is used as a noun: "The program's success created a dependency on government funding."

Is dependency a noun or adjective?

Dependency is a noun.

Is dependency a vowel or consonant?

The word "dependency" starts with a consonant sound.

How many syllables are in dependency?

There are four syllables in "dependency."

What is a stressed syllable in dependency?

The stressed syllable in "dependency" is the second: de-PEN-den-cy.

What is the opposite of dependency?

The opposite of "dependency" is "independence" or "self-sufficiency."

What is the third form of dependency?

"Dependency" doesn't have verb forms.

Is dependency an adverb?

No, dependency is not an adverb.
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