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Unappropriate vs. Inappropriate: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Unappropriate" is incorrect; the right spelling is "inappropriate," referring to something unsuitable or not fitting in a particular context.

Which is correct: Unappropriate or Inappropriate

How to spell Inappropriate?

Unappropriate is Incorrect

Inappropriate is Correct


Key Differences

Note the pronunciation as /ˌɪnəˈproʊpri.ət/ to help recall the correct spelling.
Keep practicing writing “inappropriate” correctly.
Remember “in” as the correct prefix meaning “not,” so it’s “inappropriate,” not “unappropriate.”
Double-check the spelling with a dictionary or spell checker when in doubt.
Relate “inappropriate” with “inadequate,” both start with “in-.”

Correct usage of Inappropriate

His comments were seen as unappropriate for the workplace.
His comments were seen as inappropriate for the workplace.
Bringing up that topic at dinner was unappropriate.
Bringing up that topic at dinner was inappropriate.
It was unappropriate to laugh during the serious meeting.
It was inappropriate to laugh during the serious meeting.
She wore an unappropriate dress to the formal event.
She wore an inappropriate dress to the formal event.
The movie contained unappropriate language for children.
The movie contained inappropriate language for children.

Inappropriate Definitions

Incorrect or unsuitable relating to what is normal or expected.
Inappropriate dressing can lead to misunderstandings.
Not suitable or proper in the circumstances.
It's inappropriate to use slang in formal writing.
Not fitting or inappropriate to the situation or occasion.
His comments were inappropriate for such a serious discussion.
Not conforming to accepted standards of behavior.
Using offensive language is inappropriate.
Unsuitable or improper.
Not appropriate; not suitable for the situation, time, or place.
It is inappropriate to burp at a formal dinner.
The violent movie is inappropriate for school.
Improper; adult; sexual.
Kids saying inappropriate things
Not instrument (to); not appropriate; unbecoming; unsuitable; not specially fitted; - followed by to or for.
Not suitable for a particular occasion etc;
Noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness
Inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach
Put inappropriate pressure on them
Not conforming with accepted standards of propriety or taste; undesirable;
Incorrect behavior
She was seen in all the wrong places
He thought it was wrong for her to go out to work
Not in keeping with what is correct or proper;
Completely inappropriate behavior
Lacking propriety or good taste.
Telling such jokes is completely inappropriate.

Inappropriate Sentences

The email's tone was inappropriate, given the seriousness of the situation.
Wearing casual clothes to a job interview can be seen as inappropriate.
It's inappropriate to use your phone during a theater performance.
Sharing personal stories in a professional meeting is considered inappropriate.
Loud music late at night is inappropriate in a residential area.
The joke he told was inappropriate for such a mixed audience.
It's inappropriate to interrupt someone when they are speaking.
The advertisement was pulled off the air for containing inappropriate content.
Asking about someone's salary is generally inappropriate in social settings.
It's inappropriate to ask intrusive questions on a first date.
Making assumptions about someone's abilities based on their age is inappropriate.
Using inappropriate language in front of children is not advised.
Criticizing someone's appearance in public is highly inappropriate.
It's inappropriate to take credit for someone else's work.
Displaying too much affection in public can be deemed inappropriate by some.
Using company time to browse social media is inappropriate.
Bringing up controversial topics at a family gathering can be inappropriate.
Discussing private matters loudly on the phone in public is inappropriate.
Playing pranks on people without their consent is inappropriate.
Using school equipment for personal projects is inappropriate.
It was inappropriate of him to make light of her concerns.
Sending personal emails from your work account is considered inappropriate.
The use of inappropriate humor in the workplace can lead to tension among colleagues.
It's inappropriate to skip the line by pretending to know someone at the front.
Showing up uninvited to a private event is inappropriate.

Inappropriate Idioms & Phrases

An inappropriate silence

A lack of response or communication when it is expected or necessary.
There was an inappropriate silence after her question, making the tension in the room palpable.

Laughing at inappropriate times

Finding humor in situations where it is socially unacceptable to do so.
He had a habit of laughing at inappropriate times, which often got him in trouble.

In the realm of the inappropriate

Belonging to a category of actions or words that are considered unacceptable.
His choice of costume for the party was squarely in the realm of the inappropriate.

Inappropriate at best

Describing an action or comment that is unsuitable, and at its most positive interpretation, still not right.
His remark was inappropriate at best, offending several colleagues.


Why is it called Inappropriate?

It's called "inappropriate" as it means not suitable, proper, or fitting, derived from the prefix 'in-' meaning 'not' and 'appropriate.'

What is the pronunciation of Inappropriate?


What is the verb form of Inappropriate?

The verb form is "inappropriate," as in to act inappropriately.

What is the root word of Inappropriate?

The root word is "appropriate."

Which article is used with Inappropriate?

“An” can be used, as in an inappropriate action.

Which vowel is used before Inappropriate?

It depends on the preceding word and context; there isn’t a fixed vowel that precedes it.

Which preposition is used with Inappropriate?

"For" can be used, as in inappropriate for.

Is Inappropriate a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

What is the singular form of Inappropriate?

Inappropriate does not have a singular form as it is an adjective.

Is Inappropriate an adverb?

No, "inappropriately" is the adverb form.

Is Inappropriate a vowel or consonant?

"Inappropriate" is a word consisting of both vowels and consonants.

What is the plural form of Inappropriate?

It doesn’t have a plural form.

Which conjunction is used with Inappropriate?

Any conjunction can be used with "inappropriate," depending on the sentence.

Is the Inappropriate term a metaphor?

It is not typically used as a metaphor.

What is the opposite of Inappropriate?


Which determiner is used with Inappropriate?

"This" can be used as in this inappropriate behavior.

What is the second form of Inappropriate?

It does not have forms as it is an adjective.

Is Inappropriate a negative or positive word?

It is a negative word.

How many syllables are in Inappropriate?


How do we divide Inappropriate into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Inappropriate?

The fourth syllable "pri" is stressed.

What is another term for Inappropriate?


Is Inappropriate a noun or adjective?

"Inappropriate" is an adjective.

Is the word Inappropriate imperative?

No, it is not imperative as it is an adjective.

What is the first form of Inappropriate?

It does not have forms as it is an adjective.

What is the third form of Inappropriate?

It does not have forms as it is an adjective.

How is Inappropriate used in a sentence?

"The manager admonished the employee for his inappropriate remarks during the meeting."

Is Inappropriate an abstract noun?

No, it’s an adjective; however, “inappropriateness” is the related abstract noun.

Is Inappropriate a countable noun?

No, it is not a noun.

What part of speech is Inappropriate?

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