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Rennovation vs. Renovation: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Rennovation" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "Renovation". Renovation refers to the process of renewing or restoring something to a good state of repair.

Which is correct: Rennovation or Renovation

How to spell Renovation?

Rennovation is Incorrect

Renovation is Correct


Key Differences

Remember that 'renovation' has only one 'n' after 're', like in 'renew', which is a similar concept.
Renovation has four syllables, just like 're-no-va-tion', with no extra 'n' sound.
Renovation is about renewing, and both words start with 're' and have no double 'n'.
The word 'novel' is hidden in 'renovation', both suggesting something made new.
'Renovation' has 9 letters, an odd number, unlike the incorrect 'rennovation'.

Correct usage of Renovation

The hotel is undergoing a major rennovation this year.
The hotel is undergoing a major renovation this year.
We're planning a kitchen rennovation for next month.
We're planning a kitchen renovation for next month.
The rennovation of the old theater will take about a year.
The renovation of the old theater will take about a year.
Our office rennovation included new furniture and a fresh coat of paint.
Our office renovation included new furniture and a fresh coat of paint.
The city announced a rennovation project for the downtown area.
The city announced a renovation project for the downtown area.

Renovation Definitions

Renovation is the process of improving or updating a home or building.
The old house underwent a complete renovation.
Metaphorically, the process of self-improvement or transformation.
He considered his journey abroad a personal renovation.
Refurbishing a business or commercial space.
The store closed for a week for renovation.
The action of returning something to a former, better state.
The museum's renovation restored the ancient artifacts.
Preservation and restoration of historical buildings.
The castle's renovation preserved its medieval character.
To return to a condition of newness, as by repairing or remodeling.
To impart new vigor to; revive.
An act, or the process, of renovating.
(theology) Regeneration.
The act or process of renovating; the state of being renovated or renewed.
There is something inexpressibly pleasing in the annual renovation of the world.
The act of improving by renewing and restoring
The state of being restored to its former good condition;
The inn was a renovation of a Colonial house

Renovation Sentences

They're excited about their home renovation and the new look it will bring.
The renovation of the library made it more modern and welcoming.
After the renovation, the restaurant now has a larger dining area and a new kitchen.
The renovation plan includes adding an elevator to make the building more accessible.
The renovation project aims to restore the historic building to its original glory.
They hired a designer to help with the renovation of their apartment.
The hotel's renovation will make it more attractive to tourists.
The renovation of the park will include new playground equipment and picnic areas.
The museum closed temporarily for renovation to improve its exhibits.
The renovation of the old factory into loft apartments has begun.
The school's renovation included new classrooms and updated technology.
They decided to live elsewhere during the renovation to avoid the noise and dust.
They celebrated the completion of the renovation with a housewarming party.
The renovation work on the bridge is expected to last several months.
A major renovation is planned to update the city's sports arena.
The renovation included a new roof and updated plumbing and electrical systems.
The theater's renovation will allow for more seating and better stage lighting.
The renovation has transformed the once dilapidated house into a beautiful home.
The community pool will be closed for renovation until next summer.
The renovation aims to preserve the building's historical features while adding modern amenities.
During the renovation, they discovered historical artifacts hidden in the walls.
The renovation has enhanced the building's energy efficiency and sustainability.
The renovation project was delayed due to unexpected structural issues.
The renovation budget had to be increased to cover additional costs.
After the renovation, the gallery will be able to display more artwork.


What is the pronunciation of renovation?

Renovation is pronounced as /ˌrɛnəˈveɪʃn/.

Which vowel is used before renovation?

Typically, the vowel 'a' is used, as in 'a renovation'.

Which conjunction is used with renovation?

Conjunctions like 'and', 'or', and 'but' can be used.

What is the verb form of renovation?

The verb form of renovation is 'to renovate'.

What is the singular form of renovation?

The singular form is 'renovation'.

Which preposition is used with renovation?

'During', 'after', and 'for' are commonly used, depending on the context.

Is renovation a noun or adjective?

Renovation is primarily a noun.

Why is it called renovation?

Renovation is called so because it comes from the Latin 'renovatio', meaning renewal or restoration.

What is the root word of renovation?

The root word of renovation is 'novus' in Latin, meaning new.

Which article is used with renovation?

Both 'a' and 'the' can be used, depending on the context.

Is the renovation term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, especially in the context of personal growth.

How is renovation used in a sentence?

"They planned the renovation of the old library to modernize it."

How do we divide renovation into syllables?

Renovation is divided as re-no-va-tion.

What is a stressed syllable in renovation?

The stressed syllable in renovation is the third one: 'va'.

What is another term for renovation?

Another term for renovation could be 'refurbishment' or 'restoration'.

What is the second form of renovation?

The second form is 'renovated', as in the past tense of the verb.

What is the third form of renovation?

The third form is also 'renovated', as in the past participle.

What is the plural form of renovation?

The plural form is 'renovations'.

Is renovation an abstract noun?

Renovation is a concrete noun, referring to a physical process.

Is renovation a negative or positive word?

Renovation is generally a positive word, implying improvement.

Is the word renovation is imperative?

Renovation can be used in the imperative form, as in 'Renovate this building'.

How many syllables are in renovation?

There are four syllables in renovation.

Which determiner is used with renovation?

Determiners like 'a', 'the', or 'this' can be used.

Is renovation a vowel or consonant?

Renovation is a word, composed of both vowels and consonants.

Is renovation a countable noun?

Yes, renovation is a countable noun.

Is renovation a collective noun?

No, renovation is not typically used as a collective noun.

Is renovation an adverb?

No, renovation is not an adverb.

What part of speech is renovation?

Renovation is a noun.

What is the opposite of renovation?

The opposite could be 'neglect' or 'deterioration'.

What is the first form of renovation?

The first form is 'renovation' as a noun.
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