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Accompaning vs. Accompanying: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Accompaining" is incorrect, whereas "accompanying" is correct, denoting the act of going along with someone or something as a companion or helper.

Which is correct: Accompaning or Accompanying

How to spell Accompanying?

Accompaning is Incorrect

Accompanying is Correct


Key Differences

"Accompanying" includes "any", hinting at its inclusive nature.
The word "pan" sits inside "accompanying", reminding of its correct form.
Think of "company" in "accompanying" to remember the double 'c'.
Remember the phrase "accompanying many", which keeps the 'm' and 'y'.
Associate "accompanying" with "companion", both sharing the 'comp'.

Correct usage of Accompanying

She was looking forward to accompaning her friend on the trip.
She was looking forward to accompanying her friend on the trip.
His notes were helpful in accompaning the lecture.
His notes were helpful in accompanying the lecture.
The salad is perfect for accompaning the main course.
The salad is perfect for accompanying the main course.
The manual should be accompaning the product in the box.
The manual should be accompanying the product in the box.
We need music to be accompaning our presentation.
We need music to be accompanying our presentation.

Accompanying Definitions

Joining or attending as a companion.
She is accompanying her friend to the concert.
Existing or happening in conjunction with another event.
The main course comes with an accompanying wine recommendation.
Supporting or supplementing in a secondary way.
The visuals are accompanying the lecture.
Present or occurring with something else.
The salad was served with an accompanying sauce.
Musically supporting another part or instrument.
The piano was accompanying the violin solo.
To be or go with, especially as a companion.
To provide with an addition; supplement
A dish that is best accompanied with a robust wine.
To exist or occur at the same time as
Dark clouds that were accompanied by rain.
(Music) To perform an accompaniment to.
(Music) To play an accompaniment.
Present together.
Present participle of accompany
That which accompanies; accompaniment.
Following as a consequence;
An excessive growth of bureaucracy, with related problems
Snags incidental to the changeover in management

Accompanying Sentences

The illustrations were beautiful, accompanying the story perfectly.
The teacher’s assistant will be accompanying the students on their field trip.
The sound of rain accompanying the evening was soothing.
She enjoyed the dog accompanying her on walks.
The detailed graphs accompanying the report helped clarify the findings.
A guide will be accompanying the tour group through the museum.
Warm bread was served, accompanying the soup.
The piano music accompanying the dinner created a lovely atmosphere.
He practiced his speech, with soft music accompanying in the background.
Safety precautions will be accompanying the construction project.
The new software update will be accompanying the launch of the device.
The hummingbirds were a frequent sight, accompanying the blooming flowers in spring.
The lawyer will be accompanying her client to court next week.
The cool breeze was a pleasant addition, accompanying us on our hike.
The violinist will be accompanying the choir at the concert.
Recommendations for further reading are accompanying the course syllabus.
The sauce, accompanying the fish, enhanced its flavor.
A set of instructions is accompanying the assembly kit.
The documentary film was powerful, with historical photographs accompanying the narration.
The subtitles will be accompanying the foreign film for understanding.
Their parents will be accompanying the children to the zoo.
A delegation will be accompanying the mayor on his visit to the sister city.
Technical support will be accompanying the product release.
A team of experts will be accompanying the expedition to the Arctic.
The gentle sound of the stream was accompanying our picnic in the park.

Accompanying Idioms & Phrases

Accompanying document

A document that goes with another document or package to provide additional information.
Please ensure that the accompanying document is filled out completely.

Accompanying person

Someone who goes with another person to provide assistance or company.
Each patient can have one accompanying person during their appointment.

Accompanying symptoms

Symptoms that occur together with a primary symptom or condition.
Fever and headache are common accompanying symptoms of the flu.

Accompanying visual

A visual element (like an image or chart) that supports or enhances text or spoken information.
The report includes several accompanying visuals to illustrate the data.

Accompanying music

Music that goes along with a performance or main musical part.
The accompanying music for the ballet was composed by Tchaikovsky.

Side dish accompanying

A food item served along with the main course.
Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish accompanying roast chicken.

Accompanying material

Material that comes with a product, book, or course to provide additional information or resources.
The textbook comes with accompanying material online.

Accompanying letter

A letter that goes with a document, package, or application to explain its purpose or contents.
The application must be submitted with an accompanying letter of intent.

Accompanying voice

A voice that supports the main singer or melody in a piece of music.
The choir provided an accompanying voice to the soloist during the concert.

Wine accompanying dinner

A wine selected to complement the flavors of a meal.
The sommelier suggested a Chardonnay as the wine accompanying dinner.


Which vowel is used before accompanying?

The vowel 'a' is used before accompanying.

What is the verb form of accompanying?

The verb form of accompanying is "accompany".

What is the plural form of accompanying?

Accompanying, being an adjective or gerund, does not have a plural form.

What is the root word of accompanying?

The root word of accompanying is "company".

Which preposition is used with accompanying?

The preposition "with" is often used with accompanying.

Is accompanying a noun or adjective?

Accompanying can be an adjective or a gerund, which is a noun form of a verb.

Is accompanying an adverb?

No, accompanying is not an adverb.

Is accompanying a negative or positive word?

Accompanying is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

Why is it called accompanying?

Accompanying derives from the act of being a companion to someone or something.

What is the pronunciation of accompanying?

Accompanying is pronounced as /əˈkʌmpəniɪŋ/.

Which conjunction is used with accompanying?

Conjunctions like "and" or "while" can be used with accompanying.

What part of speech is accompanying?

Accompanying can be an adjective or a gerund (noun form of a verb).

What is the singular form of accompanying?

Accompanying is an adjective or gerund and doesn't have a singular form; its verb form "accompany" does.

Is accompanying an abstract noun?

As a gerund, accompanying is not typically considered an abstract noun.

Is accompanying a vowel or consonant?

Accompanying starts with a vowel sound.

Is accompanying a countable noun?

As a gerund or adjective, accompanying is not countable.

Is the accompanying term a metaphor?

Accompanying itself is not a metaphor but can be used metaphorically.

Is the word accompanying imperative?

No, accompanying is not an imperative form; it's descriptive or participial.

What is the opposite of accompanying?

The opposite of accompanying is "leaving" or "abandoning".

How many syllables are in accompanying?

Accompanying has five syllables.

Which article is used with accompanying?

Both definite "the" and indefinite "a/an" articles can be used with accompanying.

What is a stressed syllable in accompanying?

The stressed syllable in accompanying is 'com'.

What is another term for accompanying?

Another term for accompanying is "attendant" or "complementing".

Which determiner is used with accompanying?

Determiners like "the", "a", or "this" can be used with accompanying.

Is accompanying a collective noun?

No, accompanying is not a collective noun.

How do we divide accompanying into syllables?

Accompanying is divided as ac-com-pa-ny-ing.

What is the first form of accompanying?

The first form is "accompany".

What is the second form of accompanying?

The second form is "accompanied".

What is the third form of accompanying?

The third form is also "accompanied".

How is accompanying used in a sentence?

Example: "The documentary features accompanying expert interviews."
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