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Bedsite vs. Bedside: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Bedsite" is the incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is "bedside", which refers to the area or space next to a bed.

Which is correct: Bedsite or Bedside

How to spell Bedside?

Bedsite is Incorrect

Bedside is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize the bed and its sides to spell "bedside" correctly.
Think of "bed" and "side" as two separate elements coming together to form a specific area next to a bed.
Connect "side" in "bedside" with the side of a bed.
Remember "site" refers to a location or place, whereas "side" is about position next to something.
Associate "bedside" with "bedside table," emphasizing the spatial aspect.

Correct usage of Bedside

The lamp at his bedsite was too dim to read by.
The lamp at his bedside was too dim to read by.
They placed the medication on the bedsite table before leaving.
They placed the medication on the bedside table before leaving.
Her favorite book was always at her bedsite when she slept.
Her favorite book was always at her bedside when she slept.
Bedsite manners are important for nurses and doctors.
Bedside manners are important for nurses and doctors.
She kept a glass of water at her bedsite during the night.
She kept a glass of water at her bedside during the night.

Bedside Definitions

Bedside can describe items designed to be used at the side of a bed.
She reached for her bedside lamp to read a book.
Bedside refers to the area next to a bed.
She placed a glass of water on her bedside table.
Bedside is used to describe care given to a patient by a healthcare provider at the patient's bed.
The nurse provided excellent bedside care.
Bedside manner refers to the way a healthcare professional interacts with their patient.
His bedside manner made the patients feel comfortable and cared for.
The side of a bed or the space alongside it.
At or near the side of a bed
A bedside table.
Bedside conversation.
A position at the side of one's bed.
The side of a bed.
Space by the side of a bed (especially the bed of a sick or dying person);
The doctor stood at her bedside
Bedside is the position or approach in dealing with patients directly at their bedsides.
The doctor's bedside consultations were always thorough.

Bedside Sentences

The doctor discussed the treatment plan with the patient at the bedside.
A bedside lamp is essential for late-night reading without disturbing others.
He kept a picture of his family at his bedside while he was hospitalized.
The nurse checked the patient's vitals at the bedside.
Keeping a flashlight at your bedside can be useful in case of a power outage.
Bedside manner is an important aspect of patient care and communication.
She placed a vase of fresh flowers on the bedside table to brighten the room.
Nurses are trained to provide compassionate care at the bedside.
The child felt safe with his parents sitting at his bedside until he fell asleep.
The warmth of the bedside heater made the room cozy on cold nights.
The bedside clock alarm woke her up every morning at 6 AM.
The sound of the bedside radio helped him fall asleep each night.
The hotel provided a bedside guide to local attractions for guests.
The child had a small bedside rug to keep her feet warm when she got up.
Keeping water at your bedside can help you stay hydrated if you wake up thirsty.
Keeping a bedside journal allows for reflection on the day's events before sleep.
The adjustable bedside table could be moved to accommodate the patient's needs.
She wrote in her diary every night at the bedside before going to sleep.
A bedside table is handy for storing books, glasses, and medications.
She used her bedside drawer to keep her most personal items close by.
At the bedside, the family gathered to say their goodbyes to the elderly patriarch.
They shared stories and laughter at the patient's bedside, lifting his spirits.
The bedside reading light was adjustable, making it perfect for any position.
Physicians often make bedside visits to monitor patients' progress.
The patient appreciated the nurse's gentle bedside manner during her stay.

Bedside Idioms & Phrases

At someone's bedside

Being present next to someone's bed, especially to offer care or support.
The family spent hours at his bedside, comforting him during his illness.

Bedside manner

The way a healthcare provider interacts with patients, including empathy, kindness, and communication.
Her doctor's excellent bedside manner made her feel more at ease during treatment.

Bedside table

A small table or stand next to a bed, often used to hold a lamp, books, medications, or personal items.
He placed his glasses on the bedside table before turning off the light.

Bedside vigil

Staying awake next to someone's bed, especially during their illness or last moments, as a sign of care or guard.
The family held a bedside vigil for their grandmother throughout the night.

Bedside essentials

Items considered necessary or very useful to have within reach of the bed.
His bedside essentials included a water bottle, his asthma inhaler, and his alarm clock.

Bedside light

A lamp placed next to the bed for illumination.
She turned on the bedside light to read a few pages before sleeping.

To the bedside

To or toward the area next to a bed.
The nurse went to the bedside to adjust the IV drip.

Leave at the bedside

To place something next to the bed for someone to use or have nearby.
She left a glass of water at the bedside in case he got thirsty during the night.

Bedside reading

Books or materials kept by the bed for reading before sleep.
Her bedside reading consisted of mystery novels and science magazines.

Bedside assistance

Help or support provided to someone in their bed.
The elderly man required bedside assistance for his daily routines.

By the bedside

Located or happening near the bed.
The nurse placed the medical chart by the bedside for easy access.

From the bedside

From the perspective or situation of being next to a bed, often in a healthcare context.
From the bedside, the doctor could better assess the patient's condition.

Beyond the bedside

Extending past direct patient care, often referring to additional responsibilities or impacts in healthcare.
Her research on patient recovery practices went beyond the bedside, influencing hospital policy.

Bedside care

The direct care or medical attention given to a patient at their bed.
Bedside care involves daily checks, medication administration, and comfort measures.

Bedside comfort

The feeling of being relaxed, safe, or comfortable in one's bed or bedroom.
The soft blankets and pillows provided her with bedside comfort.

Bedside companion

A book, device, or person that provides comfort or entertainment at the bed.
His bedside companion during the hospital stay was a collection of classic novels.

Beside the bedside

In a location immediately adjacent to the bed.
Beside the bedside, he found his lost earring.

Return to the bedside

Going back to stand or be near someone's bed, often to check on them or provide care.
After checking the other patients, the nurse returned to the bedside of the one who needed the most attention.

Bedside moment

A significant, often emotional, moment experienced next to someone's bed.
Sharing stories of their childhood at the bedside was a tender bedside moment for the siblings.

At the bedside of

Present with someone who is in bed, especially due to illness or injury.
The doctor spent considerable time at the bedside of patients with complicated cases.


What is the pronunciation of bedside?

The pronunciation is /ˈbɛd.saɪd/.

What is the verb form of bedside?

Bedside does not have a verb form as it is used as a noun or adjective.

What is the root word of bedside?

The root words are "bed" + "side."

Which preposition is used with bedside?

"At" (at the bedside) and "by" (by the bedside) are commonly used.

Which vowel is used before bedside?

The article "a" is used before "bedside" (a bedside table).

Why is it called bedside?

It is called bedside because it denotes the side of or area adjacent to a bed.

What is the plural form of bedside?

There isn't a typical plural form since "bedside" can refer to a concept or location rather than countable objects.

Which conjunction is used with bedside?

"And" is used, as in "bedside lamp and table."

How do we divide bedside into syllables?

Bedside is divided as bed-side.

Which determiner is used with bedside?

Determiners like "the," "a," "my," "your" are used with "bedside."

What is the singular form of bedside?

The singular form is "bedside."

Is bedside a noun or adjective?

Bedside can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is bedside an abstract noun?

No, "bedside" is a concrete noun when used to denote the side of the bed and an adjective for related concepts.

Is the bedside term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, especially in phrases like "bedside manner."

What is the opposite of bedside?

Conceptually, the opposite could be "away from the bed" or "far from the bedside."

What is the third form of bedside?

Not applicable, for the same reason above.

Which article is used with bedside?

Both "a" and "the" are used depending on the context.

Is bedside an adverb?

No, "bedside" is not an adverb.

Is bedside a countable noun?

As a concept or area, it's not typically counted.

Is bedside a collective noun?

No, "bedside" is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in bedside?

The first syllable, "bed," is stressed in "bedside."

What is another term for bedside?

Another term could be "next to the bed" or "bedside area."

Is bedside a negative or positive word?

"Bedside" is neutral; it can have positive connotations in contexts like "bedside manner."

Is bedside a vowel or consonant?

The question is not applicable; "bedside" is a word, starting with the consonant "b."

Is the word bedside imperative?

"Bedside" is not used as an imperative; it's a noun or adjective.

How many syllables are in bedside?

There are two syllables in "bedside."

What is the first form of bedside?

"Bedside" remains unchanged as it does not have verb forms.

What is the second form of bedside?

Not applicable, as "bedside" does not conjugate.

What part of speech is bedside?

"Bedside" is used as both a noun and an adjective.

How is bedside used in a sentence?

"The book was kept on the bedside table for easy access during the night."
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