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Rehearsel vs. Rehearsal: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 25, 2024
"Rehearsel" is incorrect, whereas "rehearsal" is the correct spelling, referring to a practice session for a performance.

Which is correct: Rehearsel or Rehearsal

How to spell Rehearsal?

Rehearsel is Incorrect

Rehearsal is Correct


Key Differences

Break it down to "re-hear-sal," thinking of hearing it again during practice.
Remember, "rehearsal" ends in "sal," similar to "recital" and "festival," which also denote events.
Associate "rehearsal" with "re" (again) + "hearsal" (like hearing), focusing on repetition.
Note that "rehearsal" contains the word "hear," as in listening to what's being practiced.
Recall that "sal" is not a common ending in English; "sal" in "rehearsal" stands out.

Correct usage of Rehearsal

Everyone was tired after the long rehearsel, but it was worth it.
Everyone was tired after the long rehearsal, but it was worth it.
She attended the rehearsel last night to prepare for her role.
She attended the rehearsal last night to prepare for her role.
The lead actor missed the rehearsel due to illness.
The lead actor missed the rehearsal due to illness.
Can you send me the rehearsel schedule for this week?
Can you send me the rehearsal schedule for this week?
The director scheduled a daily rehearsel to improve the performance.
The director scheduled a daily rehearsal to improve the performance.

Rehearsal Definitions

A practice session for a performance of a play, music, etc.
The cast had a rehearsal every evening before the premiere.
A meeting where performers practice together.
The band's rehearsal was productive, finalizing their setlist.
A trial performance, to make final adjustments.
The orchestra's rehearsal was closed to the public.
The action of practicing in preparation for a public performance.
Her rehearsal for the concert took three hours.
The process of going over or repeating something, especially for learning or perfection.
The students held a rehearsal for their presentation.
The act of practicing in preparation for a public performance.
A session of practice for a performance, as of a play.
A detailed enumeration or repetition
A long rehearsal of his woes.

Rehearsal Sentences

The rehearsal schedule was posted on the bulletin board for all cast members to see.
The rehearsal went longer than expected because of technical difficulties.
During rehearsal, the director decided to change some of the blocking.
It's important to arrive early to rehearsal to warm up and review your lines.
The rehearsal dinner was a nice opportunity for the wedding party to relax before the big day.
She always records the rehearsal on her phone to practice her lines at home.
Parents were invited to the last rehearsal to see the progress their children had made.
The music director spent extra time on the chorus numbers during the last rehearsal.
They held the rehearsal in the auditorium to get used to the space.
Memorizing lines is easier when you have someone to practice with outside of rehearsal.
The costume designer attended the rehearsal to make sure the outfits worked on stage.
She practiced her solo in front of a mirror before the rehearsal to perfect her expression.
The rehearsal prompted a rewrite of some dialogue to make it sound more natural.
After the rehearsal, the director gave notes to each actor to improve their performance.
The rehearsal was cancelled last minute, giving the cast a much-needed break.
He made a significant breakthrough in his character development during yesterday's rehearsal.
Without adequate rehearsal, the performance could not reach its full potential.
The orchestra had a separate rehearsal to synchronize with the singers.
A special rehearsal was scheduled to work on the fight scenes safely.
The actors used props during rehearsal to make the scenes more realistic.
The stage manager kept a detailed log of each rehearsal to track progress.
The final rehearsal is often called a dress rehearsal, where everything is run as if it's a live performance.
The rehearsal space was booked solid with back-to-back rehearsals for different shows.
During the rehearsal, the lighting technician tested different cues to enhance the mood.
The choreographer was impressed with the dancers' performance during the rehearsal.

Rehearsal Idioms & Phrases

Blocking rehearsal

A rehearsal focusing on the physical movement and placement of actors on the stage.
The first blocking rehearsal helped the actors understand where they needed to be during each scene.

Dress rehearsal

The final rehearsal of a live show, where performers wear their costumes and use props, designed to mimic the actual performance as closely as possible.
The dress rehearsal went smoothly, which is a good sign for opening night.

Tech rehearsal

A rehearsal that focuses primarily on the technical aspects of a production, such as lighting, sound, and set changes.
The tech rehearsal was scheduled to ensure all the technical elements were synchronized with the actors' performances.

Spot rehearsal

A rehearsal focusing on specific scenes or moments that need special attention.
After the run-through, the director scheduled a spot rehearsal for the more complex dance numbers.

Open rehearsal

A rehearsal that is open for outsiders to watch, often used for educational purposes or to build interest in a production.
The open rehearsal attracted a small audience, including some local school groups.


What is the pronunciation of rehearsal?

The pronunciation of rehearsal is /rɪˈhɜːrsəl/.

What is the root word of rehearsal?

The root word of rehearsal is "hear," coming from the Old French word "rehercier," meaning to go over again or repeat, which later evolved into "rehearse" in English.

Why is it called rehearsal?

Rehearsal is called so because it involves rehearsing or practicing a performance or behavior repeatedly before the final presentation or enactment. The term comes from the concept of rehearsing, which is to practice in preparation for a public performance.

What is the verb form of rehearsal?

The verb form of rehearsal is "rehearse."

Which preposition is used with rehearsal?

Common prepositions used with "rehearsal" include "at," "for," "during," and "before," depending on the context of the sentence.

Which conjunction is used with rehearsal?

There isn't a specific conjunction used exclusively with "rehearsal"; it depends on the sentence. Common conjunctions could be "and," "but," or "or."

Which vowel is used before rehearsal?

The vowel used before "rehearsal" can vary depending on the context and the specific phrasing of the sentence. There isn't a specific vowel that is always used before the word.

Which article is used with rehearsal?

The article used with "rehearsal" can be "a," "an," or "the," depending on the context and whether it's used in a specific or general sense.

Is rehearsal a noun or adjective?

Rehearsal is a noun.

Is rehearsal a negative or positive word?

Rehearsal is a neutral word; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is rehearsal a vowel or consonant?

"Rehearsal" is a word, not a vowel or a consonant. However, it begins with the consonant "R."

Is the word rehearsal imperative?

"Rehearsal" itself is not imperative; it is a noun. However, the verb form "rehearse" can be used in an imperative form (e.g., "Rehearse the lines before the play").

What is the plural form of rehearsal?

The plural form is "rehearsals."

What part of speech is rehearsal?

Rehearsal is a noun.

What is the first form of rehearsal?

The first form of "rehearsal" as a verb is "rehearse."

What is the singular form of rehearsal?

The singular form is "rehearsal."

Is the rehearsal term a metaphor?

The term "rehearsal" is not typically used as a metaphor. It is usually used in a literal sense to refer to the act of practicing before a performance or main event.

What is the second form of rehearsal?

The second form (past simple) of "rehearse" is "rehearsed."

How is rehearsal used in a sentence?

Example: "The cast had their final rehearsal before the opening night of the play."

Is rehearsal an adverb?

No, rehearsal is not an adverb.

Is rehearsal a countable noun?

Yes, rehearsal is a countable noun (e.g., one rehearsal, two rehearsals).

Is rehearsal a collective noun?

No, rehearsal is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in rehearsal?

There are three syllables in rehearsal.

What is another term for rehearsal?

Another term for rehearsal could be "practice session" or "run-through."

What is the opposite of rehearsal?

The opposite of rehearsal could be considered "performance" or "impromptu act," depending on the context.

What is the third form of rehearsal?

The third form (past participle) of "rehearse" is also "rehearsed."

Is rehearsal an abstract noun?

No, rehearsal is not typically considered an abstract noun; it's a concrete noun as it refers to a specific event or process that can be observed and measured.

How do we divide rehearsal into syllables?

Rehearsal is divided into syllables as follows: re-hear-sal.

What is a stressed syllable in rehearsal?

The stressed syllable in rehearsal is the second one: re-hear-sal.

Which determiner is used with rehearsal?

The determiner used with "rehearsal" can be "the," "a," "this," "that," "those," etc., depending on the specific context and what the speaker intends to convey.
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